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This is the LINKs Page, if you couldn't figure it out. Since my site is the bestest on the whole web you really don't need to go anyplace else. But, if you do finish reading everything here and want to see just how much crappier the rest of the WWW is, I do provide some links to assist you in your masochistic journey.

Anime | Movies | TV | Everything Else


Anime | Movies | TV | Everything Else


  • Ain't It Cool News Well, Harry may be an annoying fat ass (he'd be the first to agree :), but he does get the scoops sometimes.
  • Drew's Script-O-Rama Scripts to lots of movies and stuff.
  • Dark Horizons Another movie rumors page by a guy named "Garth" who lives down under. It's funny how cool he thinks he is cause he once ran into Yahoo Serious.
  • The Trailer Park Where you go when you want to see a cool movie trailer, not to hang out with guys named "Bubba Joe John-Boy".
  • The Digital Bits DVD news and ratings.
  • Blu-Ray.Com is a lot of stuff about Blu-rays. Really? I had to explain this much?
  • DVD File All the DVD news that TDB forgets about. Which is a lot.
  • Internet Movie Database........Too much free time.

Anime | Movies | TV | Everything Else


Anime | Movies | TV | Everything Else

EVERYTHING ELSE (in no order what-so-ever):

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