is your one stop shop for everything from Reviews and Ratings and Roundtable Political Discussions to Exquisitely Written Essays that bring back memories of days gone by and Guides on How To Do Shit right. is not here for your amusement, it's just here for mine. Honestly, I'm my own biggest fan. It's not all ego, it's just that there's so much crap online that it's not really a competition. Yeah, this site is shitty too, but it smells slightly less fetid than than the rest of what's out there.

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Time keeps on slippin' (slippin') into the future... It's annoying. But I found time to watch a series, then write about said series for you. If you don't care, then whatever. I don't care. I'll just leave it right here though... Feel free to check it out.... You know, if you want. Sword Art Online II anime review and rating!


I wouldn't say that I was super excited about Jupiter Ascending, and in fact I was a little worried when it got pushed back from last summer to February, but I was hopeful. What is my final analysis? Find out in my Jupiter Ascending review and rating.


And lo, it happened. T-shirt came to pass... and it was good. Buy it in the next two days and it's a shit-ton cheaper than it'll be after that. Don't quote me on it, but I think you save something like a million bucks. Buy 10 of them. Why not? You're not doing it for me (I only make like $.25 per shirt sold), you're doing it to show off your awesome fashion sense!

Oh, and there's a Rage of Bahamut - Genesis anime review and rating here waiting for you once you're done purchasing clothing.


Birdman. What does it mean? Well, according to my father it means "really terrible, shitty movie." Find out what I thought about Birdman in my review and rating now! Oh, and check out a Jack Daniel's special Daily too. It's boozy!


Guess what, bitches! This is the Year of the Rossman! So far it's an okay year for me personally, but 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of me posting bullshit online and calling it the Rossman Chronicle (or similar retarded names)!

20 fucking years! Jesus! Yeah, I haven't had the domain name "" that whole time, but that's only because until 1998 I was poor and could only afford the free college page that came with my email account, or a Simplenet page that was listed at something like "". Originally I tried for "," but that was taken at the time, so I settled for Which has a better ring to it anyway. I'll talk more about that shit at a later time though, and about a cut-ass rugged T-shirt I'm working on to celebrate, along with possible contests where I'll give away tons of crap I've accumulated over the years to readers just because I haven't had a contest on this site since 2000.

Anyway, here's this week's update: the anime review and rating of Golden Time. What a way to start things off — with a show that's sooooo Japanesey it sometimes hurts.


It's goin' DOWN! Both 2014, and Korra the Explora! First up I'll let you dive into my Retrospective Daily, and then I'll tempt you with my delicious fluffy Air-bender badass, Korra, with my Korra - Book 4 review and rating. Now, DANCE, monkey! Dance like it's New Year's Eve... Because it just might be!


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I've created a ton of stuff for this site over the past 15 years. Here’s some more Rossman crap (that you probably didn't know existed) that you can check out: *YAMACSICO*; How To Do Shit; 100 Things You Should Know About Me, the Rossman; G.I. Joe Versus Cobra and Physics, The Pyramid of Darkness, The Movie and Logic, Cobra & Serpentor (and Physics); Your Guide to Living Life Right; OniCon; Make Your Own Mongo Comics; Nuts To This! Online Comics; and the Links to the Universe.

If you're nostalgic for crap, here's the old Nintendo Power-Themed Rossman Home Page, and here's an even Older Rossman Home Page that was made over sixty years ago. If you just want to Email me, go ahead. Frankly I don’t really give a damn if you don't.

Quote of the Weak: "20 goddamn years?! That's almost as old as that kid I had with that hooker in Vegas!... Is your site as hot as this?! (shows me picture of his daughter... my site is infinitely hotter)"
— Jimmy Jammer, after finding out I've been putting stuff online for 20 years
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