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I'm back! Though it was hard. Cupcake got me a 3DS for my birthday and I've been kicking ass in all the online tourneys in Mario Golf ever since (don't judge me!). I barely got around to writing this anime review and rating for the series known as No Game No Life, but I did, and so here you go.


Busy as hell still trying to find a jeorb, very little time to spend actually watching and/or reviewing shit. But lo, Cupcake and I made time to fire up the old Netflix and what did I spy? The newest Stephen Chow movie, and it was staring right back into my soul. Come forth and see the review that you've waited for since the closing credits to Kung Fu Hustle, my movie review and rating for Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons! Oh, and I've updated my old "Weird Al" review and rating to cover his most recent three ALbums in honor of the release of Mandatory Fun. How awesome am I?


It almost happened, people! Cupcake and I came SO CLOSE to bagging an actual Time Lord! It happened this past weekend at a Doctor Who convention in Alabama of all places. Oh, and I think I swallowed a bug on Sunday. That was kind of exciting too. But anyway, read all about our incredibly nerdy 7th Doctor Daily now! Then like chill out or something till next week when I bless you all with more stuff that I haven't even thought of writing about yet.


First, I have a new Edge of Tomorrowy Daily. It's Groundhog-tastic! Next, I have an Accel World anime review and rating. It's shit-tacular!


I have a new anime review done, but no time or energy to write anything witty here about it. So here's my Psycho-Pass anime review and rating. And scene...


And so..... GODZILLA. Here is my movie review and rating of.... GODZILLA. It's pretty much what you think, but I also post an interview with the star in this review as well!


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