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I went in with a sense of dread, but came out believing in the powah of ONE PUNCH. See my One-Punch Man anime review and rating. Marvel at its unabashed attempt to make sweet, sweet love to a work of animation.


This has been a rough month for the ol' Rossman. New jeorb, new move, sickness, sick family, and bad shit all around. But I've been working on this review since before Christmas, so let me just put this here, and let you take a look at it in your spare time. Behold my Fables Comic review and rating! I may or may not be able to get anything done for next week though. I am so fucking lacking sleep, or any kind of actual rest.


I looooooooooove murder!... Well, in my entertainment I do. I once found a shot to death body by the train tracks and it was gross. And by "shot" I mean "run over by my car." And by "train tracks" I mean "Jimmy Jammer's living room." It was still gross. Anyway, here's my The Perfect Insider - Everything Becomes "F" anime review and rating!


And it ends as it began, with a whimper. 2015, we hardly knew ye. But in order to remember ye, here is a 2015 Daily Flashback to everything in the past year that I never got to talk about before. Also, a new Reader Email about copyright infringement. It's educational. This whole site, I mean.


Star Warsssssssss! Those fabulous Star Wars! Duhn-duh duh duhn duuuuuuuhn! This is it... The movie you've waited like 30 years for! The movie where you find out what happened to Han and Leia and Luke and Wookiee! How is it? How does it fare compared to say the prequels? How is it compared to the original trilogy?.... Jesus, you probably already know. It made more money than God (and if you've seen the Vatican, you'd know that's a whoooooole lot!) in its opening weekend, which means you've probably seen it twice or thricely by now. Anyway, here's my Star Wars - The Force Awakens movie review and rating.


I'm gearing up for next week's big Star Wars review, so in the meantime, here's my old The TRUTH About Santa Examiner article, and once again, into the Santa Zone! It's only 10 days away from Christmas, so what better way to celebrate than to rewatch a questionable OVA series from like a decade ago all about a sexy teenage girl Santa, and the boy (also named Santa) that she has to cheer up with her shitty magic! Enjoy my love letter to the kind of dumb, but oh-so-enjoyable Always My Santa anime review and rating.


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