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I had time to finish up a new short anime series this week. Behold: GANGSTA! Take a wild guess as to whether this show is awesome or something that a turd shit out. Here is my GANGSTA Anime Review & Rating.


Oh my Gehrd! It is November. We've run right by Halloween, and are now booking it towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. In celebration, here's a Party and Dreamtastic Daily, and the promises of something awesome soon to come!... I have no idea what it might be as of yet, but I'm sure something awesome will pop up sooner or later.


FINALLY! A review worthy of writing during my site's 20th Anniversary! Here are my thoughts on Tenchi Muyo.... ALL OF IT. All the many TV series, OVAs, and movies. Find out what I thought about this looooooong running and often retread tale of pirates, and spaceships, and cabbits, OH MY!


First up is a trip down memory lane about violence, betrayal, greed, and snowballs. Read my Daily on the Great Battle of the Bridge and fear my past.

Then you can check out the new Reviews and Ratings main page. Finally got off my ass and made it responsive (ie. I made it look good on mobile devices and tablets). So there you go.


X-Men: The Anime!... Only, you know, not as shitty as the actual X-Men anime series from a few years back. That is what Charlotte is all about. Teens with super powers, only they have slight limitations attached to those powers. But enough talky-talky... Read my Charlotte anime review and rating. Then eat a big-ass burrito. Why not?


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I've created a ton of stuff for this site over the past 15 years. Here’s some more Rossman crap (that you probably didn't know existed) that you can check out: *YAMACSICO*; How To Do Shit; 100 Things You Should Know About Me, the Rossman; G.I. Joe Versus Cobra and Physics, The Pyramid of Darkness, The Movie and Logic, Cobra & Serpentor (and Physics); Your Guide to Living Life Right; OniCon; Make Your Own Mongo Comics; Nuts To This! Online Comics; and the Links to the Universe.

If you're nostalgic for crap, here's the old Nintendo Power-Themed Rossman Home Page, and here's an even Older Rossman Home Page that was made over sixty years ago. If you just want to Email me, go ahead. Frankly I don’t really give a damn if you don't.

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