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Nuts To This Media is the video channel for theRossmanDotCom. You will find stupid shit that you never would have hoped to have ever found in your life here, and you will thank me for it. Below are all the videos in chronological order. Enjoy.



Mortal Kombat 2021 - Rapid Nutshot Review

Mortal Kombat is one of the most fun video game movies ever made!... Well, I'm talking about the 1995 one, not the 2021 one. THAT one won't make you scream "MORTAL KOMBAT!" even once.



The Godzilla MonsterVerse - Rapid Nutshot Review

Do you like to watch giant monsters beat the tar out of each other as well as trash big cities and well-known landmarks? Then the MonsterVerse was made for you. If you like movies that you tend to refer to as "films," then stay the hell away.



Redo of Healer - Rapid Nutshot Review

Do you like anime filled with hyper-drama, blood, guts, revenge, and bad guys who are REALLY bad? Well Redo of Healer is chock-full of all those things, only it's not chocked very well, and the thing it's chocked MOST with is the "R" word.



Royal Space Force (The Wings of Honnêamise) - Forgotten Anime: Garbage or Gold

The history of Royal Space Force is probably more interesting than the movie itself, and the movie itself is not too shabby... Except for that ONE effing scene. Find out all you wanted to know about Studio Gainax's first-ever production and why they were believed to be the second coming even before Evangelion.



How to Draw Sexy Women's Faces

Let comrade Rossman lead you through step by step beginner's guide in drawing sexy ladies' faces. Is easy, and soon you will be sure to impress Yelena, and all the peoples of the web, with your drawing skills.



Golgo 13: The Professional - Forgotten Anime: Garbage or Gold

The 1983 anime movie, Golgo 13: The Professional, features an anti-hero who is Japan's answer to what was at the time, the MANLIEST man ever to appear on screen: Connery's James Bond. Only Golgo 13 himself was perhaps TOO manly. Find out just what the hell went wrong (or is that RIGHT) with this production and if it is forgotten gold or garbage.



2020 Video Journal

I got a new camera for Christmas 2019 and thought it'd be fun to document the year that is 2020. Honestly a little shocked by some of the twists that occurred, and definitely not of fan of the season finale, but it could have been worse... I guess.



Elves - What the Hell Did I Just Watch

A late Christmas/Festivus/Hanukkah present for you. The Rossman and friends gathered together (after a 2-week quarantine thanks to COVID-19) in order to send 2020 off with a whimper by watching one of the worst holiday-themed monster movies ever made: Elves (1989). Watch us get wasty-faced, party foul all over ourselves, and discuss Nazi propaganda and vehicle safety-issues in the 80s.



When a YouTube Video Goes Wrong

Chad and Todd are expert YouTube content makers, but sometimes things don't go according to plan.

(This is my first live-action short, as should be evident if you watch it. I learned a lot about lighting, lapel mics, camera placement and basic stage setup while making this... Unfortunately, I learned all those lessons AFTER I was done filming and had opened my footage in Premiere in order to begin editing. Who knew that a shitty wig and a starched shirt would cause so much trouble with a microphone?)



Birth Rite - What the Hell Did I Just Watch

Take one part "Mystery Science Theater 3000," two parts "Drunk History," and add a pinch of "The Great British Bake Off" (Cupcake made us millionaire's shortbread, which was amazing), and you have "What the Hell Did I Just Watch?"

Is it original? Hell no! It's my friends and I getting drunk while watching a bad movie. Everybody and their brother has done this at some point, and we've been doing it for over 20 years ourselves. Was it fun to make? Yes. Why do you think I put this video together? It was a ball to make. I didn't even give two craps that I didn't have a proper camera (just used my laptop's shitty one with no good light source). But who cares? Join us as we watch the 2003 Scheiße-piece, Blood Rite... I mean Birth Rite.



Time Bandits - Am I Misremembering?

Do you enjoy movies with people smaller than you in them? Sure, we ALL do! Then join me for a rewatching of one of the most surreal children's movies of all time to find out if Time Bandits is as good as I remember it from my childhood.



Vampire Hunter D (1985) - Forgotten Anime: Garbage or Gold

The original Vampire Hunter D (1985) movie is... something. At the time, it was deemed edgy, gory, cool, and, well, very 80s. Most noobs today have never seen it, and so I'll let you know whether this flick is a forgotten chunk of gold or a forgotten bag of wet trash meant to be forever buried in the Bog of Stench.



How to Teach Women Over 60 How to Use a Computer

This is a step-by-step instructional video that will help you to teach your elders how to use modern technology without burning your house down. In this "how to" lesson, you will learn how to use patience, bribery, threats, and "Murder, She Wrote" in order to get your woman over 60 to become a master at using a computer!




Lifeforce - Am I Misremembering?

It’s been over three decades since I’d first watched the sci-fi/horror flick known as Lifeforce. This 1985 movie scarred me deeply as a child and it stuck with me till this day. I decided that it was time to take another look at this terrifying movie and see if it holds up, especially after growing up a bit.



G.I. Joe vs Cobra and Physics: A Real American Review

This is a review of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (the miniseries that started the great 30-minute animated toy commercial race of the 80s, and also the greatest American cartoon of all time). The glorious miniseries is honored, worshipped, and meticulously analyzed with an “adult” brain.

I originally wrote G.I. Joe versus Cobra and Physics back in 2001 or 2002 as a love letter for the animated series for my old website. I just figured that maybe it was about time I brought it to YouTube so that all you people who hate to read can finally enjoy it.



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