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*Warning*: Some of the pages on the Rossman Chronicle: Special Edition have naughty language in them. That means if you're not old enough to legally hire a whore, you will turn evil if you read anything I've written below. I don't want any more evil kids running around trying to sell their Pokemon collections for prostitution money, so no fucking entry for you OR your cock-gobbling relatives who get offended by the thought of others knowing that they gobble cock.

The Lasso of Truth always conquers monkey-nappers!

The World

I made this page... bitch. All of the images and characters belong to other people. But you already knew that... whore.

Not So Much Crappy Stuff:

In case you can't tell, this is the priest getting puked on by Linda BlairThe Rossman Vocal Vomit page is now up and running. Read all about my most pet peeved rants and why people in general piss me off.

Balki is talkiA new Retard's Digest about the retardation of America's youth (well, America's 20- somethings) due to faulty television programing in the 1980s. Yes, I mention Balki in the article.

Wiley FileyNESticision debate #13: Just because you're all annoying pricks who wouldn't let the original NESters die, I brought them back. Yeah, they still all hate Link.

Chronicle of Higher Edutainment

 The Rossman Chronicle is the beginning of it all. What started out as a small one man newspaper published bimonthly to the horror of those forced to read it under penalty of angry weasel attacks has turned into a one man on-line debacle of evil and more evil.

Yes, this is the beginning... and the end. The Alpha and Omegatron. Yin and Tang. Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Hershel and Walker. It may be a bit frightening, but only if you're a big pussy. Do it! Learn to live life right! Do it now!... Pansy.

 The EXAMINER was the next level... into madness and hell. The EXAMINER takes another view at the world around me and how I perceive certain phenomenon and happenings that I usually just chalk up to witchcraft and/or the Yeti. In taking a closer look I can afford to forget preconceived notions about conspiracies concerning the Illuminati and the earlier recognized fact that my acquaintance Kuni is a dickhead (which he still is). Always a good read... whenever I feel like updating. Pain and Pleasure never co-existed so well!

It's quack-tastik!

 The Daily Rossman began life as a pathetic waste of bandwidth. It has now grown into a HUGE waste of bandwidth thanks to my unending adventures and arrests. I take the time to jot down notes on this page to let everybody see just what I'm really up to. It may disturb you, but just remember that it probably disturbed me even more.

Most of the Dailies are so unsettling that I had to buy new boxers. 10 packs already!!!

 Rossman Peoples took everything one step farther than it should have gone. The entire menagerie of screwed up individuals that the Rossman knows (and some he only claims to know) and interacts with on an abnormal schedule are listed here. Many are shady, many are scary, most are not allowed to breed, and only a few are not fully retarded. But with friends like these, the Rossman can park in any handicapped space he wants to. The Peoples is the Play

Review Time and Rate Space, assfuck, and see how easy it is!  Rossman Reviews and Ratings is the "entertainment center" of the whole site. I review and rate just about anything that can be reviewed and rated. Movies, CDs, TV shows, Video Games, Sexual Exploits, Food, People and even Sons of Bitches. Nothing is unratable! My crew and I take the scientific approach to our reviews and ratings too (thumbs up or down), to make sure that our thoughts and ideas are the only say in the matter that you'll ever require. You won't need to read another review on anything that's covered in here... EVER. If you do I will send a robot army after you to kill you.

 Retard's Digest went that extra step and became mentally handicapped for your moronic pleasure and enjoyment. Everything in this world that is too stupid to even talk about is pondered and dissected here. But each poke and prod by my anti-stupid stick just makes things worse. Well, "worse" as in "more retarded". I suppose that can be "better" if you appreciate that kind of thing.

So retards of the world unite! You now have a destination worthy of your slow-witted grey-matter. But I have to warn you, if you stay too long you might turn out mentally worse than Jerry Lewis if he ate the retarded brains of Steve Urkel while shoving a knife in the toaster while taking a bubble bath.

Yo Retards!!!

NESticision is where the drama's at  NESticision resumes the work started by the now infamous NESticide, Bitch debate forum "In the Nakey NES". A driving political and public round-table that will chill you to the soul. The participants are from all walks of life so that no matter who you are you can see a point of view that reflects your own.
 Y*A*M*A*C*S*I*C*O is the quintessential and most rockinest animated show to ever be produced. It has it all: 'sploding robots, space battles, cool mecha designs, lots of well drawn females, genetic manipulation of human beings, time travel, incest, tentacle lovin', a race of crazy mutants and rocky road. There's even plenty of nudity. Sci-Fi, romantic, comedic, dramatic, actionic anime at its best!

Base e-mail usIf you want to get in touch with me you can click on that e-mail button on the right. But I must ask that if you do so, please make sure that your message is somewhat meaningful. Questions about the site are good. Questions about where my family lives are bad. If you want to send me lesbian pornography, that is good. If you want to send me pictures of your mother, that is bad (unless she's like 30 or younger and has a nice rack). You get the idea.

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