Uh, welcome ever-everybody. I'm, uh, Shinji Ikari. Um, this is, uh, my page about, um, Shin Seiki Evangelion..... The TV show and, er, the movies and stuff. Um, I, er hope you enjoy it.

First, I er want to um, give a detailed sorta uh, synopsis of this, my uh show. Eva... Evangelion.

  SYNOPSIS: There are these people, um, and they have these machines that are really Angel-like uh, things. These people are a part of NERV which is like an organization for SEELE, uh which is formed to save the world...... no wait! They want the world to end.... No, come to think of it that'd be kinda stupid. They do like to kill Angels that don't look like Angels but they blow stuff up, uh all the time. So that's good.
  Then Asuka came and I uh already knew Rei and Misato and I hate my Dad. He's mean to uh, to me. Then Kaji came and he got some lovin' out of Misato-san and Ritsuko killed Rei, but she didn't really. No, uh, see Rei was like a lot of people but she changed a lot too. Then um, I did something bad in front of Asuka after I killed my best friend and that robot-guy Keel told the JSSDF to kill NERV so that he could do the Impact but the white Evas with Kaworu Plugs came and ate the red Eva and then everything ended but uh, it didn't really end.

Okay, now um, I would uh maybe like to answer some um, maybe some Frequently Asked Questions. Maybe? Okay.

1)Q:  Shinji-kun, did Misato really kill Kaji?

A:  Uh, sure.

But that makes no sense! She loved him! I know that she wasn't as screwed up as you 'cause she was really cute^_^

Okay, um, she didn't then...... Wait, Kaji-san's dead?!?!

A picture that you'll only find on this page!
Here's a picture that you'll only find on this page. Don't download it and spread it across the web because I made this picture myself! If I ever find out that somebody else took my picture I'll, I'll, I'll get really pissed! It's mine dammit!

2)Q:  Next question, Shinji. Is that really Adam on the cross in Terminal Dogma or is it really Lilith? If it is Lilith, how come the Angels go to her? They're supposed to go to Adam! And I know that Lilith isn't an Angel because my 5 year old sister told me so, and I know that Adam was like an embryo and he was the first man too, so how can he be the big thing in NERV HQ with seven eyes, huh?

A:  I, uh, Misato-san told um.... Ritsuko-san said that uh, Adam, er.... No, uh. Asuka! Help me Asuka! I don't understand!

3)Q:  What were the final two TV episodes and the End of Evangelion movie about? I didn't get them. Can you explain them to me?

A:  They uh, were about...... stuff. I, uh don't like my father. He's uh not too nice. I miss my mother.

4)Q:  Why does your father (Ikari Gendo) like Ayanami Rei more than you?

A:  Because he's a jerk!

Are you sure it couldn't be because you're a total wuss?

SHUT UP!!!!!! Shut up.... I mustn't run away.... I mustn't run away.....

Father and Mother.... Damn that's screwed up.
Hey! He does like her better than me, doesn't he. What an asshole!

5)Q:  Are you like gay or something? Why were you like so into Kaworu?

A:  I thought that she was cute is all. Um, okay?

He was a guy, dude!

What?!?!?! Nani?!?!!?!!

Kaworu, my sweety^_^
No wonder she seemed so flat!

6)Q:  Is mankind the last Angel? Because Misato said something like that and the Dead Sea Scrolls said that Hitler was the second anti-Christ and I didn't even see the whole TV series or the movie but I love Gainax because they made Evanjelly-on and I heard about Nadia and I know that man is an Angel because I want to have an AT Field. That would be cool!

A:  Uh, yes? No. Er, I uh..... Asuka! Help me Asuka! Kaworu was a guy and Kaji's dead now too! Help me Asuka!

7)Q:  Is Rei a clone of your mother or what?

A:  What?! Mother? Mother.... Uh oh, I thought naughty things about Rei... does that mean I'm officially an Alabamian now?

Ayanami = Yui?  Hmmmmm. Could be.
Mother? Why the hell did my family have to be so royally screwed up? Even this f***ing picture is f***ed up! Dammit, dad! What the hell is your *&@#ing problem?!?!

8)Q:  If Yui's soul is in the EVA-01, and Asuka's mom is in the EVA-02, then who's soul is in the EVA-00?

A:  ........................ What? Mother.... in the EVA-01? Why doesn't anyone ever tell me anything?!?! I, uh, have to uh- I mustn't run away. I can't run away. I mustn't run away.
Okay. I uh, maybe Ritsuko's mom?

You IDIOT!!!!! How can that be?! She was in the Magi system, not the EVA!

Did you even watch the show?!?! You MEGA BAKA!!!! She only programed her personalities as a mother, scientist, and woman into the Magi system, she didn't put her soul into it!!!!........ er, or something.

Peace, brotha.
Hmmmmm. Is Misato-san my guardian, mother, girlfriend, best friend, commanding officer or what?

9)Q:  Okay, uh Shinji-kun, wasn't Adam hiding in Antarctica because his wife Eve found out that he had a first marriage to Lilith and she was po'ed and threatened him with an System Sephiroth because the Angels had to return to him, no, I mean to Lilith because she made them?

A:  ............ I'm autistic as hell and even I know what the hell is going on in this show. What the f*** is your problem buddy? I'm a fourteen year old boy who has a crush on three different women (one twice my age, one a clone of my mother, and one a smart ass super-genius who thinks I'm pond scum) but I at least understand the basics of the convoluted (but not insane) Evangelion story line! You- the guy who just asked that question. Yeah you, pal! Get the f*** off of my page right now! What a sunova-. Next question!

10)Q: What makes the Third Impact possible, Mr. Smartypants?

A:  I, uh we need, ummmmmm. Asuka! Help me, Asuka!

11)Q: This is getting really dumb, Shinji-kun. You apparently don't know squat about Eva. What's up with that?

A:  Hey, I'm not the one asking the dumb ass questions.

Dear God!!  Not another friggin' EVA page!
Here's my Eva. I bet you never saw a picture of EVA-01 before, huh. That's why my page is so special^_^ I have cool stuff on it.

12)Q: Shinji-kun. Over here. Okay, please tell me if you and Asuka are alive at the end of the movie. Because it looked like you died, but there you were. Why?

A:  We uh, we died.

But you were there and you're soul-mates (whatever the hell that means).

Then we're alive. Next!

13)Q: Why are Keel and your father so bad? I don't like them!

A: Uh, I know that uh, father is just a d***h*** because I'm a wuss, and I uh, Keel is like half robot so he has an excuse.

14)Q: How many movies were there?

A:  *Sigh*. Too many, but apparently not enough.

15)Q: Why did they change the Eva-00's color from yellow to blue?

A:  Um, uh that's because Ayanami doesn't like "yellow". They'd do anything to make her happy, but me? Oh no! I happen to hate, repeat hate purple, but will they ever change my Eva's color? Hell no! Why? Because father says that the public likes purple and they'll buy more toys if it stays purple. Damn I hate purple!

Which does she hate more: me or the color yellow?
She turns her back to "yellow", and... no, wait, is she just turning her back to me?!?!

16)Q: Evangelion doesn't have anything to do with Judaic or Christian faith or mythology in the least, does it? I mean, I heard from this homeless guy that lives down the street from us in the town dump that there's no religious themes at all in Eva. I'm right, aren't I.

A:  I don't know if I'll even dignify that with a response...... Um, uh maybe I will er, just to help those stupid enough to believe ole Homeless Bob's preachings.
  Here goes: First and foremost, the series is called Neon GENESIS EVANGELION. Don't see any religious references huh? Okay, how 'bout er, um it also talks at length about Adam, Eve (or Eva), Lilith, Central Dogma, Angels, Apostles, the System Sephiroth, Lancea Longinus, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the fact that throughout the show many crosses and crucifixions are shown. Hmmmm, maybe Bob has me on that one, huh........ That's just a joke meaning "Pull your head out of your @$$". Get it? Well sorry, I'm new at telling jokes.

17)Q: Hey Shinji-kun. I've noticed that a bunch of other people out there are stealing your site (word for word and even your cool graphics in some cases) and claiming that it is their own. Why do they do this?

A:  Well, to uh, to tell you the truth, they do it because they um, they believe that you, the readers, are morons. They er, don't understand that I've already posted this information, and they think that they have to repost it because they believe that the people surfing my page will forget what they see when they leave.
  I, uh, have more faith in the internet public though. You see, I know that you people are smart and that you will actually retain some memories of your experiences here. That's why I make my page so cool and unforgettable (and [here's a brand new word to some Eva page designers/stealers]
  You uh, you can't really blame those cyber-thieves though. At least they chose a great page to steal^_^. Isn't my page the coolest?!?!.



And now to show you my excellent picture collection^_^

Never seen this one before, have ya?
See, here's one with a bunch of cute girls on it. I like cute girls@_@

It's me!
Here's one that I guaranty that you've never seen before. Damn! Isn't my site so friggin' cool!

Here's another cool one!

Asuka, cutie pie!
I like Asuka 'cause she's cute! Never mind the fact that her brain is so f***ed up that it's impossible for her to make any logical decisions ever again for fear of hurting herself either physically or mentally. Damn is she cute@_@

See, I do have friends! I may have had to bribe them to get in the picture with me, but I can be an otaku and still have (the appearance of) friends^_^

Wow! Weren't all those pictures cool? I did such a good job on them I think I'll say so again. I did such a good job on this page! And it's nothing like any of the other 1,970,281,341 Evangelion homepages out there right now. Oops, now it's 1,970,281,356.

Well, I could do a character rundown for you now.... but I'd only say that my father's an asshole, that Asuka's cute and that I'd like to bone Misato-san- so I won't.

Here are some LINKs though:
Shinji's Shrine I like this page because I'm cute^_^
Shinji's Homepage I like this page because I'm cute^_^
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Ikari Shinji Amen, brotha. Amen.

There. Now my page is pur-fect!

Now go to the EVA FAQs page for real clarification my friends.

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