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Now THAT took a long time, but the end is near. Good bye, 2003! Hello, 2004 and a year's worth of brand new alcohol! Here's a Return of the King Review about the end of another cinematic era piece of elvish beauty, and a quickie holiday Daily. Later, freaks!

Had some free time, so here's a couple of Santariffic thingies for you. Call it a Holiday Special, or even an Afterschool Special if you will. New Truth About Santa Claus Examiner Article and a new Random Ramblin'.

Couldn't get tickets to the midnight showing of RotK last night :(..... I know. So sad. But probably will today. Anyway, there's a sci-west show that I Reviewed and Rated (Firefly Review) for you now up, and a Christmassy Daily.

I know I have something new this week... What was it?.... And why am I actually typing this out? Ah! A new George Bushy NESticision for your sorry butts. And a new Daily. How 'bout that?

I got three things for you today. That's rare. Enjoy it. First up is a new Daily about the worst movie going experience of my life. But, there's a new Detective Conan about one of the most interesting TV shows I've ever seen concerning mad detecting skillz. And finally, there are three new Vocal Vomits waiting for your disapproval. Now, it's time for a pr0n break.

Got a few things for you before I book it for a little Thanksgiving Holiday action. First up is an addition to my RahXephon Review and Rating. I finally get to the RX Movie. Then there's a new Versus and Suicide Circle (Suicide Club) Review and Rating for both a zombie-filled tale of hyper-death and destruction, and a stoic story of teens jumping in front of trains. And finally, I present to you my Halloween 2003 Examiner piece into the heart of a being cursed with terrifying party skillz. Bonzai!!!!

Okay, here's a new anime Abenobashi Magical Shopping Review and Rating for the shop-a-holic in you. Then we have a PAINFUL edition to the Daily.... I need a kiss for all my boo-boos. Especially the ones that my bathing suit covers. Any volunteers?

Wow! Special Friday update! Did you get a chance to view the Paris Hilton tape?... Well, don't bother. Read a Paris Hilton Video Review and Rating of it here. What a waste of VHS tape.

First, an apology. I was going to have a new Examiner piece up today but the will of the universe was against it. Hopefully it'll be up next week. I mean, you really want to see this as I completely humiliate myself in a way that's not been done by an online personality since Andrew Vestal dressed up like a Moogle. But anyway, here's a new Trinitastic Matrix Review and Rating for you, and one more reach into the Rossman's Mailbag.

A quickie Daily (aren't those the best kind) and a new Grade-tacular Kiddy Grade Anime Review and Rating. Now to go out and buy bigger pants in preparation for Thanksgiving... Just thinking out loud.

I usually don't talk about my relatives here on my site, and this newest Daily entry should explain why. Plus there's a new Blockbuster Review and Rating of my old high school part time job! Enjoy.

Bonanza! Got a monkey-liscious new Monkey versus Robot Examiner for you, and a Last Exile Anime Review and Rating about an Exile of extraordinary magnitude.

Two new Reviews and Ratings today. A Scrapped Princess Anime Review, and a Kill Billerific Review.

I did a lot of behind the scenes shiznit this past week. I restructured the Reviews and Ratings and the Examiner main pages, and then I added loads of CSS into all the archived reviews just for kicks. But, I do have something new for you. Here's a new Daily about the stolen California Gubernatorial election. Don't worry, Gary, for you can always come be Georgia's number one Gov! We love you down here!

The robo-god lives! Check out a new Unicron Transformer Review and Rating. And then we finally get Tammi With an "I" up on the Tammi Rossman Peoples section. Just don't get too close.

Here's a new Daily for ya. I was going to have a new Rossman Peoples up too, but my friend Tammi With an "I" was too busy 'mattress inspecting' to do the photo pictorial... Funny, I didn't think she'd gotten a job in town yet.

Anyway, I also have big news that will make about 3 to 4 people on the entire internet happy enough to shave a puppy... NESticide, Bitch is back alive! Please, don't all pee your pants at once.

My masterpiece is finally finished! It's a "How To Make a Baby" for the ages. Check out the newest Great Teaching Daily too while you're at it.

Here's a Rahxephon Anime Review and Rating for you, along with some more Viewer Mail. Confusion galore.

A lazy Daily for you.... And, what the hell, here's a Vocal Vomit too.

I must be on a reviewin' rampage! Here's a Age of Apocalypse Review and Rating for you. This one is all about an alternate world where one dead, bald man apparently saved the universe from a giant blue devil just by existing. Oh and a hotdog-riffic new Daily.

Damn! I have a new review about a movie about online gaming for you. Head on over to its Mamoru Oshii's Avalon Review. Then there's a new Daily waiting to be read too. And I got a bunch more top graphics redone for some older Reviews. There's the Vandread Anime Review, Akira Anime Review, GateKeepers Anime Review, GTO Anime Review, and Nadia Anime Review.

I got off my ass and did a lot for this unpaying site in the past week. First, here's a new Meet the Feebles Review and Rating for the greatest puppet movie ever made, and second here's a new Gary Coleman for California Governor Examiner piece about the world's mightiest midget god. Then I got a bunch of old Ratings and Reviews upgraded with shiny, new, biggie graphics. Check them out so that I don't have to kill myself over the waste of time. There's the FLCL Anime Review, Battle Royale Review, Macross Anime Review, I'm Gonna Be An Angel Anime Review, Noir Anime Review, Argento Soma (Argentosoma) Anime Review and Jin-Roh Anime Review.

Here's a quickie and a shitty She the Ultimate Weapon (or Saikano) Review and Rating for you.

Finally, a new Stupid People and their Stupid Penises Examiner Article. It's about the stupid people of the world and their penises. And a new Daily. Wocka wocka!

Wow. Three thingies today. A Daily, A Vocal Vomit and a reunioniscious 10 Year High School Class Reunion Review and Rating. Woo-hoo.

A new, lame Daily for you, and a Berserk Anime Review and Rating of one of the goriest sword-slashers to ever be animated... I'm tired now.

Here's a new letter for you from the Mail Bag, and some new Haikus about my busy busy vida loca.

Yeah yeah yeah... You're lucky I'm even getting this much done! Just one thing this week. A new Daily. Soon I'll have an Examiner thingy up on my road adventures, but just not today. Accept it. At least I'm better than a shit load of those other pages out there that never update, or who's creator's quit because they can't be creative anymore. Pussies. All of them.

I finally did something non-constructive with my life this past weekend! I didn't do a goddamn thing that was worthwhile. I basically just saw the Hulk and then read Hairy Pothead 5 with Karen. So in honor of both events I give you a new Hulk Review and Rating and a new Daily.

Well, that was unexpected! Instead of just lazing around and working my tail off for the past two weeks, I was talked into going on a monster road trip with some buds all up along the East Coast. Groovy. Well, I'm back, and I've got a new Daily and one new Vocal Vomit for you.

Bad things, George. Bad things. No more updates for a few weeks. Too much busy stuff coming in from the paying jobs, and of course since those pay for my alcohol intake, they take priority. But, to keep you tided over and whatnot, here's a scitzo Daily. Enjoy.

Tired of being picked on by big bullies and little girls? Well then, thank God almighty that I created the following "how to" guide for you. How To Be A Ninja.

A new angry Daily and one more Vocal Vomit for you. That is all.

I got a lot of anime watching done this past week... I'm not proud of it, but it is what it is. Kookily enough though, all of the stuff I saw revolved around witches. So now there's a Triple Anime Feature for my newest Witch Hunter Robin, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Someday's Dreamers Anime Reviews and Ratings where I say the word "witch" forty thousand times.

It's been a tough week, but I do have a little something special for all you guys and gals out there who are done looking up your daily allowances of pornography. Here's a new NESticision about war against the Axis of Evil... or something.

I had one of the most lifeless weekends of my life... And I loved every minute of it! A new Daily about the experience, and a new Legend of Zelda Review and Rating about a bunch of glowing triangles too.

I was pretty bogged down with barfing all week, so this update is pretty short. Just a Daily. Hopefully less puking, more freetime next week.

First of all, The Wind Waker rulz my little world. Second of all, I have a new interview up that brought me face to face with evil... and horrible halitosis. Read all about it in my newest Saddam Hussein Examiner Interview.

One more week until GameCube Zelda comes out! Woo Hoo! But until then I'm forced to entertain you lifeless zombie feckers with my freetime. So here's a dreamtastic Daily, and two new Vocal Vomits about vampires and war.

A new Ramblin' is up in the Wolfman's honour. Plus there's a brand spanking new Daily about the hazards of drinking with a smeghead.

One of the hazards of having a webpage, such as this, is that you sometimes get "San Francisco gay" letters such as my newest Reader Mail addition. Though one of the fun things about having a webpage, such as this, is that you get to publish said letters and let the world see what makes these mongo mailers tick. There's also a new Please Teacher (i.e. Onegai Sensei) Review and Rating. And next week, I have some classic Wolfman poetry for you suckers.

Big shtuff this week. A new Examiner about the evils and stupid-poopidness of moneys, and a new Review and Rating on one of the funniest movies I've seen in AGES. Go for broke.

A good week past me, and an unknown week ahead. It's weird... This is the first time in a long time that I have no real "feel" for the seven days ahead of me. Well, here's a new Scryed Anime Review and Rating about a groovy fighting anime to help you through your week. Ungrateful little snot rag....

Another Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and in honour of said Hallmark Holiday I bring to you a Retard's Digest article on a very solemn wedding tradition... How to Throw a Bachelor Party! Plus a new Daily about how Metroid Prime is a giant queef of a game.

The first (and maybe only) NESticision of the year is done. The Debate Team has a special 8-bit guest today! And another Daily that delves into the seedy world of blind dating.

The world's kickin' me in the nutz over and over again... again. But I'm still here for ya, baby! Yeah! Here's a new Examiner about the hazards of partying like it's 1999, and some more Reader Mail.

Whoa! This year is just flying by!... And I still haven't been framed for any major crimes yet. My enemies must be slipping. Anyway, here's a new Giant Robo Anime Review of THE GREATEST ANIME EVER MADE. And a new Daily. Why not?

I finally completely finished the last three Orlando Examiner pages to my most recent piece. Took me longer than my old L.A. article all those two years ago! Anyway, here's a new Rossman Ramblin' for you to ponder too.

Here we go again, baby! 2003 has started and it's lookin' fine! Well, at least I'm looking fine, and that's all that matters. Here's a new Rating and Review for you and a fantabulouscious new Daily.

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