(Let the slaughter begin!!)

It's happened again... I think I lost control of my rage a few weeks ago. I... I don't remember much, but somebody started sending me photos of a creature that I think is supposed to be me. Doing things. Horrible things. I can't explain it. When the mood-anger hits me, I'm like a pit bull. A well hung pit bull, but a pit bull nonetheless. These photographs are the only proof that I have that there is a beast inside of me. And that beast can apparently drain a keg by himself. I share these pictures with you in order to warn the world. If you ever see this creature, RUN! His lust for liquor and candy is insatiable! Plus he apparently gives a mean wedgie.


From what I can remember, Carl had a few too many and really did ask for the Hulk's services in checking himself for lumps. And of course the Hulk was obliged to help lump him up.


The Hulk inside me tells me that although the kid is his, the shiner was not. Tammi With an "I" tells me that the shiner was the only impressive thing that the Hulk gave her. Man, she can be bitchy at times.


Here Tammi With an "I" sat my alter ego down for a little chat about the birds and the bees.... I still don't understand what the fuck she was trying to say.


Carl's favorite Street Fighter II character is Guile. Guile sucks. What a fag.


The first Halloween party of the day committed a major foul. I was just about de-Hulked when the alcohol ran out... Man, after that it all went dark. Except for when I Hulk-kicked Robot Pedro up his robo-nards. I really remember that.


From all accounts that day, there was a mysterious green fog that engulfed the party room for a while before the giant airpumps were brought in to re-oxygenate the whole place.

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