Hulk SMASH Halloween Page II

(Let the spank-down continue!!)

Just a few more shots left... I didn't think you could handle too many more of these. So here a just a half dozen photos of the second Halloween party that the Hulk went to this year. If this terrifies you, just imagine what it does to my family.


When I came to the next day, I had no recollection of this event at all, which is odd since I usually just lose myself in bliss whenever I come near the mighty Captain Rugged. Apparently the Cap blocked it out of his memory too as when I approached him with this photographic evidence he screamed, tore off his clothes and started using steel wool all over his body in the shower. God! I mean, I wash myself down there all the time. And it's not like I've got anything too contagious.


See that glass in the foreground of the picture? That's not Kool-Aid. Let's just say the Hulk has a small bladder and a small memory when it comes to where the closest bathroom is.


The next morning I woke up with over 60 beaded necklaces around my neck... I was wondering about that.


Like all cool animals, the Hulk needed to mark his territory. Captain Rugged was just in the wrong place at many wrong times.


I wasn't sure if the Hula Dog was part of some twisted trip I took as the Hulk, or a real beast of licking pleasure.... Honestly, this picture proves to me that my beer goggles were so damn thick that they even covered the camera. There's no way such a perfect creature exists in this or any world.


What can I say? Another evil end to a pretty evil day.


Wow... So the Rossman got blotto pretty early this Halloween and made a complete ass of himself at two parties in front of all his friends. Big whoopity do. What I don't understand is how all those pictures above showed sounds.

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