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New shit mostly on Wednesdays. If I miss one, wait till the next, genius.

This is it for the year. I'm not typing a damn thing next week, but to make up for that I'll add a bunch of holiday themed links for you to get lost in at the end of this post.

Anyway, first up, the new stuff in the form of my Devil May Cry Anime Review and Rating. You know Xenosaga the anime and Final Fantasy: Unlimited... Yeah, they've got nothing on Devil May Cry. Oh, and a new NESticision about the Housing Market.

And here's my old The Truth About Santa Examiner Article, and the My Santa Anime Review and Rating from last year. And the soon-to-be classic poem 'Twas the Christmas Right Before. Just because nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a poem about a psycho killing Santa using a shotgun and starved dogs.

Happy Birthday, JK!.... And the offer is STILL on the table.

Pam. Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam. Pam. Daily Pam. Oh, and a Romeo X Juliet Anime Review and Rating. Meh.

The third page of my Pirating the Caribbean: The Curse of the Wolfman piece is up. And two new Vocal Vomits. It's been a while. That's why.

The year is winding down now, and I'm back from the Thanksgiving, but all I have for you is a preachy email about the values of fansubs (and how Justin Sevakis sometimes talks out of his ass). If you don't know what a fansub is, don't bother reading it. You will be confused by all the geek-talk. If you do know the lingo, come oooooooooooooon in! There's pictures and everything. Then spread the word and let people know that not everybody is bending over backwards to this guy's "holy word of otakudom."

Oh hell.... Fine, here's a quick Uber-Week Daily too.

More Pirating the Caribbean next week. Promise.

The second page of my Pirating the Caribbean: The Curse of the Wolfman Examiner piece is up. The Curse only grows. Oh, and a Familiar Daily for you too.

Since next week is an Uber-Week, there is no update. Them's the facts, deal with it.

The first page of my Pirating the Caribbean: The Curse of the Wolfman Examiner piece is up, as is a Shitty Worst Buy Daily concerning George Lucas' should-have-been-scraped-from-his-mind (with a clothes hanger) TV show about a certain young adventurer.

I'm back, kids, and I have some treats for you.... Ugh, I can't believe I wrote that. Here's a Halloween-themed new anime review for you: My Ghost Hunt Anime Review and Rating. And a not-so-new How To Kill Monsters page. Because I love you all, but I'm lazy.

Okay, got a Claymore Anime Review and Rating for you. Don't get your hopes up. Oh, and two new Limericks in the Random Rossman Ramblings. They are the greatest works of poetry EVER. EVER.

Nothing new next week. Sorry, but I can see into the future and that just ain't happening.

Awwwww man.... it's Wednesday, isn't it... Nothing new this week. I'm out living large. Well, if anybody asks that's what you tell them. And that blood has been on the walls since I moved in. So were those black market ancient relic traders you've seen around my place all week. And I've always had that Holy Grail... It's a family heirloom. I'll tell you something, nothing tastes better than a Guiness out of the cup o' Christ.

Holy dingle berries! It's October! Only a quarter of 2007 is left and I've accomplished... Well, quite a lot, but I still have a shitload of stuff to do. Which brings me to today's update. I've got a very special Anime Reviewing Email, and an Anime Review and Rating for Gurren Lagann, Gainax's newest giant robot show that just ended its run on Sunday. It's spirally.

Hell Girl, Hell Girl, HELL GIRL! No, not a quirky nickname for an ex (you know who you are, Sandra!), but the name of a 52 episode anime show about the damned, and the damned things they do to become eternally doomed. Read all about my Hell Girl Review and Rating here, then read about my Kaleido Star-themed breakthrough role that was never meant to be in a Kaleido-themed Daily. It's whore-tastic!

Two updates today, then some shit news. First, a Psycho Daily and a Book Review and Rating all about His Dark Materials (including The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass).

Now the shitty news. A friend of mine was gathering an assload of supplies for a care package to send to her brother who's stationed over in the middle of a war zone. As her father sent up a ton of supplies to her via a transport company which shall remain nameless that's called UPS, well, they stole lost the stuff. No, not the package, but somebody within the company opened up the box (which was packed tight and perfectly by a marine) and stole the contents within. Well, I'll just let Jax tell the story, as she's the one who's even more pissed than I am about this whole thing:

...My dad and his family live in Jacksonville, Florida, so he and my 3 Aunts and my Uncle all went shopping together, bought a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff for JP.  My dad is a Marine, so he went to some military store and bought some “gadgets” that could come in handy, for example these tablet things that you can drop into water, and in less than a minute, that water is boiling, and will do so for about 10-15 minutes.  Serves a multitude of functions…. And my aunts spent a whole night sitting around, packaging smaller boxes into bigger ones, and they all sent letters that they’d written him, and cards, and put everything in these cute little boxes, and wrote “we love you” all over everything, just to give it more of that “Christmas morning feeling” when he got it…  

The point is: My father sent the collective Jacksonville package to ME, so I could add it to my stuff that I’ve collected (I’m always taking donations, and offerings from co-workers and such) The reason my father did that is two fold: 1. My brother and his troop would get a bigger pkg if we combined our stuff) the big boxes make those troops eyes light up-big time, and 2. My company agreed to pick up the tab on all the postage as their way of saying “thank you” to the brave men and women who are out there in harms way…

SO, long story short, Dad sent the Jacksonville box to me, so I could add it to my collection, and send it all in one great big box which my company would pay for.   But UPS stole it. My dad’s box weighed just shy of 31 lbs, and was full of the “military trinkets and gadgets that my father purchased (he did 2 tours in ‘Nam, so he knows what is useful and what is not…) as well as all the junk food, beef jerky sunscreen, trail mix, toiletries, shaving cream, disposable razors, some writing pads and pencils so my brother can draw in his down time….New t-shirts, clean socks.  My brother said that being on your feel all day in steel toed boots causes you to wear holes through your socks every 2 days or so, so we are trying to keep his feet dry and blister-free b/c the last thing a soldier needs in the middle of a F*$#%^G war in blisters on their feet….

UPS lied to me and their 1st version of the story was it fell off the truck. I asked them to explain to me how they were able to discard the empty carton if it fell off the truck? And then they had the unmitigated gall to tell me that it must not have been packaged properly, and at some point along the way, had become split open causing all of the contents to spill out, that is why only the empty box was left. And I told her that a US MARINE packed that box, with FULL awareness that it had to be dropped out of a helicopter onto a SHIP in order for my brother to get it at all, and she had NO way of knowing how that box was packaged and how DARE she insinuate that a Marine did not know how to pack a box for another soldier. I told her that she was not only lying to me, but she was insulting me, my family, and the entire armed forces of the United States of America by her blasé attitude.  This was not just some “whoops” guess I will have to re-send that, kind of error. This was blatant thievery from a 19 year old who is fighting in a WAR…

It was at that point that [my husband] took the phone from me b/c I was crying hysterically and screaming at this women who kept telling me one lie after the other. He was considerably more calm, but just as unrelenting as I was. It was then that he got her to verbally admit that recipients had no rights, that only the shipper had a right to complain b/c they are the ones who paid UPS for the service…

Way to go, UPS! Way to show your support for the troops!

I have a MANLY Daily up today. I should have a book review up next week, but that's next week. Focus on the now.

Two biggies for you today. First up is a Denny Crane-filled Examiner entitled: Denny Crane for President... and Alan Shore for VP. Speaks for itself. Next is a Red Garden Anime Review and Rating. One day behind the rest of the net getting their RG DVD volume 1 reviews up... 4 episodes covered! How on Earth do they find the time?!

Holyyyyyyyy shit. The EVA FAQs are 10 years old now! TEN YEARS! Think about it, a good portion of you guys reading this right now didn't even know about anime 10 years ago. Jesus titty-fuck I'm old. Speaking of which, here's a Poorly Aged Daily, and a new Review and Rating of a Japanese Live-Action Movie by the name of Dororo for you. Here it is, MY big day, and yet I'm giving yous guys the gifts. Generous to a fault, I am.

At last... The 4th and final page of my Seattle Trip is online. It's awesome, and has a surprise ending as well! Make sure that you're eating when you read it.

Got a very sad Rush Hour Daily up. No, I did not see the newest (and probably shittiest) Chris "Annoying as All Fuck" Tucker and Jackie "Fallen From Grace" Chan shit-flick myself, and a pox on YOU if you in fact did contribute to that movie's opening grosses. Seriously, you need help.

Along with being back logged, I've also been pretty busy with shit. I tried to give Noein another chance (got through 6 episodes about a half a year ago, and just couldn't go on), but that failed. That show just sucks the life out of you. I only got 11 episodes into it, and when they focused an entire 24 minute chapter on a really gay flashback based around Yuu's cunty mom, well, I had to call it quits again. So, I'll never review Noein, but at least now you know it sucks.

What DOESN'T suck though is Code Geass, as you can see in my Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Anime Review and Rating. Mmmm, I could go for some Pizza Hut right about now.

I warned you. I did. There was a huge backlog of reviews; and they're still coming. Today I have for you a Nodame Cantabile Anime Review and Rating, and an I'm a Cyborg, But That's Okay Korean Movie Review and Rating. One is good, one is not. One positive, one negative. Behold the power of the written word!!!!

It's a Potterific update, like no other before, and like no other after! Got a Harry Potter: Books V, VI, and VII Review and Rating up, along with a Potter Daily. Eh, and just for good measure there's a Mushi-Shi Anime Review and Rating waiting for you too, if you have the time. And who are we kidding, you ain't got nothin' better to do.

I'm in a rush, but here's two new Anime Reviews for you (I've got a backlog)! Yay!!! First, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Anime Review and Rating, and The Familiar of Zero Anime Review and Rating.

Bon jour!

Do you get free Slurpees or anything today? What a gimmick that would be.

Here's a new Vanilla-faced Daily for you though, oh, and Page 3 of being Sleepless, and Driving Shittily, in Seattle. One more to go. Probably next week. If not, eh.

Happy Independence Day, America! And for you British people reading, well, sorry, but we won fair and square. Everybody else, this is an American holiday in which we spend all day getting liquored up, and then we blow shit up at night. It is truly awesome.

Anyway, I've got the first two pages of my Seattle page up (Sleepless, and Driving Shittily, in Seattle), along with an iPhoney Daily. Now for the booze!

I was out for a good chunk of the past week, and have nothing to post today. Anyway, it's summer -- go out, get a tan, make some fuck, have fun! There'll be a new Northwestern-based Examiner article next week.

Not much free time this past week, but enough to shit out a new NESticision about Spoiled Hollywood Starlettes Going Out of Control. Deep.

I woke up this morning, and I got myself a gun... To shoot the Sopranos' creator for that shitty finale to his show this past Sunday. Read all about it in a Sopranos and Paprika-filled Daily. Then proceed to Two More Camp Notes From Hell. Hell says I!

Honestly, I tried. I did. I got about 3 parragraphs down on a new Examiner piece, but my heart just wasn't in it. So instead here are Two New Vocal Vomits, One new Kim-Chi Filled Daily, and a Le Chevalier d'Eon Anime Review and Rating. Do you still love me?

Damn! One more review for you this week. Hopefully a MIND and PANTS-BLOWING expose next week in the Examiner. But until then here's a Gunbuster 1 versus 2 Anime Review and Rating. It's about what you think it is.

I am simply going REVIEW CRAZY around here! Hopefully I'll have a new Examiner piece done soon, maybe, but until then here's a special FRIDAY addition in the form of a Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy Moview Review and Rating. Yo ho!

I have a review of one of the greatest unsung (pun) group of rockers from the 80s up today! No, not Poison. Nope, not Billy Joel either. Nuh-uh, not even Tiffany or Debbie Gibson and their accompanying bands. Today I present to you my love song to the New Monkees! Here's my New Monkees Band Review and Rating! Let the music thunder, and don't turn it down!

Back from vacation, but all I really have time for today is a Beachy Daily. Now, sleepy time.

Ay yi yiiiiiiiiiiiiii! How could I almost forget?! Es Cinco de Mayo!!!! Arriba! Okay, NOW nothing until a week or two.

One more bland, sort of shitty anime review for you today: Simoun Anime Review and Rating is now up. I mean the anime was shitty, not my review of it. Also a snake-erifficly awesome Daily is up too.

Nothing next week as I'll be touring whore houses in Western Nevada for the entire week. Wish me luck!

Just one update today, a bunch of letters to and from one Princess Sarah Johnson. What a hottie! And, if you missed last Friday's update, check out my Reviews and Ratings of Cho Seung-Hui's Gag-inducing Plays, Richard McBeef and Mr. Brownstone.

Friday update. Basically, the only reason I'm reviewing these things (and at this time) is because I can't do anything else. Over 30 VT kids were murdered in cold blood by a psychotic asshole on Monday, and this is all I can do: make sure Cho Seung-Hui is remembered for the emo, pussy, retard that he actually was. I don't want people to think this evil dick was "cool" in the least. He was not. He thought he was a bad ass, but he was just an assmaster instead. Here is a buttload of proof: Reviews and Ratings of Cho Seung-Hui's Abyssmal Plays, Richard McBeef and Mr. Brownstone.

Burn in Hell, Cho.

Two new Vocal Vomits today, and a new FANTAS(Y)tic Daily!

That's all you'll be getting! Oh, though if you want to check out the GREATEST MUSIC VIDEO ever made, then you can go here. Don't worry, it's perfectly work safe.

I don't want to copy anything that (that hottie) Robin Meade does on CNN Headline News in the morning, but I just wanted to give a little recognition to the biggest anime fan currently stationed in Afghanistan (Afghanistanimation?): Captain Doug Traversa (and also to the crew of A*W*A*C). Do yourself a favor and check out their military blog (and the blogs linked to from theirs). They're simply good men and women who are doing their best to rebuild a country after all the shit that the Taliban did to it for so many years.

**Pictures used totally without their permission, but what the hell are they going to do to me? They're way over in Afghanistan...

Now for this week's new shit. Perfectly timed to match our sub-freezing Spring temperatures here in the South, I finally have a new NESticision up about the horrors of Global Warming! And then there's a DOUBLE ANIME Review and Rating! Holy shit! I know! Check out my Review and Rating for both Pumpkin Scissors and Innocent Venus.

Got a new review of an old manga series for you today: Here's my Manga Review and Rating of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (aka Cafe Alpha). And I also got a new Corrosive Daily for you as well. Next week I'll... Hmmm, I don't know what I'll have, but it'll be something.

I have got an assload of reviews to unload, so here's 2 today: a new Anime Review and Rating known as When They Cry -- Higurashi, and a new British Movie Review and Rating known henceforth as Hot Fuzz. And I already have a manga review in the pipes for next week. LOOK FORWARD TO IT, DAMMIT!

Okay, I'm done with the GI Joe the Movie stuff now (well, I was last week already). Onwards to a Korean Movie Review and Rating of THE HOST. I'm not gonna spoil you by telling you if it's great or not, but it totally sucked. Find out why inside! Also, a brand-spankin'-new Leprechauny Daily is up and waitin' for you, laddie!

Also, there's a link from the main page to all of the old quotes, but for you retards who haven't found it yet (it's not really that hidden), just go here... For past quotes. Theeeeere you go. Atta boy!

GI Joe Versus the Movie and Logic Part 3 is now up. Also, I have a new Movie Review and Rating on Frank Miller's 300. You've already seen it though, haven't you... Of course you have, you're MY reader. If any of my readers DIDN'T see 300 on opening day I'd have to take off my belt... For WHIPPING you! Or if you're a lady I'd do it for other reasons. But you still should have seen it already! Unless you have and you're just saying you didn't so that I WILL whip you... That's kinky, but sick none-the-less.

GI Joe Versus the Movie and Logic Part 2 is now up. This movie is really fucked up. Speaking of "fucked up", I have a new Daily talking about how Kadokawa USA is fucking up their release of Haruhi Suzumiya. Fuck them all in their ears.

Finally! Something new and not a Daily or a Review! I bring to your attention GI Joe Versus the Movie and Logic, part 1. Parts 2 and 3 coming soon. Maybe. Just enjoy this for what it's worth right now before you start bitching and moaning, okay?

Nothing this week, but to keep you busy feel free to re-read GI Joe Versus Cobra and Physics (The MASS Device) and GI Joe Versus The Pyramid of Darkness. I myself re-read them all the time. ALL the time!

Well gooooooooooddamn! My 300th Daily Rossman blurb! Well I never! And on top of that *gasp!* I have a Basilisk Anime Review and Rating up for you as well. I'm exhausted now.

Oh, and if anybody has the 5-part G.I. Joe miniseries Arise, Serpentor, Arise on their computer and can somehow get it to me (bittorrent, Limewire, CD, whatever), please let me know. I needs it for my next Joe project. Thanks!

CAAAAAAAAAAAAMP NOOOOOOOOOOOOTES! Two really disgusting Camp Notes are up for your reading pleasure today. Hopefully a ninjariffic new review for y'all next week. Until then, bundle up when you're outside, 'cause global warming is causing record blizzards and cold snaps across the country. We, we didn't listen!!!

My Welcome to the NHK Anime Review and Rating is now up. And it's fucked up. Like your molesting Aunt Beatrice. Only NHK's nails don't tickle your nether regions, they scratch your eyes out. Oh, and hey, 3 more Vocal Vomits today too! THREEEEE! That's one more than two, though two less than five. One, two, THREE Vocal Vomits! Bwa ha ha haaaa!

Finally pried myself away from my Wii in order to bring you a new Manga Review and Rating about Lament of the Lamb and a new Labyrinthy Daily.

That should do it.

Due to illness and Twilight Princess I do not have anything new this week. Let he who is without Zelda cast the first stone... And if you do, it better be one giant fucking boulder 'cause I'm gonna come at any asshole who throws anything at me!!!

Hmmmmmm, in the meantime I guess you could just read an older Review and Rating about all the previous Zelda games.

Ssssssssssssssssssssssassy! Finally, I wrote it: my My Sassy Girl Korean Movie Spectacular Review and Rating! Also there's a new DS Daily as well. You're welcome, mothafucka.

WHY?!!? Why can't time just stand still for one year? 2007?! Ugh. No thank you. I was doing just fine with 2006. I just fucking broke 2006 in! And now this. I am easily thrown off my game.

Just a Kick-Off to 2007 Daily for you today. There should be at least a new movie review for next week, and possibly an anime review of Welcome to the NHK. Other than that, how's it going? Any of you fuckers get a Wii for Christmas? You suck. Seriously, suck my balls. Well, either that or send me one (a Wii, not a ball sucking... unless you're a hot girl).

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