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Well, maybe one more update. But this is most definitely it for about two to three weeks. Two more pages of my latest Orlando Examiner piece and a new Review and Rating.

Okay, work's boggin' down on me, social occassions are tying me up, and family is pestering me to actually go shopping for their presents this year instead of just wrapping up more piles of dogshit for them to open this upcoming Christmas morning. This'll probably be the last update for the year. Accept it. Here's a new webpage to tide you over though. 'Tis How To Do Shit. Go read how to Throw a Christmas Party. Or read my last Daily of 2002. Now I'm going to go read my new SINFEST book. Fuck off.

It's raining sunshine and happiness in Athens, GA this week! The UGA Dawgs trampled the Razorbacks in the SEC Championship game and all is right with the world. Soooo, without any further ado, here's a new Daily and a Kimagure Orange Road (KOR) Review and Rating on one of the greatest anime series to ever grace this glorious earth! Man, I'm still on a win-high!

I swear I'll get the Orlando Adventure finished someday... Just not today... Or probably next week. But I do have a new Daily and a few more Vocal Vomits added for your ingestion.

Once more, there's a new Daily for your displeasure. Also, I've completely fucked u-... redesigned the main front page and the Daily Page for your visual orgasmic pleasure. More fixer-uppers to come. Maybe sooner, maybe laters.

There's a new Daily today about one of the most glorious weekends I've had all year. It's very big tittied... I mean exciting. Damn Freudian slips!

A new Orlando Examiner piece is in the early stages of final completion. Parts 1-3 of the 'Lando 'Venture are now up. Plus the Links to the Beyond have been culled and only the strongest have survived.

A special Halloween update today, without so much as a Halloween theme. But there is a new Infinite Ryvius Review and Rating about a pretty nifty show called Infinite Ryvius... Makes sense. I'll be working on my Universal Horror Nights page in my spare time (which has become almost nonexistant recently).

Once again, new Daily and new Review and Rating. The Ring.... can you see it?!?! Maybe no update next week as I'll still be recovering from Orlando with the Greenwood Gang. Accept it.

The Daily's back up after Bob farged it up by "making it better", by apparently not changing a goddamn thing. Plus there's a new Princess Nine Review and Rating of something that I actually didn't like!

Here we go. A new Examiner that goes nowhere fast. Enjoy. Something went all screwy with the Daily, so that will be down for a little while.

As if you didn't already know, just like most people I have my own pet peeves. Well, today I found an outlet for them. The Rossman's Vocal Vomit page is now up. Like Linda Blair's spew on that Catholic priest I heave out my aggressions for the whole world to view.

More Reader Mail from hell, and another Daily 'bout having one's nose against the grindstone. Enjoy my pain.

I think everybody could use a little laugh today. Here's an El Hazard Anime Review and Rating of an old, but classic series for you. Hope it helps.

Well, the official end of summer has come and gone. In remembrance I give you a football filled Daily and an Owakonze Summer Camp Review and Rating of a previous summer at camp. Bring plenty of mosquito netting.

The day before infamy. The day before I turn older and more decrepit by another year. Birthdays suck (even adding into the equation all the free food and cake and maybe presents from those who don't hate you or your ancient age). Fuck Father Time up his ear! Anyway, here's another Daily and the revolution you've been waiting and begging for: the NEW NESticision - Rebirth!!! Ass.

I purged my insides of their contents once again this past weekend. It's a really funny story... but without the humor or the laughing. Read about it in a new Daily and then read my newest Argentosoma (Argento Soma) Rating and Review about a show that is very good at ripping off other more popular shows.

I updated the Retard Ramblin's page with a short story I began writing when I was 7 years old. It's a fucking classic already. Also, a new Daily for your pleasure. Just don't make it too pleasurable.

I did it all. I went to Otakon 2002 and then a wedding in Vegas within a week. The Examiner article on the Ota-thing is now up, but the Vegas shindig happenings will be around a little later. After my stomach stops tumbling like a crack whore Olympic gymnast.

A new Rating and Review is up. There probably won't be anything at all up next Wednesday. I'll still be recovering from my Baltimore trip and planning for my Vegas one the following Friday. Patience.

A Daily is now up about the dog dayz of Summer. It's boring. It's hot. It sucks. Plus my air condition bill is going to eat my eyeballs out at the end of the month.

This might be the last update for a while. So just hold your dicks in anticipation until I can get back to you and write something new. But, today I finally have a new Examiner piece up and one more Viewer Mail about the hazards of writing letters to people when you are legally retarded. There you go.

Another brandy new page is done for your un-enjoyment. Really, I hope this page hurts to read. Then I hope it causes you to strike out against those that caused me to bring it to existence in the first place!! The Retard Rossman's Ramblin's is up.

Two updates of crap today. Another laserific Daily, and a Noir Anime Review and Rating of some hot chicks killing people. Always lovely that.

Finally. I can stop cowering in fear... Well, at least for one less reason. I finished The Skipper's Rossman People's section. Now he should stop threatening to send my balls to Davey Jones' locker.

Also, to the right is me in South Park form... Just because I was the last person on the net to do it. I am sooooooo a fucking lemming.

A new Viewer Mail and Response and Response to the Response is up. News at 11.

Wow! Can you believe this shit? I actually followed thru on a promise I kinda made! For those of you out there who HATE kids, this will soon be your favorite movie. The crack Rossman team rates and reviews for a special Battle Royale Review.

From a looooooong time ago.... A reeeeeeaaaaally looooong time ago, comes a new Daily. Hopefully I'll review Battle Royale next week. That would be nice.

Calm down. Daddy's here. It's alright now. The only monster in your room when you turn off the light is your own sick mind. Here's a new Rating and Review on your friendly neighborhood swinger. And finally a new Daily that explains what's been going on around here behind the scenes without giving the ending away to those who haven't read the script.

Yes. It is all LIES! Unsubstantiated LIES!!!! Blunderersssss! Foooolsssss!! The Rossman sublease-flyer is the subject of the newest Rating and Review. Also, I reinstated an old Examiner article on the perversion of a nation. That nation is Japan. And, yes, everybody there is a pervert.

Those krazy 2-bit graphics are at it again. Another Ataritor takes a look at whether Arafat is a giant dickhead or not. Also, we have a new Daily for your distinct pleasure.

The reign of Wednesday updates continues. Stop fucking writing me to ask when the next updates are, you goddamn whores! Wednesdayssssss! And if I skip a Wednesday, that's your tough luck. Wait till the next one. Shit! Fuck! Ass! Drink!
Okay then. New stuff. There's one more Retard's Digest article up and finally some more Viewer Mail that wasn't too too moronic to reply to.

Once again I have created LIFE!! A new Rossman page is up and operational. And it's retarded. More retarded than you could ever hope one single page to be. It is more retarded than Alfafa's retarded sister, Special K. It is the Retard's Digest. Enjoy.

I have a new Daily about the wonders of classical music, and also another Read Or Die (R.O.D.) Rating and Review.

Well, I did it. I finished my newest Examiner article. And it was sinful. I also got a new GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) Rating and Review done. It's GREAT.
No new stuff for two weeks.

The Rossman and the Wolfman's Vegas Vacation is taking form in a new Examiner piece. And don't forget the new Daily too.

Right now work is kicking me in the nuts with overtime and whatnot, so updates will be a lot less frequent for a while to come (i.e. once a week to every other week, on Wednesdays). Unless you bitchers and moaners want to pay me to do this site full time my duty is to my job first, and you complainers second. Enough bitching and moaning from me now. There's a new "dark" Daily and a new Rating and Review.

A new Daily and a new Macross Anime Rating and Review (on one of the greatest series/movies ever made) await you.

I told you that I would return! And along with me I bring a gift of The City of Las Vegas Rating and Review. An article about my Vegas Trip will be up in the Examiner fairly shortly. Or not. I feel bloated and lazy after all those casino buffets.

Okay, one new quickie update to keep you going until the 16th. It's a whacked out Daily. Translator may be required.

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