Issue #12: Arafat Is A Great Big Asshole - True or False

EXT. Night Scene. Frygar's House. A lone figure approaches the door. He knocks, then opens the door slightly.

 Um, hello? Is anybody here?
 Goddaaaaaaaaaaammit! Who's there?! Who's disturbing my blowjo-
 It's, uh, it's just me. Hey, Frygar, have you, uh, seen my wife? She said that she was going shoe shopping, but I, uh, just remembered that she doesn't have any feet. Is she here by any, ummm, chance?
 FUCK NO!... I mean, no, good sir good man. And don't come inside!! I haven't seen her luscious lips and firm yet supple cheeks in like.... at least 5 years.
 But you were at, uh, our house last week for dinner.
 Jeezus fucking Christ, man! I said I haven't- *UURRRRRGH!!!!* HOLY SHIT!!! That's the stuff that made Daddy go straight!!!!
Uhhhh, what was I saying? Oh, Pacman! How are you tonight?
 Never mind... I'll, uh, just check the morgues and the dumpsters again. Bye.
 Whew! Thought that commie bastard would never leave.
Was somebody here, Frygar? Ummmmm, and do I still have anything on my chin? It's hard to wipe your face without hands.
 That was just your gimpy husband looking for your sweet ass.
 Hmmmm. I guess you could say that he was looking for a little head too..... Heh heh....
 Huh-huh... Ha ha ha ha ha haaaa! Bwaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
 Hee hee hee heeeeeeee! *SNORT!*
COOOOOOUUUUUGH!!!!!!!! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
 Hee hee. Looks like you blew your load again... Hee hee Ha ha-
 Shut up! You dried up old beaver! That's not funny. Just... just get the hell out of here already. The money's on the dresser.
 Fine. Whatever. You have to go lather up in your Preperation H now, don't you. I understand... you worthless sack of adult-diaper-excrement. Seeya next Tuesday.
 She, she just doesn't understand my needs anymore... *SIGH*
Which is why I now need more substance in my life. Something with more texture. More polygons. Something in 3D...

You called, big boy? Remember, it's 35 gold coins an hour with 10 coins per extra trick that I turn. You up to it, old timer?

 God bless the internet and their downloadable porn! Yahoo!!!!
 Pssssst! Harry! Who's that now? I'm too short to see through his window.
 Uuuuuh! UUUUUUUUUUUNNNNGH! *Fwap Fwap Fwap*
It's, uh..... Nobody you'd know.... UUUUUUNNNNGH!! Holy deboobilus, Batman! Oh yes! Lick them! Set those puppies on fire!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

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