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New shit mostly on Wednesdays. If I miss one, wait till the next, genius.

Ho ho ho! Here's a holiday treat something to do with Christmas for you: A Review and Rating of the Anime OVA Always My Santa! Hooray!!! Also, here's a Gift of a Year End Daily! Hip hip hooray!! Yay!!! And an oldie that I always drag out at this time of year because I want to torture you: The Truth About Santa. OMFG, I am such a great gift giver, aren't I...... So where's MY shit in return? Just a little pr0n would suffice. Is that too much to ask for?

A new NESticision today, all about the Hypocrisy in the UN and all that jazz. Nothing more this week, but I'll get some Christmas-themed stuff up next week.... You don't even care when I put any effort like that into this anymore, do you. You treat me just like a circus seal: "Perform, boy! Juggle those balls, honk those horns! Dance, monkey man, dance!" Heartless bastards.

As promised, no new anime reviews for you today. Here's my newest Examiner piece though: The Rossman's Theory of Relative Chaos (as it pertains to an Uber-Week). It's fairly large. Take your time. Love it. Make it yours. Oh, yeaaaah, baby. That's it. Make it yours.

I swear, once I get back from my Uber-Week I'll do something more than just an anime review and a Daily. I already have something in mind, but my next update may not be until December. Oh man, the next week is going to be so choice! I'm so giddy with excitement I feel like a 14 year-old girl trapped in the locker room with the perverted and scary gym teacher... My nipples are so hard right now!

But before all that, here's a(n) Eureka Seven (7) Anime Review and Rating for you, and a Wii-excited Daily. Now, I'm off!

Should I start up an RSS feed on this site? Seriously, what's the goddamn point? I update on Wednesdays... All the RSS would do is tell you every Wednesday that I have a new something... I'm beginning to think that these intarwebs inventors are just making up useless crap just to make the net still seem "cutting edge." Sorry, but if something is older than my nephews it's no longer "cutting edge." Hey, supposedly smart inventor people, why not put your brains to work on hard-light, holographic, fully imersive pr0n? If you try hard enough I'm sure we could have that shit by 2008!

Anyway, here's a new Pino-tastic Ergo Proxy Anime Review and Rating for you, along with a Culturally Rich Daily. Mangia!!

Oh, and Britney Spears, you're hot again now, so if after you get K-Fed to sign those divorce papers feel free to give me a call and I'll help you make a CUTE (non-retarded, non-redneck) baby. I'm listed.

Got two more Rossman Crew Vocal Vomits up. And a HalloWEENIE New Daily. Now, back to November.

Got a Cowboy Be---, a Coyote Ragtime Show Anime Review and Rating for you, and a Stand Alone Complexy Daily.

Jesus... Isn't it the end of the year YET?!

Wow! No new reviews this week! Well, no real reviews, but still, what are the odds? Anyway, here's a Bloody New Daily, and Two New Reader E-Mails filled with vile loathing. And don't forget, never eat spinach with a stranger.

Let's start off with a little Kurau: Phantom Memory anime Review and Rating. Fun, okay. Then let's move into a How to Teach Women Over 50 How to Use a Computer. Pain.

Oh, and after getting the whole series (all 8Gigs worth), I was only able to watch 5 episodes of the so far ABYSSMAL Blood + anime series... I fucking hate the plot and I loathe most of the characters. If anybody can promise me that things get the least bit better later on I might give this one more try. If not, this cliched piece of crap will be deleted forever from my harddrive, and I'll sleep very well at night.

Happy news this week: Kiddy Grade 2 has been reported to be in production! This is one of those golden nuggets of awesomeness that you never even expect but still smacks you around like a bad puppy with its greatness once you hear it. I am GIDDY with excitement. Can you see my goosebumps? What? That? Ummm, that's not a goosebump, but it is something else that shows my excitement. So here's a Moon Child movie Review and Rating for you all to read in the meantime.

Ten years. Jesus titty-fucking Christ... Ten years. That just can't be right.

It'll probably take you longer to watch the 74 episode TV series based on it, so instead read the spanktastic Monster Manga!... Or just read my Review and Rating of it. Whatever.

I actually got this online last Friday, but never listed it as "new" here. So, here's a Michael Bay Transformers Movie Script Review so you don't have to read the whole thing yourself.

The Nuts to This! Comic is finally getting some good press, so check that shit out so you can claim to have been a fan "way back when" when all the posers start creaming themselves over it 10 years from now. Bastards. I also have a Birthday Daily up, and in honor of the one year anniversary of Katrina hitting Mississippi and Louisiana (yay!), and because in just under a year tons of retards seemed to have forgotten what actually CAUSED the catastrophe in the first place (namely Sean Penn), here's Malcolm's Z's FUBAR in New Orleans: The Before, During, and Aftermath of Stupidity -- The Story of Hurricane Katrina article from last September.

A terrible new Snake-filled and Heat-resistant Daily is up for you to read, and double anime duty with my Solty Rei Anime Review and Rating and Shigu: Secret of the Stellar Wars Review and Rating. Next up this upcoming week is another horror story... My birthday. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!

Since my last update I've watched Haruhi Suzumiya in its entirey one more time, in the chronological (incorrect) order this time. I love that show. I want to marry it.

NEW THIS WEEK: A NESticision about Mel Gibson, and Two New Camp Journal Entries! Sound the trumpets! Oh, and tons more shit three times a week at my Nuts To This! Web Comic.

One more link to my very own Nuts To This! Web Comic. Now for stuff. Well, one thing this week, but probably nothing next. Very busy busy busy. But in the meantime here's a Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Anime Review and Rating. Yup. That'll do... That'll do........

First my own blatant and gratuitous commercial for my very own Nuts To This! the Comic. Read it.

Next up there's a tragic (well, not for me) Brand New Daily and a Fate Stay Night Anime Review and Rating. Now, back to drawing more comics. Me tired...

Nuts To This! the Comic has really taken off, and it's really taken a shitload of my time up as well. I won't ever abandon though (if I can help it), and to prove this to you I will give you a fresh Pirate-filled Daily today, and promise you a Fate - Stay Night anime review either next week or the following. Cha-cha-cha!

The site is launched. LAUNCHED! And live and livid. Go to the BRAND NEW Nuts To This! Comic to see what you've been missing... You've been missing a LOT, haven't you...

The new site should be only a week away now. The unveiling will take place shortly. Until then here's an Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo Anime Review and Rating for you, and a Shit-on-me Daily. Apparently ALL over me.

See, I warned you. But the good news is that the new project is coming along very well. Even forced myself to build it fully in CSS (fuck you, Microsoft IE!!!!!!). It will be up soon... Soon in relation to the age of the universe. Until then here's a new GUN x SWORD Anime Review and Rating. BONZAI!!!

In just under the deadline. Whew! Here's a Pukey Daily and a new Death Note Manga Review and Rating. That's it. Show's over.

I'm working on a large project right now, even bigger than *YAMACSICO*, and it'll be taking up oodles of my time for the next few months. That's a good thing though, as this undertaking will be the greatest thing since Gabbo! Buuuut, in the meantime, updates may be more rare, or much smaller (like only one thing a week). Say for example this week, and the Trinity Blood Anime Review and Rating I have for you. Woo Hoo!

Time marches on and on and on... Never stops, yes, TIME! And today is yet another Wednesday, so here is another Daily (about the HUNT!), and a Shinobi - Heart Under Blade Review and Rating.... It flies eternallyyyyyyy.

Here's a new Examiner piece for you entitled: Rivalry of the Millennium: Marvel versus DC! There's also a new Daily about writing things down on your calendar better. Hindsight is 20/20, my friend.

Finally got my stylin' and groovin' Daily up about the land of the Moroccan tan! And two more (TWO MORE) Anime Reviews and Ratings on Mai/My-HiME and Mai/My-Otome. Whichever spelling you prefer.

Still waiting for Stryper to get off his butt and get me those pics of the hethen belly dancers so I can write about that marvelous night in Morocco, but until then, here's a cute lil' Anime Review and Rating about Elfen Lied. So adorable!

Another flashback to Canadian Lane with a new Camp Notes '89 (entries 7 and 8 are new). And one more Vocal Vomit about supporting the rights of criminals. Yaaaaay crooks! Me gusta sus coches rojas! Arriba!

Hey, I've been out of town for most of the last week, so I think it's actually pretty good of me to get even this done. Yeah, it's ANOTHER review, but this time I Review and Rate the Greatest TV show EVER: Heat Vision and Jack. YES! YEEEES!!! YEEEESSSSSSSS!! OH GOD YESSSSSS!!!!!!

This week has been hectic. Hec-Tic. Heckytic. Busy. Bust-my-balls busy. So you get one thing, and pray that I give you even this much next week. Here's a Retarded NANA live action movie Review and Rating. Sofa King we, Todd, Ed.

Settle down, now. Here's a Godannar Anime Review and Rating, and a Vendettafied Daily. Now... just let me rest... for a bit....

I have a Cromartie High School (live action) Review and Rating for you this week, along with one of the longest hate-mail correspondences I've ever partaken of... Partook or?... Just enjoy. Oh, and a big, whiney, "fuck you" to Isaac Hayes for bailing on South Park because his fake religion was made fun of. Pussy.

Here's an Award Winning new Daily for you. That's it this week. Next week should have a Review and Rating about a movie about the toughest and most punk-ass high school ever. No, not The Principal. Sorry, Louis Gossett Jr.

Got a new Doomsday Daily for you, and I finally got the Wolfman's new People's Page up and running. The sad news of the week is that Don Knotts died. Fuck Mayberry, he was Mr. Fucking Furley! He will be missed.

Just one thing this week, but it's pretty long. Heh-heh, "long." Sweeeet. It's The Olympic Spirit of Winter (the lesser and faggy games). In it I mention both Hitler and hippies. Both of whom suck.

Another shitty VD down the drain (Valentine's Day, you sick fucks), and a few more slaps to the face to show for it. And yet here I present to you a pretty sad new Email and some really gay Princess Tutu and Petite Princess Yucie Anime Review and Ratings. Really, really gay.

Where was I? Oh yeah, new Aristocrats Joke Review and Rating, and another Bloody Daily for you. No, not "bloody" as in "British bloody," like bloody 'ell. BLOODY bloody. Man do I need some tranqs right about now.

What a busy week! I got three things for you today: A Sympathy for Mr./Lady Vengeance Movie(s) Review and Rating, a How To Do High School Guide, and a few new Vocal Vomits about wire tapping and other shit.

Normally I never do what I'm about to do, but there is a site out there that you have to see. Yes, it is actually better than mine, and I always thought that my site was the greatest gift to man since nudie bars... But THIS puts my entire site to shame. I should just turn everything here into a tribute to this site.

Got a new Prophetic Daily for you, and a Shuffle! Anime Review and Rating about harem. Yesssssss, harem. Bon jour!

My first Examiner piece of the new year! Darwin Has Forsaken Us -- Retardation Will Not Die is a hard-hitting piece on stupid American kids. Fun! Also I have a new Monster Review and Rating on Godzilla. I cover his illustrious career from 1954 through 2004! Could you ASK for anything more? Well, if you ask for a back rub, I'll be right over. Just let me pick up my handcuffs first.

2006 is moving along nicely. I already got a righteous/hideous injury less than 2 weeks in! That's got to be a new record of some kind. Read all about it in a new Painful Daily. Then check out all the REDONE Rossman Peoples Pages! More background, more/larger pictures! More, more, MORE! Fuck me yes!

Gooooooooooddammit! Another fucking new year. Make them stop! Each new one makes me and my friends older... That just sucks.

To start the year off right though, I've brought you a Partyfied Daily, and a The Myth Movie Review and Rating. Maybe I'll do something next week... If I don't get Alzheimer's and forget... 'Cause I'm old...

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