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Wha- wha- WHAT?! A show called Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is a steaming pile of recycled shit!?! How can this BE?! This is unfathomable! Unbelieveable! Unpossible!

Check out my Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? anime review and rating and see why I find this kind of shat-out show to be simply unacceptable.


I've done stuff to my head in the past, but this time it's deliberate, and even when it goes wrong, it still goes right... Kind of, sort of...

Read my Inside Out Daily about freeing my inner emotions now! NOOOOOOOOOOW!


I wasn't planning to write anything about this movie before watching it, but after seeing how it's D.O.A. at the box office, and how I think that's a crime after witnessing it for myself this weekend, suffer through my review and rating of the Tomorrowland movie.

Oh, and here's a Gym-time Daily about knowing your clientele. Or, if you don't give a shit, go ahead and piss in their ears and tell them that they like it.


Psychooooooooo-Pass TWO. It's here, it's beer, it kills deer, it likes a good lady rear, it won't smear, don't sneer, it might adhere, it'll make you cry a tear, George Takei is queer (not that there's anything wrong with that), it might rob a cashier, I'm cheer....ful. Hear, hear! Nothin' more to say, really. Other than here's my Psycho-Pass 2 anime review and rating.


Books are good. Reading is good. People who read are smart. Smart people are not dumb. Smart people make a lot of money. Guillermo del Toro has a lot of money, therefore he likes to read and he is smart.... But he also wrote The Strain Trilogy, and it was a pile of diseased cow shit. So apparently smart people can read, but they can't write... But he also wrote Pan's Labyrinth... I... I.... I just don't understand anymore. Find out what confuses me in my Strain Trilogy book review and rating. It's there for the taking.


Marnie? Really? That's the name of the sophisticated gaijin girl in your newest movie, Studio Ghibli? Marnie? Elmer or Blecch not unattractive enough? Anyway, When Marnie Was There is my newest anime review and rating. Find out if the whole is better than Marnie's name inside!


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