is your one stop shop for everything from Reviews and Ratings and Roundtable Political Discussions to Exquisitely Written Essays that bring back memories of days gone by and Guides on How To Do Shit right. is not here for your amusement, it's just here for mine. Honestly, I'm my own biggest fan. It's not all ego, it's just that there's so much crap online that it's not really a competition. Yeah, this site is shitty too, but it smells slightly less fetid than than the rest of what's out there.

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Want to watch a group of high school kids get experimented on by a group of mad scientists who like to mess with people's emotions? Sure, who wouldn't! Well, you'd better read my Kiznaiver anime review and rating first before you commit to it.


It's been 30 years, and now it's finally time to dive into the GREATEST movie of all time (featuring giant robots that transform into vehicles and guns and tape recorders)! Witness an unbelievable review/discussion/and therapy session about 1986's The Transformers: The Movie, and have your minds blown away by the amazing insight and behind-the-scenes look at the production! That and there's tons of pictures.


Yes, the trailers actually made a DC movie look good. Yes, this movie came out a few weeks ago and I'm only just now reviewing it. Does that mean I loved it and spent 2 weeks pouring over my thesaurus for other words that mean "stupendous" and "sploogerific"? Or does it mean that I hated the living tar out of it and needed two weeks to stop seething over wasting $20 on tickets for it. Find out in my Suicide Squad movie review and rating!


The Olympics are here!... Too bad nobody has cable anymore and nobody is watching them. Honestly, missing the Olympics is the first time in something like 3 years after cutting the cord that I've missed it. Oh well, instead I'll just re-read this old Examiner Article about the Greater and Lesser Olympic games. There, I feel better.


After years and years of saying "NO! No more Harry Potter!" JK Rowling changed her mind when they hit her upside her head with a bag filled with British moneys. And so she penned the outline for a stage play. And now that play is in book form. And now I read it. So, did I love it? Did I hate it? Did I feel "meh" to it? Find out in my Harry Potter and the Cursed Child review and rating!


I love the Pokemans. I want to choo-choo-choose the Pikachoos, and snuggle with the Snuffalupaguses. I am the Pokemans biggest fan, and today I can prove it! Read my Pokemans Daily to see why I am the greatest Pokee-hunter in the universes!


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I've created a ton of stuff for this site over the past 15 years. Here’s some more Rossman crap (that you probably didn't know existed) that you can check out: *YAMACSICO*; How To Do Shit; 100 Things You Should Know About Me, the Rossman; G.I. Joe Versus Cobra and Physics, The Pyramid of Darkness, The Movie and Logic, Cobra & Serpentor (and Physics); Your Guide to Living Life Right; OniCon; Make Your Own Mongo Comics; Nuts To This! Online Comics; and the Links to the Universe.

If you're nostalgic for crap, here's the old Nintendo Power-Themed Rossman Home Page, and here's an even Older Rossman Home Page that was made over sixty years ago. If you just want to Email me, go ahead. Frankly I don’t really give a damn if you don't.

Quote of the Weak:"Did you know that this Cubone that I caught wears its mother's skull on its head?... I used to wear my mother's skin, but the cops took it away from me..."
— Somebody showing off their newly caught Pokemon Go Cubone to me downtown
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