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Last update of the year. You better enjoy it, bitch! First is a Speed Grapher Anime Review and Rating about a strange strange show, then there's a Santa-hoey Daily, and then the perenial classic The Truth About Santa Claus. Ho ho ho. Now I have a machine gun.

Getting closer! And no, I don't mean Christmas or Kwanzaaaa or even Festivus. I mean ONE WEEK YEAR-END VACATION! Shasta!! To celebrate, here's a new Ichigo 100% Manga Review and Rating, and a new NESticion about Torturing Terrorists. And if any of you ladies have a problem with any of this, then I think you need a good, hard, American dicking from Dr. Tran.

2005 is winding down, but I'm still chugging along. Like a train... Like a big, strong, burly train shooting down a deep and narrow tunnel... Backing up and moving forward! Backing up and moving... Oooooooh yeah. Giggidy giggidy. Anyway, here's a Hilton Heady Daily and a new League of Gentlemen's Apocolypse Review and Rating. Now to find some mistletoe to stand under.

Welcome back, and thanks for playing. Here's some new shit for you, our returning champ. First, a Thankful Daily; next Days 5 and 6 of my Camping Journal; and finally a new Canadian Vocal Vomit. What more could you possibly want? Well, yeah, free porn... But what else?

How the fuck can the UGA Bulldogs have the NCAA in the palm of their hands and then piss all over their hopes and dreams in just two games, dropping 11 points in the polls while doing it?! Dammit! Anyway, here's a neko mimi modo Tsukuyomi - Moon Phase Anime Review and Rating for you. And here's a Pissed Off Daily just because.

And remember, no new nothing next week.

Thank goodness for Tom_Boomer1337 or the world would never know The Second Interview of a Lifetime: Tom_Boomer1337 and the Rossman. Also, because speeding cars and crashes and whores are cool, here's an Initial D Live Action Movie Review. And there's a quick Frenchie Vocal Vomit. It's full of Vitamin Irony.

Had a full weekend, so nothin' for you this week. Next week should provide me with enough time to finish up my 2nd Interview of a Lifetime thingy though. So be prepared.

First of all, I'm looking for a little advice from my lifeless readers who have plenty of time to piss away on console RPGs... I'm preparing for this year's Uber-Week and am in need of a good PS2 or Game Cube RPG of about 30-40 hours in length. Email me here, if you'd be so kind, bitches.

Then there's a new Kino's Journey Anime Review and Rating for you, and (if you missed it the first time) a How To Kill Monsters just in time to save you from the blackness that threatens to swallow your soul on Halloween. I'm such a groovy guy.

Finally! I got the Last Three Pages of my San Francisco Article up. Suck me sideways, that took a lot out of me. But I also have a Veronica Marsy Daily for you too. Eat it up, big boy.

Waaay too fast. This year is just speeding by like bullets into my brain. Here's page 5 of Going Gay the San Fran Way, and a Fullmetal Alchemist movie Anime Review and Rating. Bang! Bang!!

Oingo boingo! Tough week behind me, and probably quite a few more ahead. Well, this won't help me, but maybe it'll help you out a bit. Here's pages 3 and 4 of Going Gay the San Francisco Way, and a new Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children Review and Rating. I am so good to you.

Back from the West Sigh-eeeeeeeeed, and I brought pictures... And horrific stories. Check out pages one and two of Going Gay the San Francisco Way. More to come of that, but until then here's a quick new Corpsey Daily.

Got a Lost Daily up, and the third Make Your Own Mongo Comic ready to be printed out and abused. No updates next week, just because. Accept it. That's the first step.

Here's a once in a blue moon deal! A Friday update! Haven't had one of these in quite a while. There's a new Examiner article on Hurricane Katrina's devastation entitled FUBAR in New Orleans: The Before, During, and Aftermath of Stupidity. Come get some.

Got a new He Is My Master Anime Review and Rating up today, along with two more Make Your Own Mongo Comics for you to fill in and piss your boss off by gluing them to the side of the water cooler. I have a third mostly done, but you'll just have to wait for it now, won't you.

I'll also only be seeding the bittorrented Software Wars - Episode V for maybe another week. So get it now. C'mon! At least one person has got to want this piece of crap.

Two quick Vocal Vomits about storms and gas... Christ almighty. And get the Software Wars - Episode V movie while it's hot.... Seriously, there are like two whole people bittorrenting this fucker... No, wait... Just me seeding. YeeeeeHAW!

What comes every 365 days, like it or not, and pisses on your parade and shits in your soup? That's right, birthdays. And yes, young whipper snappers, every birthday after your 21st is a spanking with a plank with a nail in it. Here's a Birthday Daily for you, and two more days of Camp Journal Entries. Plus, finally got the bittorrent up for the fixed Software Wars - Episode V Rossmanfilms and Anime Titties Production. You can find it here or here, and you'll need bittorrent on your computer to download it, moron.

Finally, a new Review and Rating. It's another ninja-bang review, this time of Azumi 2: Death or Love. Find out if I think it's as good as the first one (psssst, it's not!). And, the project that's killed WAY too much of my free time in the past 3-4 weeks, my first ever Rossmanfilms and Anime Titties Production: Software Wars - Episode V. It's on bittorrent, so get bt if you don't already have it, then download this fucker (Update... I fixed something that was broken, and now have to reupload and torrent it, which is why you can't get to it now, genius).

Just a quick Courtroom filled Daily for you, then back to work on my secret secret, hush hush project. Should be up by next week, along with an Azumi 2 movie review.

Sorry, but nothing this week. Though it's not out of laziness that there's nothing for me to offer you freeloaders, quite the opposite in fact. I'm working on a huge project for the site right now, and it might even be a week or two more before it gets done. Get over it.

Wow! How often does THIS happen anymore? I got a new page for you today! It's my Camping Journal from a long long time ago. More of that to come, but there's also a new Crash-errific Daily about lust, love and death.

Two things for you today: A new Tammi-rrific Birthday Daily, and a movie review about a movie with some acting in it that rivals "Manos" Hands of Fate. Deeeeep Hurting! And so I bring to you the Review of the Live Action Maison Ikkoku Movie. You have been warned.

Busy busy week. I've got a Potter of Harry Daily for you, and the final few pictures of the "America, Fuck Yeah!" Party Rundown on the second page. Do you still love me? What if I dress up all pretty-like? Shake my ass in your face. You know you like that, baby.

Okay, got the "America, Fuck Yeah!" Party Rundown up and ready to be read... It's missing a few pictures, but that's cause I'm a retard. They'll be up next week. Also... Well, that's it. Hate me! Loathe me!! Spank me!!!

Wow. Busy past two weeks. But I'm here for you now, baby. Love me. Anyway, here's an historically accurate American Themed Daily for you. Next week should bring forth an Examiner article about a Revolutionary Party. I need sleep now... That or alcohol, I forget which.

Finished up The Anime Count of Monte Cristo (Gankutsuou), and so I give you its Review and Rating. You know you want it. And there're two more Haikus in the Rossman's Ramblins section. No updates next week though. That's right. Even I'm allowed a vacation or 30 a year. Let me have my peace. More talk about bangin' bears and killing girls with my bare hands later... Wait, is that right? Who cares. A WEEK OFF! Wheeeeee!

What have I got for you today? How about a Movie Hopping Daily and a new Piece of Hate Mail! Alright! Giggidy giggidy!

Urgh... I was a bit sick yesterday, which is why this update is so late in the day. Sorry.. Wait, why the fuck am I apologizing to you? If you don't like it, just piss off. Here's a new Fafner Anime Review and Rating for you and there's a new Email asking why I hate Liberals that I posted late last week, but didn't make a new New Stuff entry for it. So there you go.

Yeah the Ichigo 100% anime sucks balls compared to its manga counterpart, but that ending song, Ike Ike, is so damn contagious! The beginning of it sounds like that Six Flags commercial where the old, bald guy in the tux dances. Nice. Anyway, here's a new Oil For Food NESticision, and a new Star Whores filled Email!

Finally. Star Wars is complete. What took so long? Why did Episodes I and II suck as hard as the Ewoks? Read my Star Wars (Episodes IV, V, VI, I, II, III) Review and Rating to find the answers. Also, I have a Wedding-filled Daily up this week too.

Busy week behind, busy week ahead. Here's a Primer Daily all about time travel and 100% strawberry stuff. Mmmmmm, luscious strawberries.... Probably a Star Wars twin trilogy Review and Rating next week.

Sam Sam Sam Samurai Rap! No, not really. Just a Samurai 7 Anime Review and Rating. No Vanilla Ice involved in the least. Also, MORE Make Your Own Mongo Comics! My first political Mongo Comic is now up! Dance, white boy! Dance!

Arriba! Es Cinco de Mayo! Ai yi yi yi yi yi! Tequila! Dos Equis! Corona! You can read my old Cinco de Mayo Review and Rating aqui, senor. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrriba!

I never thought this would happen again, but I believe I'm the first to do something else on the internet. God you people are lazy and stupid, leaving it all up to me. Anyway, here's my newest gift to the world: Make Your Own Mongo Comics. It's pretty much what it sounds like. Make your own retarded comic strips the Rossman way. Enjoy! Also, a new League of Gentlemen Britcom Review and Rating. Most frighteningly funnyass show ever.

Here's a fun review for you: my Rizelmine Anime Review and Rating, all about the show that makes wife beating funny again. Boy are those Japanese hilarious. Then there's a Funtastic Daily about lolipops and kung fu toad masters or something. What time is it? Is it drinky time yet?

Two new Reviews and Ratings for you. An Old Boy Korean Movie Review and Rating, and a Harry Bissett's Restaurant Review and Rating. Me need sleep now.

Not much happening besides work. Man, I'm working my butt off, and I already had very little gluteous to begin with. Other than that, here's a new How To for you, my How To Kill Monsters is ready to be read. It's a total life saver. A quick new Vocal Vomit about insulting people at their own funeral, and a House Warming Daily round out this update. Tick tock tick tock.

Both Frank Purdue and Pope JP II died this week. Eating chicken and Jesus-wafers will never be the same. Anyway, here's a funktastic new Sin City Movie Review and Rating for you, along with two new Haikus about Terri Schiavo and Stupid People Who Like Stupid Movies. Here's a picture of the Pope.

This Ugly and Beautiful World Review and Rating now up. Also a new BALL Daily. Ball. That's all. Gotta go. Later.

In case you didn't notice, the Main Rossman CRoss Roads and Intermediate Chronicle got a little face lift in honor of the "Online Rossman Chronicle's 10th Anniversary." Wow! Ten fucking years! That's longer than your daddy stayed with your whore of a mother, isn't it? I'm moved to tears. Anyway, there's a new double Infernal Affairs and Jackie Chan's New Police Story Review and Rating for you, and a new Social Security Vocal Vomit as well. I'm spent.

Holy fuck... The Ides kicked me in the jimmy over and over again yesterday. That's smarts! At least I didn't have a murderer hiding out in my apartment complex this past weekend like Psycho Weasel did. That is just awesome! Anyway, here's a new Funky E-Mail for yous, and a Carnie Filled Daily. Now, manana is St. Patty's Day, so start drinking!

Oh my GOD! They're multiplying! Stupid fucks keep reproducing and turning commie! Read all about it in the newest Examiner piece: More Retardation Than The World Can Handle (Personal Accountability is Overrated). Then read up on a not much hyped (but still delectable) OVA in the Le Portrait De Petit Cossette Anime Review and Rating. Now go and read a book, take a walk outside, or fuck your significant other like a horny jackrabbit.

Suck me sideways! It's already March?! What the fuck! Wasn't I supposed to have accomplished something by now?... Eh, fuck it. I sleep, work, watch TV, eat... That's all I need. But for you, here's Part 2 of Retarded 80s Cartoons. Just go through the first page to get to it. And I also got a new Moving Day Daily. If you give a crap, I also fixed up the Rossman Reviews and Ratings Main Page as well. A little oversight was always bugging me.

Finally! A new Retard's Digest thingy! This time about Retarded 80s Cartoons. Part 1 is up today, and Part 2 will be up next week. Unless I die before then, and if so, well, fuck off. There's also a new Police Brutality Filled Daily for you.

A Daily about doocing, Batman, and V-Day, and then a "Weird Al" Review and Rating. Do you like me now? If not, what the fuck are you doing here? You should know by now what the hell I'm all about. Don't bitch.

Beware. The bug is out there. The bug that makes you spew out your nose. A Sickly new Daily.

This is an angry week. First of all, Two Angry E-Mails from a couple of assholes in my Viewer Mail section, and then a very angry Melody of Oblivion Anime Review. Very very angry. God, I'm still pissed off about it. Just... Just leave me alone.

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Especially when we don't get off work for it. Read a new Icy Daily. Then read a new Vocal Vomit about the Iraqi Election. Then read all about the shittiest sequel EVER made in my Battle Royale II Review and Rating. Then get some sleep. Seriously, you look like you need it.

Sky Captain came out on DVD yesterday and I am happy! Hap-hap-happy! It is indeed as glorious as I remembered it in theaters. Anyway, there's a wicked awesome new design (yes, I've reverted to my twelve year-old self to write this entry) in the Daily, along with a new Crabtastic Daily Entry. And a new chop-socky House of Flying Daggers Review and Rating. Do it. Now.

Looks like work is going to start kicking me in the testies again, very soon. Since that might be taking up a lot more of my would-be free-time, updates may be a little less frequent. Do we have an understanding? Good, now here's a cookie. On the brighter side of things, new Galactica-filled Daily, and a new Internet Review and Rating. Yup, a review of the entire internet. The whoooole thing.

Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. That's right, it's time for a new Vocal Vomit! This time I bitch about natural disasters... Though it's probably not what you think it's about. Oh, and there's a spiffy new Kenran Butoh Sai: the Mars Daybreak Anime Review for you too! I am crazy insane!

Aaaaaaaand we're back to another year ending with a "5". Yippy. Mozaltov. My Christmas vacation was great and all, but I'm already back to the daily grind. I honestly could use a few more days that begin and end with 12 hours of sleep, but whatever. Here's a New Beginnings Daily, and a Super Roboty Casshern Movie Review and Rating for you. Nappy time now.

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