Fushigi SHINSEIKI Expo 1998: Catsy and Oni-chan go to WAR!

Super Senshi: Oni-chan and Catsy!

  -"Konnichiwa, mina-san!  It's me, everybody's fave Super Senshi and bocci player, Oni-chan,"

 -"And me, the Super Wonder-Senshi (and Animated Generic Cat-Girl) Catsy,"

  -"Bringing you the detailed and exciting info of our experiences at the States' biggest anime bash of the year, Anime Expo 98!"

-"Neow. I couldn't believe how f***ing HUGE this thing was! It was bigger than Anno's ego after Eva proved to be da bomb!"

-"Now, before we get started we must tell you that many things had been changed since last year's con: Some for the better, but some for the not-so-better. We'll get to all of those points in the course of our lil' story, but I have to tell you that we did have a good time in So Cal this July 4th weekend despite any negative vibes or @$$#*%~ hotel clerks^_^"

-"Yeah, they were a buncha meanies-tcha! But, we did get to mingle with some of the cool guests of honor (like Yu Watase [the Fushigi Yuugi chick], Akira Kamiya [the clown prince of seiyuu ^_-], Mika Akitaka [mecha designer for a buncha Gundams, Nadesico and creator of the kooky Galaxy Fraulein Yuna], and Takahiro Yoshimatsu [Slayers and Trigun dude]), we got to see the single greatest CosPlay ever put together, the enormous and most diverse Dealers' Room in the land of gaijin and (my favorite part ^_^) the BEST MUSIC VIDEO CONTEST EVER!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!-tcha."

-"Not only that, but we also learned an important fact-"

-"Yup! Start lining up for the CosPlay before the actual con begins."

-"Well, that too. But I was refering to the fact that Scott Frazier is DA MAN!!!!"

-"Neow. Oh yeah! He's so cuddly and he gives into threats so easily^^"

-"Anyway, we scrutinized every square inch of this con for you, so you better enjoy it! We cover the high parts and the low parts, but hey, you can't please everybody."

-"*Especially not this devil girl...*"

-"Wha-Wha-Wha-What?!?! Did you just say something, kitty?"

-"I said, 'Essentially my sister's Merle'."

-"I guess you two do look alike, and both of you do get bossed around a lot by a cool chick with short hair who can tell the future...... Like right now I can sense that you are going to get your ass kicked before this page is over!"

-"Ja ne, mina-san @o@. We have to get this page going, so enjoy the ride! *Ow!*"

See what all the fuss is about. Check out a play by play reenactment of all the rugged stuff that happened from July 2nd through the 5th as seen through the golden eyes of a little demoness and her friend, a generic cat-girl, just out to have a good time in the land of movie stars, CosPlays and deranged otaku!
 Part 1: 7/02/1998 The Mysterious Beginning
 Part 2: 7/03/1998 The Mysterious New Century Expo
 Part 3: 7/04/1998 The Mysterious Experience
Part 4: 7/04/1998
Part II
The Mysterious CosPlay
Part 5: 7/05/1998 The Mysterious End

-"And just in case you were wondering: The 'Fushigi' in the title isn't from Fushigi Yuugi but from Fushigi no Umi no Nadia. I'm sorry, but I don't like Fushigi Yuugi and Catsy and I drew straws to see what series the 'Fushigi' would be from... I won ^_^."

-"Uh, whatever *Pssssst, mina-san, it can be from whatever 'Fushigi' you want it to be from :)*
Neow. And the official translation of the title is '
Mysterious New Century EXPO98'. It's not 'Neon' in the least-tcha."

-"Good call, Catsy, I almost forgot. We don't want anybody 'mis-dubbing' us now do we. And just so everyone knows, we claim no ownership of AnimeExpo nor of the creation of their logo's and such.  This is just a page to show how fun this con actually was and to try to get as many people as possible in this world to attend it next year (and maybe to also try and get the con people to fix the probs they may have had this year for next year's 'End of the Millenium Ultra Expo!!!!!' [we've already pre-labeled it]). Please, do not send us any money.  We are pimping this convention for free!  In fact, why don't you go to their site after you check ours out.  Trust me, it's good for you."

Go ahead, you know you want to.
-"Well, what are you waiting for? Go on and read all about it! I mean we put so much freakin' effort into this site just so that you could enjoy yourself, so do it!!  Oh yeah. One more thing: Always remember that the word 'otaku' is not a compliment^_^"

 Ya can't go wrong if even Trixie tells you something!
That's right! We got 'Page of da Week' on the AniPike for the week of 07/27/98 - 08/02/98! Whoo-hoo! TrixieTM loves this page so much she even got into the CosPlay spirit of things

-"Then you could check out the first recorded exploits of a lil' demoness at a con at the Excellent Adventure @ AX97 site. You will not remember when you had this much fun without giving any fan-boys major flushies!"

-"Or you could read all about when the both of us trashed out North Carolina in the name of Animazement98 during our Wild Ride To, At and From it."

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