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Who would have ever guessed?.... Holy shit, another trip back to Middle Earth in the form of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (and my review and rating of it). There truly is a God, and his name is Peter Finklestein Jackson! Bless you, you bearded, horny, halfling-lover, you!

Wow. It's 12/12/12, and I posted this online at 12:12:12!!!!!! I AM THE GREATEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED!!!!!!!! So here's a Princess and the Pilot anime review and rating for you. Also, an old article about The TRUTH About Santa Claus because I love it so.

A whoooooole lot has gone down in the past few weeks: Thanksgiving, new dog, crazy working hours, but most importantly I got to see Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. My life is now complete.

First, The Mystic Archives of Dantalian anime review and rating. It's a Gainax thang. Second, in honor of Uber Weeks past, here's The Makings of an Uber Week, in case you still needed a quick refresher course. Now go forth and eat yon turkey and stuffings!

I scream, YOU scream, we ALL scream for the anime known as Hyouka! But mostly I'm screaming 'cause I finally fucking finished an actual full anime series... The past few seasons — for the most part — have truly sucked Hideaki Anno's unshaved and unwashed balls...

Aaaaaand now it's Halloween. First, check out my Cloud Atlas movie review and rating (where I talk about lots of people in costumes and strange makeup... so it's kind of Halloweeny), and then read all about Ted's Caving Journal. Just make sure it's dark out when you do that.

Dragon*Con 2012 coverage continues with 3 more pages today. There, that's done. Now to wait for Cloud Atlas this weekend....... This is probably going to take a while with me just sitting here staring at the clock.

Just in time for Halloween, here's a werewolf movie to end all werewolf movies! Behold my FDR: American Badass movie review and rating. Next week, more stuff that won't make you want to kill yourself. At least that's the plan.

Aaaaaaaand finally, here's another anime review and rating. Actually, that should read: Finally, here's Another anime review and rating.... 'Cause the show's name is "Another." ...... 'Cause that's funny. Trust me. It is.

Dragon*Con coverage (from like a whole month ago) is now available. We apparently took over 280 pictures, of which these are the first 30 or so. Enjoy, and get off my back.

Yeah, it's been a while, but I never really left you, my children. Working on a Dragon*Con page (with a non-literal ass-ton of most excellent pictures), but until then be happy with this JFK Daily. It's spot-on target!

It's only about 3 months later than I originally intended to get this online, but quit your whining, 'cause I eventually DID get to it. You still haven't gotten around to losing that 20 pounds from last Christmas season, so shut your yapper! I'm still doing better than you! Pages 12 and 13 of the Attack on Japan Examiner Article!

New anime review up today... I wish I didn't have anything new for you solely because it means I actually watched this piece of trash in the first place. Anyway... Yay.... Guilty Crown anime review and rating because I don't want you to have to suffer through this flappetygibberoukouki.

Car trouble, Olympic overdose, and no good anime in the pipline makes this a blah week. So, here's a Chick-Fil-A filled NESticision (sorry, it's veeeeery fucking preachy, but once I got rolling I couldn't stop... And it's actually filled with real quotes from people online! Yay!), and a new Trolling Hate Mail. Now I'm going to go in the corner and brood. Then look up some titties.

I love the Olympics... At least I did before London shit all over them (as you can read about in my newest Olympic Daily). Oh, and here's My Guide to the Olympic Spirit of Competition and Shit! You cheeky monkey, you...

Yeah, I saw it this past weekend. No, I was not shot to shit in the movie theater by some psychopath who wants to be the Joker and who had waaaaaaay too much free time and no girlfriend to distract him from his shitty existence with a few well-timed hummers. So I bring to you my The Dark Knight Rises movie review and rating. It's good for what ails you. Unless what ails you is bullets. If so, then sorry, man. That blows.

I'm fucking tired, and I just want to sleep. So just take this and go away: The Legend of Korra TV series review and rating.

Don't laugh, but I'd actually been looking forward to this movie for quite a while now. Seriously, Abe Lincoln + Vampires. That HAD to = Awesomeness! That's like chocolate and peanut butter! Or hookers and blow! Or donkey shows and midget porn! Find out what I really thought of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in my movie review and rating. Was it worth my wait and anticipation? I'm not telling. Well, not HERE. Read the review to see. Jesus, people...

Moon Nazis... I hate these guys. Find out why in my Iron Sky movie review and rating. Then get me a cookie.

Two things. First up is a sequel to the previous Be a Dear post, and it's another Be a Dear post! The Second thing is a groovy and almost murderous Doctor Who Daily. No Daleks were hurt in the making of this entry. That is all.

I absolutely LOVE it when anime studios get around to making sensational sequels to shows that I loved! Even if it takes a full decade to get them done! Which is why I'm pissed that Studio Gonzo finally got around to plopping out a follow up to the fucking fantastic series known as Last Exile.... Because this new show, known as Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing is NOT sensational, nor is it fantastic. It is a load of what your mother squatted out last night after that chimichunga she got at Taco Bell... Read my Anime Review and Rating now to find out why it stinks.

Every so often I get that craving... Like it's time to go full-on PIRATE. This is one of those times. Luckily there was a RenFest going on nearby. It might have been embarrassing had there not. Here's a Ded Bob Daily for you to celebrate.

Escaflowne... It's old, it's been ignored for years, but it's still quite awesome. The new Toonami is showing Deadman Wonderland, but Escaflowne's being forgotten? No man... That shit's just wrong. Read my NEW Escaflowne anime review and rating before it's too late.

Aaaaaand a little late, but still technically Wednesday. Here's a quick one: my Marvel's AVENGERS Movie Review and Rating. Now sleep. Or passing out through drinking. Potayto/potahto...

Good times just keep on rolling... Unfortunately that doesn't hold true with all my new anime. And so I bring to you my Waiting in the Summer Anime Review and Rating. Understand the suffering I endure for you. I do it all for yooooooou! KANEDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Holy shit! Can you believe it?! I actually got through an anime series... And I WROTE about it! When the hell did I last do that? True, it's only 11 eps long, but you have to admit, that's pretty good for me lately. So anyway, enjoy my Nisemonogatari Anime Review and Rating because lord knows when I'll be able to do this again.

Spring Break isn't just for horny college kids, it's for horny adults too. And so I bring to you my Spring Break Daily because awesomesauce.

The word of the day is PAIN. Awesome pain. In the form of THE GREATEST TATTOO EVER CREATED. On my arm. Read the newest Tattoo Daily for full details. Blam!

Oooookay. Finally, more Japan for the masses to consume like rancid Soylent Green. I'm tired, that analogy made sense in my brain just now. Anyway, eat my rancidness... Become one like us. One like us... Operation Downfall: Day 5 -- Destination AKIHABARA is upon you. Us. The universe. Everything.

Quick update before Cupcake comes over. Here's your Tucker and Dale Versus Evil Movie Review and Rating. Bye!

Well holy shit! So THAT'S what having a life is like! Who knew! So yeah, my delay between updates is because shit (exciting, great shit!) happened to me, and thusly this website took a backseat to real world awesome shenanigans. I'd apologize, but fuck it. Nothing to apologize for, bunkie. So, without further ado, here is my Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos Anime Review and Rating. Ka-BLAM!

It must be nudie magazine day 'cause that goddamn penguin is back, and he brought a shitload of friends... Fear the Mawaru Penguindrum Anime Review and Rating!

Are you ready to rock?.......... I SAID, are you ready to ROOOOOOOOOOOOCK!?!?!?!?!? Well too bad, here's an Anime Review and Rating for The IDOLM@STER. I am so, so sorry.

This article will never fucking end. Yeah, it's good for reliving memories, but holy goddamn shitballs! I'm only up to day 5! Here's three new Operation DOWNFALL - The Invasion of Japan for Otaku Purposes pages. Now, let me rest....

And one more anime review for you already this year, because I have no life and life sucks, and you suck, and fuck the economy, and whatever. I'm outta heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere. Blue Exorcist Anime Review and Rating first though.

And Happy New Year, blah blah blah. Really? Why are we celebrating one more year closer to death?... One less year till the sun blows up and we all die? Whatever. Here's a look back on 2011 in my Daily thing, and an Un-Go Anime Review and Rating to keep you occupied long enough so that you forget that you planned to down a bottle of vodka with some sleeping pills while playing the choking game. Thank me later. Or don't. Piss off.

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