OniCon98!  Live the unadulterated excitement all over again!

In 1992, a crack commando anime unit was sent to Anime Expo by an otaku court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped this maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles Underground. Today, still wanted by the the AX Forces, they survive as otaku of fortune. These brave men and women took it upon themselves to create the ultimate Anime Con. Now, if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find it, maybe you can go to ONIcon!

Catsy: The Generic Cat-Chick with the Heart of Chrome!

Neow! Konnichiwa, mina-san^_^
I'm Catsy, the world's greatest maraca player and only Generic Animated Cat-Girl^_~ I'm here to tell everybody all about the kick @$$ convention known only as "
ONIcon". This was by far the greatest convention that I (we) have ever been to!! It was totally unbe-frickin'-lievable!!!!!!

  These guys who put this thing together knew exaclty what the anime fan community wanted and gave it to them on a platinum platter-tcha. From the incredible special guests of honor (including but not limited to Rumiko Takahashi, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Osamu Tezuka, Hideaki Anno, Hayao Miyazaki, Megumi Hayashibara, Chisa Yokoyama and the Replicants and leastly Tish Leduh!), to the mind and load-blowing mega premieres (such as Giant Robo Episode 8, the Second Martian Successor Nadesico Movie: Throne of Souls and The New Remake of Akira!!!) and the "Holy $#*%-ness" of the in-room programming known as "Oni Vision" (which had three non-stop anime channels which ran many series subbed and in their entirety like Urusei Yatsura, SDF Macross, Kimagure Orange Road and Space Battleship Yamato) this was the best time I have ever had in my short and insignificant life!!!

  The only problem with this entire weekend was that not that many people showed up! For something this unbelievable and HUGE it was kind of disappointing to see that solemente 12,500 anime fans chose to come. I guess that they wanted to make it feel like an up close and personnal kinda shindig... They did accomplish that ^_^ There weren't any major lines for anything the whole weekend that lasted more than 15 minutes and everybody who wanted an autograph or sketch from one of the guests got one (I actually got two pics from Takahashi-sensei :)
  The Dealers' Room was incredibly gigantically superfragelistically enormous (and it had SM CDs too ^o^), the CosPlay was the best that this little kitty had ever bore witness to and the music video contest had over fifty entries with only one that I never really wanted to see again (and the Minmay video set to Alphaville's glorious epic Red Rose finally won a grand prize!).

  Now, go on and read all about the wickedly cut-ass rugged weekend that we experienced when we travelled to the far away land of- Uh, oops! Gomen, mina-san@_@ I almost forgot, the only way that the con runners of ONIcon would actually let us (me) use their pictures (I, uh, forgot my camera) and sleep with the male Guests of Honor was that if in exchange we didn't tell anybody where and when it was held. It seems that they want to keep it small and save its comfy atmosphere (you can't blame them for that) along with their slogan: "If you need it, and if you can find it, maybe you can go to ONIcon!"


 Primal Fear


 Show of Evil


 Reign in Hell


 End of Days

  Neow. Just so you know, even though this con is known as "Oni-con", it has nothing to do with Oni-chan. She was actually killed two weeks before we caravanned to the con in a freak Cherry Slushee- Bubblicious- Monkey- Steam Roller- M-60 accident (we really don't like to talk about it [unless you get us reeeeally drunk]). The curious thing was that we never even found a body (although we didn't much of anything there anyway).... Hmmmmm, curiouser and curiouser.

Art thou an adventurer?
Well, don't just sit there, big boy. Check it out!


  Anyhow, after you're done with this page you can check out the UGAnime DEAD Ultimate Homepage, the Oni-chan Does L.A. and AX Page, the Catsy and Oni-chan's Wild Ride To, At and From Animazement 98 Page or the Fushigi Shin Seiki Expo 98: Catsy and Oni-chan Go To WAR!

  Neow. Also, a special thanks to everybody who answered my request for ONIcon pics! As stated before (and here again^_~), a whole lot of the pictures are from other generous people-tcha! Arrigatou mina-san!!

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