Important Meeting Notes (part 3.. the rest of what's left)
Important Meeting Notes (part 3)
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Monday, November 13th, 2006

Yeeeeeeeeeeah... It's been a while. We're not dead (yet, but everyone dies eventually), but we're just not updating. Things are ka-razy around here, with our jobs and social lives, so Nuts To This will be a bit of a rarity for a while. This really sucks for us seeing as making this site is really fun, but what'cha gonna do.

Anyway, on to today's final (and long delayed) Important Meeting Notes. This was drawn way back in October, and as you can tell Halloween was on the Rossman's mind. There's also a quick sketch of Batina and a pissed off Catsy. My fave though is Psycho Chicken eating a KFC Original Recipe drumstick. Mmmm, chicken cannibalism.

Other news: the PS3 and the Wii are both coming out this week. Been reading Kotaku over the past few days now, and their coverage of the upcoming systems (and their launches in Japan) is fucking high-larious! Most of the people lining up to buy the overpriced and under-supplied PS3s are homeless Chinese people who don't even speak Japanese, who are getting payed by the mob to buy a system so that they can then sell it for a higher price on Ebay. Awesome. Seriously, who the FUCK is paying $600 for a goddamn game system (other than the mob)?! The X-Box 360 is finally starting to get some decent Japanese 3rd party support, and the Nintendo Wii (though not as powerful as either the X-Box 360 or the PS3 [but who really gives a shit as it's still twice as powerful as the GC]) is launching with Zelda: TP... What's launching with the PS3? I don't know anybody who knows, but you can play Into The Blue or The Princess Diaries (oooOOOOooooh!) BluRay discs as soon as you get it... Hot damn! Well, you can if you buy the additional $70 Hi-Def cables and have an HDTV to make the image worthwhile. Ugh.

Honestly, the Rossman and I are going to be getting to Best Buy early on Sunday for a Wii. Marksy should be with us as well if he doesn't pussy out. No pre-orders (that don't even guarentee a system on launch day *Cough* Gamestop *COUGH*), and no $700 Wii package deals (with 6 forced games that we'd never play) at BB... Just line up, get your system and Zelda (and $25 component cables) and be on your merry way. Yeah, all the reviews saying "Oh wowie wow wow! Totally new way of playing vid games, buuuuuddy!" are making me excited, but NEW ZELDA! NEW ZELDA!

This Friday the Rossman is starting a new Uber-Week, and apparently his first game is going to be Kingdom Hearts II (he's told me that he's starting it early [the Friday before Turkey Day] so that he can hopefully beat KHII before the Wii comes out, and then he'll throw all of his attention and powers behind Zelda... apparently he can't just do Zelda as he's backed up on "must play RPGs" with KHII and now FFXII being out. Yeah, it's tough scheduling all your available vacation days around video games......), then of course Zelda. Then of course Thanksgiving meals Thursday, Friday and Saturday (with a possible Sunday full course meal thrown in as well if he's unlucky). So far, a busy busy week planned.

Well, that's all I've got to say about our plans for now, but one thing that we're getting lots of questions about is our thoughts of the Michael Bay Transformers Movie (I'm guessing because the 20th Anniversay TF Animated Movie just came out on DVD, with some features pimping the gonna-be-shitty Bay movie as "extras"), despite the fact that I know that the Rossman has written shitloads about it in the past, so just read his Transformers Movie (Michael Bay Version) Script Review here, or read El Mayimbe's Transformers Script Review Letters here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Karen