Important Meeting Notes (part 2.. the rest)
Important Meeting Notes (part 2)
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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Okay, the Rossman's sketches from his notes from that meeting last week aren't really brilliant or anything today, but I just love Robot Pedro reciting Hamlet. Noice! And I think that's the eye of the bad guy from Last Action Hero, if I'm not mistaken. And there's Dr. Dave with a beaker of... tiny human heads?

Okay, anyway, so Gunbuster is finally coming out in Region 1 on DVD... Yeah, old news. But Bandai is going to be selling it in a 3-disc set for $64.99?! Damn! You can get entire series (26 episodes) for less than that now. MUCH less. What the heck? Do they NOT want people to buy it? Are they giving up on anybody besides old school fan boys and girls picking it up? Honestly, that's just raw. I maybe would have understood say 2 discs, at $25 a pop (discounted to probably less than $20 each at amazon), but $65 is a bit steep. ESPECIALLY when no dub has been announced (and Bandai's news release only mentions a newly translated sub track). So that's 65 bucks for 6 hours of (granted, AWESOMELY GODLIKE) animation, with no dub. No dub... shouldn't that bring the price of this set DOWN? Oh, whatever... We're all going to get it anyway. And as long as they keep "Onee-san" translated as "Onee-san" (or even "Big Sister" is acceptable), then I guess I really can't complain too too much. Better start saving!

Also, just finished up the second disc of the third Tenchi OVA. My opinion?: The first five episodes of this thing were kind of wastes of my time (especially those two devoted to Mihoshi's incest-loving bro)... But episode 6 made it all worth while. That half-hour alone pretty much tied up the entire OVA storyline up to that point. Yes, there are still small questions left unanswered, but there is still one episode left, so have patience. And yes, although it isn't as great as the first OVA (and what really and truly is?.. and at least it wasn't NEARLY as bad as Tenchi: GPX), episode 3:6 made me feel like I did when I first started watching Tenchi with the Rossman back in college. 3:6 made Tenchi FUN again. Now let's just hope that the final OVA episode doesn't drop the ball.

And finally, although it was a little later than the Rossman first prophecied it (prophecized it?), Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society came out fully subbed and rarin' to go for fanboys and gals the world over to enjoy!... Actually, the raws and the subs (sold seperately) had indeed been out for a while now, but we only just found the GOOD subs for it. Last I checked several tens of thousands have downloaded it. And you know what, industry heads? Most of these people will be buying it (or at least watching it on commercial television when broadcast on the cartoon network) when it's available. Why, you gasp in disbelief? Because it's GOOD. Just as good as the best parts of the series. I just wanted to point out that your uber-threats to the fanboy community to "Stay the FUCK away from GitS:SAC-SSS or we'll KILL you!!!11111one!" were a trifle melodramatic. Do you not realize what good "positive buzz" can do for you? If I were you I'd worry more about the SHITTY shows that are getting fansubbed that you have licenses to. Bad buzz can indeed hurt your sales, and the fans would love to know that something like Blood+ sucks (no pun intended), before spending any money on it, because you made fansubbers pull it from the intarwebs... Man, that thing tied up our computer for a full damn week. 8Gigs of crap. Damn...

- Karen