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Monday, June 26, 2006

(Note to readers: It looks like no new comics for a while. Too much going on with real work and the other site to consistently get these out on any sort of a regular basis. This sucks for many reasons, the least of which is that I have rough sketches for well over 90 more strips already done... Maybe someday. Until then, I'm moving the first comic back to the main page so that new readers can just start from the beginning and read to the [as of now] end.

Also, here's a quick page with a shitload of anime and some manga reviews that you might enjoy.

Until we meet again...)

Welcome to the first ever tri-weekly Nuts to This! comic strip. Ever!

This is pretty much in keeping with how I've drawn these things for my friends for the past dozen or so years... i.e. random and sometimes scary, but always fucked up. Trust me, the future for Nuts to This! will hold plenty of violence, blood, and profanity. I wouldn't want a web comic to be any other way, and so I assumed that neither would you. I like to assume (and make asses out of u and me), but that's neither here nor there.

SO, today's comic, "When the Ball Calls...," being the first, had to be about a rebirth of some kind (see the History page to see what the hell I'm talking about). It just HAD to. So I figured a strip about the manga Gantz (not the anime Gantz... the anime is the manga's half-aborted twin brother... it's disturbing and messy and all for the wrong, non-cool reasons) would be perfect.

Gantz is all about this strange black ball that sits in the middle of a bare Tokyo apartment and calls forth (and "beams" into existence) unfortunate contestants (unfortunate because all the contestants have just died) to play a game against supposed alien invaders who appear to be trying to live their lives on Earth hidden from most of mankind. The forced contestants are then thrown into battle after battle, opposing strange new creatures every week in the most violent (and sometimes sexually charged) brawls you've ever seen. Yes, it is awesome. And it is what I hope to accomplish with this new experiment of mine. Be awesome I mean... With violence sometimes 'cause, well, why not?

My only plan is to try to make you laugh (or at least crack a smile and not be all pissy and stand-offish like you usually are every morning) a few times a week. Sure, I could fail, or you could just not have a sense of humor compatible with mine. More than likely anything you don't like here is your fault though -- Occam's razor-rule and all.

Enjoy the show, come back frequently, and when I get some ad support, don't be a dick and click on them. Seriously, what's it cost you? Maybe 3-4 seconds of your precious day? Phffffft...

-the Rossman