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Ninja of the Night
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wow! I am actually, thoroughly, totally and completely impressed! My first entry and comic was actually read by real, live people... And you hosers actually liked it!... Well, johnbennyone liked it. PrivateDickbang12 (there were 11 before him?) didn't get it and thought that I was a "wast (sic) of internet space" because of it. Yeah, he probably Dickbang12s his own mother.

Anyway, today, Wednesday, June 28th, brings my second ever Nuts to This! strip! Oh yeah! I actually kept to the schedule! I am on FIRE! It's titled "Ninja of the Night!" in case you missed it above.

Naruto, the show with the ninjas who prefer bright, vibrant clothes and hairstyles to blah blacks and camouflage, is a pretty good series. Yeah, both the manga and anime move like molasses, but once the fighting and story kick in you forget that you're basically starving for more info each week. Though what sucks is that for an entire year the show went on hiatus for all intents and purposes. Just like Rurouni Kenshin before it, the animation studio caught up to the original manga's storyline and they were forced to create 52+ episodes of filler material. Honestly, I don't even know if the filler is over yet. I haven't even tried to catch any of it since they started the "made up" storylines, and if the Naruto movies are any indication of how filler material is handled in the Narutoverse, then please just put the whole goddamn show on vacation until the original author makes enough new material for them to proceed with more animated episodes. Honestly, something as uber-popular as Naruto WILL NOT lose its audience with just a year's break -- but on the flip side (as with Rurouni) a season or two of really shitty storytelling can (and does) destroy a series and dissipates patrons faster than a restaurant serving week-old horse feces next to its prime rib.

Not that I believe that all of the filler episodes in Naruto (or any other series) suck "just because," mind you; but in my mind I know that they were not written by the original author, and at the end of their run they will not have amounted to anything other than 26 hours of wasted time and effort (since when the filler ends the story will pick right up where the manga last left it... and the people who wrote the filler will have to make sure that they do not contradict anything that the manga author has since put in his [official] tale). In other words, they may as well never have happened. The same can be said for the last half of Fullmetal Alchemist the series, but that's a rant for another day. Holy shit does the second half of FMA suck yak balls.

-the Rossman