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Friday, June 30, 2006

Hello, hello, hello. My name is Karen and this is the first time that I'm writing for the Rossman's new site, Nuts to This. I've written a few things for the old site, but nothing major, so even if you've been reading the Rossman's work for a while now you probably don't know too much about me. I'll try to remedy that now.

So, about me. I love Harry Potter, Amstel Light, cats (but because the Rossman isn't too fond of them I don't keep any as pets. Aren't I just the bestest?), calling large drunk men names and having the Rossman deal with them, tickling (both giving and receiving), light and funny anime (not really into the deep, dark recesses of the anime world... the exception being Gankutsuou of course), and free time.

I dislike (don't want to use the word "hate" here, as that's just so negative) people who think that Harry Potter is gay, wine coolers (and other pussy drinks), stupid people, hairy people (those who have to shave twice a day, and that includes their backs and chests and arms), crappy American anime dubs (so, for the most part, all of them), and being worked to death at my job. God I really dislike my job.

Things I hate include Jimmy Jammer and reaching under your chair (whether in a board room or at the movie theater) and finding wet gum. And yes, here the word "hate" isn't even a strong enough term.

On to today's comic. I believe that it is pretty self explanatory... Catsy hates children and Marksy is always worried that people are going to have sexual relations with his cat. Honestly I have no idea who the guy dressed up as Link is, but I can tell you that it is not Jimmy Jammer (looks nothing like him, and he's about 200 pounds too thin). The Rossman promised me that he would NEVER draw Jimmy Jammer on this site just so that he would never attain even the slightest bit of fame thanks to anything we had anything to do with. Did I mention that I would pay somebody good money to sucker-punch Jimmy Jammer right in the eye. Anybody? I'll double any offer if groinal injuries are sustained as well.

Anyway, there's my first post. Yay! Here's to many more to come!