Important Meeting Notes (part 1)
Important Meeting Notes (part 1)
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Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Just a heads up, but I'll be posting 2 more comics (well, "important meeting notes") this week due to the fact that I already have these things done. There's no plot or any real joke to them, just wanted to show everybody how I think (not that this really conveys my inner-thought process, but it shows you how my mind wanders when I should be paying attention to the big boss man during a day-long seminar describing in detail how the other generic roach-motel maker in town is kicking our asses in terms of ghetto/slum infiltration -- or somesuch crap). I'll try to explain or at least point out some of the things above that may need explaining, and how I actually came to draw them.

  • The only kind of facial hair I've never really tried was the mustache. I've done a full beard, a goatee, and a van dyke, but never the plain old mustache. I think I'd look rather dashing with one.
  • Does Pac-Man get his rocks off by trying on some of the Ms.' stuff?
  • What the hell is Q-Bert?
  • Satan is cool, and only she could save me from this boredom. Maybe I can summon her right now...
  • How the hell does that sphere in Phantasm float like that?
  • Rhino truly IS the REAL American hero!
  • Even the goddamn mouse inside my watch feels trapped by this boring as all fuck company conference.
  • The Triforce IS the power!
  • ...I have no idea why that lab rat is getting shot up with heroin (and yes, it is indeed heroin).

I'm tired, and I have too much going on with my real job (thanks to zoning out during meetings and getting volunteered to spy on our competitors scope out the market firsthand, and so Karen will probably do the Wednesday and Friday updates. You have been warned.

- the Rossman