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And it ends as it began, with a whimper. 2015, we hardly knew ye. But in order to remember ye, here is a 2015 Daily Flashback to everything in the past year that I never got to talk about before. Also, a new Reader Email about copyright infringement. It's educational. This whole site, I mean.

Star Warsssssssss! Those fabulous Star Wars! Duhn-duh duh duhn duuuuuuuhn! This is it... The movie you've waited like 30 years for! The movie where you find out what happened to Han and Leia and Luke and Wookiee! How is it? How does it fare compared to say the prequels? How is it compared to the original trilogy?.... Jesus, you probably already know. It made more money than God (and if you've seen the Vatican, you'd know that's a whoooooole lot!) in its opening weekend, which means you've probably seen it twice or thricely by now. Anyway, here's my Star Wars - The Force Awakens movie review and rating.

I'm gearing up for next week's big Star Wars review, so in the meantime, here's my old The TRUTH About Santa Examiner article, and once again, into the Santa Zone! It's only 10 days away from Christmas, so what better way to celebrate than to rewatch a questionable OVA series from like a decade ago all about a sexy teenage girl Santa, and the boy (also named Santa) that she has to cheer up with her shitty magic! Enjoy my love letter to the kind of dumb, but oh-so-enjoyable Always My Santa anime review and rating.

I will admit that I was at the very least curious, and at the most optimistic, hopeful for a good movie here. As much as I loved the anime series, I just knew that there was no way to make the translation into something live action with a product like Attack on Titan. Upon watching both live action movies, I will now say that I am not entirely shocked by the final outcome. Read my Attack on Titan Live Action Movies review and rating to see just what the fuck happened.

I love superheroes. I love superhero comics. I love superhero movies. I also love superhero TV series... At least I love them all when they're done right. I HATE them when they're done wrong (which so many are). So, is Jessica Jones one of the ones done right? Or is it wrong? Is it Arrow seasons 1-2 good? Or is it Arrow seasons 3-4 bad? Find out in my Jessica Jones TV Review and Rating now!

I had time to finish up a new short anime series this week. Behold: GANGSTA! Take a wild guess as to whether this show is awesome or something that a turd shit out. Here is my GANGSTA anime review & rating.

Oh my Gehrd! It is November. We've run right by Halloween, and are now booking it towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. In celebration, here's a Party and Dreamtastic Daily, and the promises of something awesome soon to come!... I have no idea what it might be as of yet, but I'm sure something awesome will pop up sooner or later.

FINALLY! A review worthy of writing during my site's 20th Anniversary! Here are my thoughts on Tenchi Muyo.... ALL OF IT. All the many TV series, OVAs, and movies. Find out what I thought about this looooooong running and often retread tale of pirates, and spaceships, and cabbits, OH MY!

First up is a trip down memory lane about violence, betrayal, greed, and snowballs. Read my Daily on the Great Battle of the Bridge and fear my past.

Then you can check out the new Reviews and Ratings main page. Finally got off my ass and made it responsive (ie. I made it look good on mobile devices and tablets). So there you go.

Pan. The movie. Here's my review of this saltwater croc-sized turd of a flick. I'm going to go throw up again now.

X-Men: The Anime!... Only, you know, not as shitty as the actual X-Men anime series from a few years back. That is what Charlotte is all about. Teens with super powers, only they have slight limitations attached to those powers. But enough talky-talky... Read my Charlotte anime review and rating. Then eat a big-ass burrito. Why not?

I am on a ROLL! Here's another anime review and rating for you. Guess if Rokka - Braves of the Six Flowers is good or bad... Seriously, guess! Just from that title!..... It's bad. It's really, really god-fucking awful... Sorry, I couldn't hold it in any longer. But feel free to read my Rokka - Braves of the Six Flowers anime review and rating now to see just how fucking puke-inducingly bad it is.

Finally... Another anime series down. It's called Punch Line, but I'm still trying to figure out what that refers to. It's not a straight up comedy... The "group" in this show is called Justice Punch... But that's the only connection. I guess I'll just chalk it up to the Japanese love of the "random English phrase" and be done with it.

But here you go, my Punch Line anime review and rating. Drop mic.

This week starts off with a Himalayan Daily (Yaaaaaaay!), and follows it up with a Lifeforce movie review and rating. Lifeforce... You remember that old movie, right? Space vampires? Sexy, naked, hot, bossomy space vampires? Patrick Stewart?... No?.... Well, I review it anyway.

These pages take a fuck-ton out of me... But I'm determined to get all the days of my Japan trip with Mehve completed before I die. Here's pages 21, 22, and 23! We do Kyoto and Nara. We also get drunk JAPAN STYLE! YAY!

I remember when I first read Ernest Cline's Ready Player One. I had a blast throughout the whole thing, and found for the first time in a long time I couldn't wait to read the next chapter or two, to the point where I blew through the entire novel in record time. Then came Armada. Read my Armada book review and rating to see how much I loved Cline's second book!

If you like your anime to have a slice of boogie-woogie fever, along with a heaping helping of death and misery, then you need to read my Death Parade anime review and rating.

If you want to be disillusioned over your thoughts on what one of the greatest animators in Japan is like in real life, then read my Miyazaki Daily. Those are your two choices.

I may be a little behind with this review, but it's here now. I'm tired. Aren't you tired? If not, why not? It's tiring out there. Read this then take a nap. Here's my Paul Rudd Ant-Man movie review and rating. It'll put you right to sleep. No worries.

Are you ready?! Are you ready, children?! Are you ready to cock and load and rock and roll!?! Then let me tell you about Assassination Classroom in my newest anime review and rating, and how it's all about middle school kids trying to kill their sensei!

Then I'll tell you all about Terminator: Genisys and just how fucking retarded the whole thing is. Then I'll let you go about your lives.

Wha- wha- WHAT?! A show called Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is a steaming pile of recycled shit!?! How can this BE?! This is unfathomable! Unbelieveable! Unpossible!

Check out my Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? anime review and rating and see why I find this kind of shat-out show to be simply unacceptable.

I've done stuff to my head in the past, but this time it's deliberate, and even when it goes wrong, it still goes right... Kind of, sort of...

Read my Inside Out Daily about freeing my inner emotions now! NOOOOOOOOOOW!

I wasn't planning to write anything about this movie before watching it, but after seeing how it's D.O.A. at the box office, and how I think that's a crime after witnessing it for myself this weekend, suffer through my review and rating of the Tomorrowland movie.

Oh, and here's a Gym-time Daily about knowing your clientele. Or, if you don't give a shit, go ahead and piss in their ears and tell them that they like it.

Psychooooooooo-Pass TWO. It's here, it's beer, it kills deer, it likes a good lady rear, it won't smear, don't sneer, it might adhere, it'll make you cry a tear, George Takei is queer (not that there's anything wrong with that), it might rob a cashier, I'm cheer....ful. Hear, hear! Nothin' more to say, really. Other than here's my Psycho-Pass 2 anime review and rating.

Books are good. Reading is good. People who read are smart. Smart people are not dumb. Smart people make a lot of money. Guillermo del Toro has a lot of money, therefore he likes to read and he is smart.... But he also wrote The Strain Trilogy, and it was a pile of diseased cow shit. So apparently smart people can read, but they can't write... But he also wrote Pan's Labyrinth... I... I.... I just don't understand anymore. Find out what confuses me in my Strain Trilogy book review and rating. It's there for the taking.

Marnie? Really? That's the name of the sophisticated gaijin girl in your newest movie, Studio Ghibli? Marnie? Elmer or Blecch not unattractive enough? Anyway, When Marnie Was There is my newest anime review and rating. Find out if the whole is better than Marnie's name inside!

It is time. First, brace yourself for some more JAPAN TRIP! I'll finish it, eventually... I swear. This time we finally make it to Kyoto!

Then, read all my thoughts bout Avengers: Age of Ultron in my movie review and rating! It's got Hulks, witches, evil robots, Nick Fury, Iron America and Captain Man.... But what did I think about it? Find out now, before your neighbors the Dinklebergs do it before you!

I've got shit to do, you've got shit to do. Let's make this quick. Firstly, a new NESticision about the perils of living in the Middle East as our gang discusses ISIS and the Taliban Jihading each other.

Then we can jump right into an It Follows Daily about making stalking fun! Read this, then feel free to go back to your..... other nightly duties.

It's April, so I figured it was the perfect time to cover Your Lie in April anime with a review and rating. Makes sense, no? I also figured I'd hit a traveling carnival and hang out with carnies this week just because. So here's my Carny Daily about that.

Pirates. South Korean pirates. South Korean pirates thinking they're Johnny Depp. See how funny The Pirates is in my review and rating of this pile of yak shit South Korea calls a movie!

So... I went on an interview this past week. I met a douchebag during said interview. Read all about it in my Interviewy Daily.

Then... Read about my Blast of Tempest anime review and rating. It's a slightly older show, but it's got lots of tree shit going on... If... If that's a bonus for you. I don't know, you know... It might be. You might get off on trees and wood and shit. Oh, and there's really stupid time travel involved! That got your attention?

So now it has come to this... Japan is just not even trying anymore; they're just shitting out shitty remakes of classic shows.

Oh, who am I kidding! They've been doing that for years! Here's the latest shit-out cash-grab from the Land of the Rising Sun: read my Engaged to the Unidentified anime review and rating.

And did you know that around 20 kittens were killed for the filming of The Adventures of Milo and Otis? That's fucked up.

First, time travel! Witness the Predestination movie review and rating! Featuring Ethan Hawke acting all badass as a time traveling super agent! Then, come back for a Daily featuring a Bulldog playing in the snow, and a life-sized snow Dalek. Do we know how to party or WHAT?!

Time keeps on slippin' (slippin') into the future... It's annoying. But I found time to watch a series, then write about said series for you. If you don't care, then whatever. I don't care. I'll just leave it right here though... Feel free to check it out.... You know, if you want. Sword Art Online II anime review and rating!

I wouldn't say that I was super excited about Jupiter Ascending, and in fact I was a little worried when it got pushed back from last summer to February, but I was hopeful. What is my final analysis? Find out in my Jupiter Ascending review and rating.

And lo, it happened. T-shirt came to pass... and it was good. Buy it in the next two days and it's a shit-ton cheaper than it'll be after that. Don't quote me on it, but I think you save something like a million bucks. Buy 10 of them. Why not? You're not doing it for me (I only make like $.25 per shirt sold), you're doing it to show off your awesome fashion sense!

Oh, and there's a Rage of Bahamut - Genesis anime review and rating here waiting for you once you're done purchasing clothing.

Birdman. What does it mean? Well, according to my father it means "really terrible, shitty movie." Find out what I thought about Birdman in my review and rating now! Oh, and check out a Jack Daniel's special Daily too. It's boozy!

Guess what, bitches! This is the Year of the Rossman! So far it's an okay year for me personally, but 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of me posting bullshit online and calling it the Rossman Chronicle (or similar retarded names)!

20 fucking years! Jesus! Yeah, I haven't had the domain name "" that whole time, but that's only because until 1998 I was poor and could only afford the free college page that came with my email account, or a Simplenet page that was listed at something like "". Originally I tried for "," but that was taken at the time, so I settled for Which has a better ring to it anyway. I'll talk more about that shit at a later time though, and about a cut-ass rugged T-shirt I'm working on to celebrate, along with possible contests where I'll give away tons of crap I've accumulated over the years to readers just because I haven't had a contest on this site since 2000.

Anyway, here's this week's update: the anime review and rating of Golden Time. What a way to start things off — with a show that's sooooo Japanesey it sometimes hurts.

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