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Stuff we want to talk about
Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Okay, some good news and some bad news today. The good news is that I'm back from vacation and I finished up all my overtime at the factory to make up for my vacation, and now I'm back drawing more Nuts to This again. The bad news is that in the past two weeks I've realized just how much I've actually missed "free time." To explain, for the past four months I'd work 8-9 hours a day at the plant making fake, rubber vomit or dog droppings (depending on the week), and then I'd come home, eat a quick dinner, and spend anywhere from 2-4 hours working on comics for this site, writing all the "Stuff We Want to Talk Abouts," or writing for therossman.com. Then I'd go to sleep and repeat ad nauseam. I was pretty much at burn out two weeks ago -- and I was doing it all for free.

So, the bad news is that at least for a while I will be doing updates for this site only once a week (more than likely on Mondays)... Well, I'll try for more frequency than that, but that's pretty much all you can count on for sure (if you really give a shit and don't want to miss any, just add the RSS feed to your list... Or just like check out the archive section or hit the "previous" button every time you visit to see if you skipped one).

Honestly though, I have no idea how in the hell Gabe at Penny Arcade pulled this shit off when he first started out. He posted on his "blog" (God I hate that word) a week or two ago about how he and Tycho first started out with their own strip, and how he'd get home from working at CC and then draw late into the night on PA. Were they tri-weekly back then themselves? Dunno, but that's not the point. Yeah, they had two people working on it, and maybe that helped, but damn. Impressive. Not that I plan to ever give up on this thing, as I do enjoy drawing stupid cartoons about Hitler-cats and robots mutilating people, but it's kind of hard to put the huge amount of effort that into the comic that it deserves when the whole thing's bleeding you dry (time and money-wise).

Just me bitching. Hell, I've been writing for my other site for over 11 goddamn years now, and refuse to put any advertising on it simply because I don't think that "writing" takes all that much talent. Drawing does, and that's the time killer (not claiming that I have oodles of talent, just saying drawing takes time). It eats me up inside thinking that if I only do one strip a week that's only 52 guarenteed comics a year... I already have over 40 comics written out and planned right now! You're going to have to wait an eternity to see certain plots played out. That drives me mad, but like I said before, I need to chill out after a full day at work. I like to watch Lost and Battlestar Galactica without fear of passing a deadline for the next comic. I like to hit the gym and check out all the hotties bouncing on the treadmills for a few of hours each week too. The sacrifice is less comics, but there you go.

Is anybody even reading this?

- the Rossman