So He's a Bigot Too?
So He's a Bigot Too?
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Friday, September 15, 2006

EDIT: Monday, September 25th
Got back from my vacation, but work (my real job which actually pays me, and hence has my attention more than this little hobby) is going to be a bear for the next week with catch-up work and the whippings and whatnot. So sorry, readers, but you will have to wait until next Monday (October 2nd) for a new strip. Stiff upper lip and all that. Just imagine how much more I'M actually suffering, and you should be able to make it.

First of all, I just wanted to let everybody know that all of next week will be some much needed vacation for me. So no new comics from the 18th through the 22nd. A new strip should be up on the 25th. Unless I die in a fiery plane crash, then what the fuck would this pathetic, little, shitty comic strip matter in the grand scheme of things... I'm fucking DEAD, you ASSHOLE! "Wah! Wah!! No new comics from the Rossman! Wah!!! I'll never know how the Robot Pedro storyline ends!!!" Who gives a shit?! I'm DEAD!!!!

I also wanted to throw out a recommendation today: Stella - Season 1 is out on DVD. Fucking buy it. It's three main people from the State (the greatest sketch show EVER) doing their best to create a Marx Brothers TV show. Yeah, there's not really one guy doing a Chico, or a Groucho, or a Harpo, or even a Zeppo, but instead they created an entire Marx Bros. Universe where NOBODY is the straight man, and even the boys' neighbors and everybody they bump into is part of the messed up logic of the place. It's really difficult to explain, but it's funny as shit on a kitten!

I had caught an episode or two when it first aired on Comedy Central and thought it was alright, and took a chance with the whole set (even getting it on sale for like $15 for the whole season), then I watched it with the gang back at my place. This show is funny by yourself, but it really takes on a life of its own in a group setting... Unless somebody in the group is a total asshole or a wet blanket. You know, the kind of guy who stops the laughter to say, "But that's just stupid! Why can't anybody else see that it's still those three guys even though they're just wearing mustaches?! And how come the mayor just showed up and knows everybody?! And like nobody else noticed that it was just a robot made out of cardboard boxes?! What the FUCK?!"

Shoot that fucker. He shouldn't be counted as one of your friends anyway. Even if you're totally desperate for friends, kill him. Yes, this is kind of like a live-action Looney Tunes show. Real-world logic is illogical. Check your brain at the door and just watch Mike, Mike and Dave make with the funny in their expensively tailored suits.

Jesus! Can you believe that the State is 13 years old already and we STILL don't have it on DVD? That's my WTF of the day. WTF, MTV? C'mon already!

- the Rossman