Maybe Slick Willie Can Tell You Now
Maybe Slick Willie Can Tell You Now
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I hate (truly HATE) getting political. I totally hate when I get stuck in a conversation when some lefty starts unapologetically bashing the right, or some right-wing moron starts attacking the left, with failed logic and not a scrap of proof to back up his/her uneducated viewpoints. All I really know about national (or global, for that matter) politics is what I see on CNN or read on web columns that my family emails me, and that already is probably too much politicking (new word) for me. If I do things correctly, you'll NEVER know what political party I'm a part of, or even IF I'm a part of a specific party.

There are times however when I'll speak my mind about stuff that is politically charged, but ONLY when there really are no sides to it... Well, no sides beyond COMMON FUCKING SENSE and the opposing viewpoint of UTTER RETARDATION. If you hadn't guessed, this is one of those times.

September 11 was this past Monday. It's been five years since the terrorist attacks that leveled the Twin Towers, took out a chunk of the Pentagon, and burnt up a field in Pennsylvania. Five years, that's all, and a good portion of the American population actually believes that the US Government either created these disasters itself or allowed them to happen... Why? No fucking clue. We have gained ABSOLUTELY JACK SHIT from these attacks. "The gub'ment did it so's that we's could get cheap oil," you stammer, you fat fucking mongo with only three goddamn teeth in your head. Yeah, as of this moment the cheapest gas in town is $2.40 a gallon. Hoo-wee! That's cheapass crude! "We-we-we did it so that we could attack Saddam Hussein! Yeah! Down with Bush!!" Are you seriously this fucking dumb?

Personally I believe that Bush ain't the brightest bulb in the pack (not taking a side here, most Republicans I know feel the same way), and he ain't ever gonna be remembered as the bestest president ever, but not even Jimmy Carter would have had the 9/11 attacks staged for ANY made up reason (and Jimmy Carter is history's greatest monster!).

Face it, people: 9/11 was masterminded by some sick, radical Muslim fucks living in the Afghanistan desert. Why do you refuse to believe that people who HATE us killed over 3,000 people that day when they'd been trying to do just that for years and years prior to 2001? You people need just as much help as those jihadist, camel-fucking assholes do.

Oh, and one more thing, after rewatching Penn and Teller's Bullshit episode about "Ground Zero," I think that they have the PERFECT idea for how to rebuild the World Trade Center (that honestly should have been completed by now) -- Rebuild the Twin Towers EXACTLY as they stood prior to September 2001 (well, of course with some improvements to the inner structure and all that). That's the biggest middle finger we can possibly extend to Osama and all his gay ass groupies. Fuck you, al Qaida.

There, I'm done, and hopefully you're a little less retarded for it.

- Karen