He Didn't Even Cook Me Anything Before He Left
He Didn't Even Cook Me Anything Before He Left
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Friday, September 08, 2006

Here's the continuation of the Robot Pedro storyline from Monday.

Now onto the BAT SHIT LOCO news: according to Anime News Service, Gainax is remaking Evangelion. Holy shit. Rebuild of Evangelion?... Give me a fucking break. Eva is only a little over 10 years old. I knew that Gainax was running out of creativity for a while now (DieBuster, Melody of Oblivion, et al), but this takes the absolute cake. Below is the text directly from ANS in case it's off the main page already:

The title for the new film series is "Evangelion Shin Gekijou Ban", it will consist of 4 parts (First volume, Second part, Latter part and Final story) with the first part arriving in Japanese theaters in early summer, 2007. Staff include General Supervisor: Hideaki Anno [EDIT BY ME: ANNO ISN'T EVEN THE GODDAMN DIRECTOR!! Evangelion IS Anno! This is going to suck ASS], Director: Tsurumaki Kazuya , Character Design: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Mecha Design: Ikuto Yamashita, Animation Production: Khara (Color) Studio. The scenario of the 1st part will be written by Hideaki Anno with storyboard by Shinji Higuchi. Key points of an interview in the magazine with Toshimichi Ohtsuki of King Records have also been circulating. According to that information:

  • The content is quite different though the time base of the story is the same as the original TV series. [EDIT BY ME:....I already have a headache behind both eyes.]
  • It will be a remake, however, it is not a re-creation but a "new work". [EDIT BY ME: They say this like it's a GOOD thing.]
  • The approach will be different than what Tomino-san did with the Gundam Z New Translation films, there will apparently be a large amount of new material.
  • Even if the TV series has not be seen, the viewer will be able to enjoy it. Though the content becomes easy, it is not redundant to those already familiar with the series. [EDIT BY ME: Yeah, bullshit. That's just what they said about Death & ReBirth]
  • The technique that purposely scatters difficult words and phrases will not be used any longer.
  • As an antithesis to current animation industry segments, it is an attitude on the production side to pull the act in the age that started from Eva. [EDIT BY ME: These last two may just be bad translations, but seriously... What the fuck are they talking about?]

Not only are studios going back into the vaults and "fixing up" classics (like Star Wars and now the original Star Trek TV series), but money-grubbing (originally FAN-created) studios like Gainax are now lacking ANY sort of originality in their whoring out of their old "done to death" creations... First their was the completely unnecessary (and shitty) sequel to Gunbuster, and now they're remaking Evangelion with what, maybe 20% new material? Goddammit! This is why great artists should die immediately after they've made their mark. Anno would have just been known as "the greatest anime director evah" after Gunbuster, Nadia and then Evangelion... And we would have been very happy. Spielberg should have stopped after Close Encounters, Raiders and E.T. too. Lucas should have died before Jedi, then that wouldn't have sucked as much as it did, but I digress.

Fuck you, Studio Gainax. I am so willing to bet that you are going to fuck up Eva. I hope you're happy (laughing all the way to the bank... bastards).

- the Rossman