Steve Irwin?! Say It Ain't So, Mate!
Steve Irwin?! Say It Ain't So, Mate!  Dead as a Doorknob
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We interrupt the Robot Pedro storyline to bring you this very special comic... The Croc Hunter is dead. By a fucking stingray sting to his heart!... Ugh, that had to have sucked, and in more ways than one. First of all, that giant, serrated stinger must have hurt like fucking hell for the few seconds Steve was alive after it PUNCTURED his goddamn heart. Second of all it was just a gay, little stingray that took down the man who was known to have jumped from helicopters onto the backs of running ostriches, and the man who repeatedly threw himself onto the snout of many a 20+foot, man-eating crocodile just for kicks!... and a little stinger from a fishy finished him off. Sorry, Steve. I knew for a fact that you wanted to go down between the jaws of some scaly dinosaur as he flipped around in that patented crocodile maneuver that would have ripped your head clean off your shoulders before you could have even muttered, "Put another shrimp on the barby, mate! I'll make it home in time for that Yahoo Serious film festival! And oye, don't forget to pack me a vegemite sandwich!"

You will be missed, you crazy son of a bitch, you.

In other news, as I predicted earlier (though not that it was an "Amazing Kreskin" piece of foresight mind you), Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Conspiracy Theory (or whatever it's called) is OUT! The raw has been out for days, and the fansubbers should have a good copy (with colorful fonts that move and change tones when song lyrics are sung) by the end of the week. I'm actually really excited about this movie. GitS: SAC 1st and 2nd Gigs were some of the best dramatic television series ever produced. Yeah, you really have to pay attention to them both as the politics are hot and heavy throughout, but the reward at the end of the whole thing is well worth it. And anybody who claims that SAC was "too complicated" is a complete fucking retard. You heard me, mouth-breather. Stop sniffing glue and go to school, you fucking douche.... Then rewatch the SAC and marvel, MARVEL I say, at the masterful storytelling and the machismo of Batou and Kusanagi.

Robot Pedro's story continues on Friday.

- the Rossman