Every Three to Five Thousand Miles...
Every Three to Five Thousand Miles...
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Christ did I run late on this update... It's like 12:50AM on Monday morning as I'm writing this. I am gonna be so fucking dead-tired at work later today.

Anyway, Catsy told me that this was in fact "a totally true and non-made-up story of the terrible events that almost overtook" her at the mechanic's this past Saturday. Honestly though, everything Catsy ever does has to end in some sort of violence, or threat of violence, or explosion (which is a type of violence), or with some person running away, naked, in flames... Which again I suppose is another kind of violence, with nudity. Since I don't read the local papers I have no idea if she's making this stuff up or not, but I figured that she'd at least have made FARK.com if some of her brutal and impetuous adventures actually did occur, and then I would know for sure. So unless she just has a really good lawyer, or she's still dropping those fake IDs of Jimmy Jammer's mom's drivers license, with her face glued to them, at the scenes of all her "exploits," I am one to believe that there is in fact some copious amounts of exaggeration every time "a guy's head exploded due to the firecrackers in his ears and the 'big stick of justice' to the back of his skull."

I expect she'll do her best to make the national news the next time she goes out for coffee just to prove me wrong. More power to ya, Cats.

Anyway, I'd quickly like to talk about last Friday's comic, which I've been told in no less than 10 emails was "disgusting," "inapproppriate [sic]," "stupid," and "faggy." Faggy?... It was a cartoon of a man and a woman doing the mattress mambo. Pretty much the most UNfaggy thing I could have possibly drawn. I guess I could have had the lady ninja come back and give the remaining guy a ninja-handjob, but then the joke would have run on and the humor would have been lost. As for the "stupid" argument, honestly I have no comeback. Yes, that was kind of the point of the whole thing was for it to be silly and dumb and juvenile. If you're looking for "intelligent" humor at a place called "Nuts To This!" I think you should reconsider your internet surfing abilities. "Disgusting" and "inapproppriate?" Yes.

- the Rossman