This Is the End, My Friend
This Is the End, My Friend
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This comic is the main reason why I don't go out there and play actual paintball with the Rossman and his buddies. There's "p-a-i-n" in paintball. That's gotta be in there for a reason. The Rossman has come back from quite a few games with dozens of welts all over his body, chipped shin bones from running and getting his foot slammed into the side of a rabbit hole, and big ass ticks crawling all over him. Oh my God... And I'm usually on "tick duty" for the hard to reach ones... Uuuuugh.

Okay, other topics now. The entire set of Giant Robo DVDs is now only something like $25. Seriously, even if you hate this show you can't beat that price. But how CAN anybody actually hate this series? GR is like the greatest OVA ever... Next to Aim For the Top! Gunbuster at least. It's got big action (the biggest!), huge drama (the most dramatic!), epic storylines, gorgeous music, incredible animation, the best collection of characters ever, and now all seven episodes are only $25. Seriously, the only complaints I've ever heard about GR are from people who think that DBZ is the animated equivalent of the Wall Street Journal. Buy it. Live it. Love it.

What else?........ Hmmmmmmm........ Damn it. I knew this would happen. I fought to get a voice on this site, and now I have nothing of importance to say. Hmmmm... Everybody already knows that My Space sucks.... I'd prefer to talk about something fresh too..... Oh! Anybody going to Otakon? I'm heading up there with a few friends, though the Rossman isn't going to go. So if anybody wants to meet up and make fun of the cosplayers, let me know!

I'll try harder for my next post... Dammit! I just feel so... so... inadequate. Sorry, folks :(