Dragon*Con 2012: Doctor's Call to Atlanta

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The Doctor and Kiki

Fly, fly, Rossman! Fly, FLY, Rossman! FLY, FLY, ROSSMAN!



(Seriously, pal, if you have to wear a fake muscle suit to play a character, don't. Though I must point out that that is his real hair.)


Doctor Venture

The Doctor ran up to Rusty Venture and told him that he was a big fan, but then Rusty tried to grab the sonic screwdriver in order to stamp his insignia on it and sell it as his own Venture device. The Doctor fought valiantly though, and he was able to win the game of tug-of-war with a well placed kick to the tacklebox....


Doctor Hatred

But that's when Sergeant Hatred came by and told the Doctor to pick on some young boys instead... Then he said "young boys" again to himself, smiled, and ran off leaving the Doctor and his bruised kidney on the ground.


Disney zombies

I seriously tried to get mentally into this picture, but two things kept making me crack up: the absolute ridiculousness of Disney's Princesses in zombie form; and the fact that Snow White didn't decapitate that fucker Dopey instead of Sleepy. Goddammit I always hated that little gimpy mentally challenged dwarf.

Also, despite all the decomposition and gore.... They were still kind of cute.



All the Doctor said was that Briareos "looked like a robotic, demented, and kind of gay Easter Bunny."


Kick Ass

The Doctor found Kick Ass in the men's room and asked if he could smash his face into the toilet a few times for his atrocious dialogue and wiener-like attitude. That's when Kick Ass assured the Doctor that he was indeed the MOVIE Kick Ass, and not the shitty comic Kick Ass. Then the Doctor zipped up and they proceeded to kick the shit out of the camera man together. Because they both ROCK!


old Solid Snake

Old Solid Snake shows the Doctor how to look bitchin'! The Doctor couldn't wait to try out his new "mustache ride" on the ladies!



Okay, I have to admit that I am severely disappointed in myself for this picture.... I was in a rush to meet back up with Cupcake and the MegaPlayboy when I came across God-fucking-Zilla, and I quickly settled for this dumb, lame, pathetic shot, only to witness somebody much cooler and smarter than me get a picture directly after me with Godzilla physically STOMPING the other guy... Goddammit I suck!


Appa hug!

Appa hugs are the BEST hugs, 'cause he can hug with 5 arms!... Wait, Appa should only have FOUR arms... What was that fifth thin--....... Oh no..... Oh Appa... So he didn't really "spill cottage cheese" on my jacket like he claimed.


Mustache Doctor and River

Then the Doctor came across Stetson Doctor and River Song... Then he pulled out his new Mustache Ride bonus feature and scored big time with River... And then he made his younger self read all about it in River's diary.



He's Old Gregg! OLD GREGG! When the Doctor found Old Gregg, he had to show him his manjina that really lit up (and made cool sounds). Old Gregg was so fucking impressed he poured him some Baileys in a shoe, and then took him to a club where people wee on each other.



Meep meep meep meep meeeeeeeeep? Meep meep? MEEP! Meep meep meep meeeeeeep meep, meep? Meep. MEEEEEEP!


MegaPlayboy and the Chief

And then The Chief showed up, and there was much rejoicing between he, the MegaPlayboy, and some random stranger that none of us had ever seen before... Seriously, I have no idea who that guy is in the back hugging them both.


Cupcake and Wicked Witch

After that we all snuck the Chief into the dealers' room (sans pass), and then just wandered around for a bit, taking in all the crazy costumes. Then Cupcake found her idol, Elphaba, and had to pose in a picture with the greenified witch... But I must warn you, DON'T look at the Wicked Witch's feet... You will have nightmares... Seriously, no wonder she wanted those ruby slippers... I'd take whatever I could get my hands on to cover up my malformed toes if they looked like that! Jeesus!