Dragon*Con 2012: Doctor's Call to Atlanta

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Tribbles plus Tardis

Oh man! So THAT'S why Cupcake wanted to buy those tribbles and go back to the Tardis!... Well, I guess in hindsight it makes perfect sense, and sounds like fun, but I didn't want to be there when the Doctor found out.


Doctor and Amy

So it turns out that the Doctor didn't mind, but I DID mind when yet ANOTHER incarnation of the Galifreyan Time Lord tried to take Cupcake away on a trip through the cosmos and the ages!


Doctor? Doctor.

Now that's just wrong! Damn you, you kinky Doctors!


Ziggy Piggy

After a long day, I was finally feeling better, and so all of us remaining con-goers jumped into my truck and drove up to my old stomping grounds in Alpharetta, GA (about 10 miles North of Atlanta), and went to one of my favoritest places to eat ever: Bucca di Beppo (a restaurant I had originally found in LA during an E3 con visit I did back in '99). We chowed down and then had the Ziggy Piggy Ultimate Ice-Cream Heaven dessert because ice-cream.


The Inator

The last day of the Con of the Dragon, I had already driven the MegaPlayboy back to the airport before Cupcake and I packed up all our crap ourselves, and tossed everything in the truck. We then ran back to the Dealers Room one more time in order to buy a few last minute on-sale items that the various dealers didn't want to haul back to their respective hovels. That's when I saw Natsumi and Master, and stole their Book of Friends... Turns out the only power that thing had was the ability to turn anybody who is forced to write their name in it into a hideous half-man half-beast creature, and make them incredibly stupid. (That was a very detailed in-joke that only those who've seen Natsumi's Book of Friends would get. Good day to YOU, sir.)


Moon Prism Power

Here I am discovering my inner Moon Prism Power. Actually, I'm using the Doctor's sonic screwdriver that I stole from him after he tried to feel up Cupcake and I had to smack him down, so I guess it's my inner Screwing Power I'm discovering here. Same diff.



Then it happened... I found the legendary giant Totoro of the Dragon Con! Not even Cupcake could see the creature, but she took the picture anyway! If you can't see the large, grey, grinning beastie, then you must not be childlike enough. Oh, and when I grabbed his tuccus he purred like a kitten and then in a deep voice growled contentedly "Toooooooooooow-toooooooooooow-rrrrrooooooooooooow.... And please cup the balls while you're down there... Thanks!" A truly magical moment!


Totoro Jr

My only real souvenir from Dragon Con 2012 was a Totoro baby that I stole from out of the big Totoro's pouch (bet you didn't know they were marsupials, did you). I don't care if they're endangered species, the way they scurry around and dust my floors is worth whatever fine I may get hit with if anybody who regulates exotic animal trades ever gets wind of this.


Early on MegaPlayboy

This is actually a picture taken on the second night, I believe. We went to the Vortex (a great burger and beer joint in Atlanta) and got trashed, and talked a lot to our waitress who wore cat ears while she served us, though she didn't know Dragon Con was in town... It was odd.


Flashback Cupcake

And here's Cupcake and her dragon lookin' all sexy-like at the Vortex. No other reason to show this other than to brag that I'm dating a girl who even looks good as an albino.


Catgirl waitress

Catgirl waitress agreed to take a photo with us as long as I did something embarrassing. No... That wasn't a requirement, it was just something I normally did.



This was perhaps the greatest moment of the con for me... This is another out-of-sequence shot from Friday, I believe. Maybe Saturday. Cupcake and I were at the Farscape Ladies Panel, when all of a sudden she tapped my shoulder when Virginia Hey was making a joke about D'argo's tongue. I looked at Cupcake, and then she very excitedly pointed over her shoulder to the small man sitting at the end of our row.

"There's a midget there!" she said with unrestrained delight. Then she let me pretend to take a picture of her so that I could get a shot of that magnificent dwarf. That is when I knew beyond all doubt that we were meant to be together. The only thing that would have made that moment even better is if he was dresses up like Puck from Alpha Flight, or Tyrion Lannister.


So it begins

One more shot from Saturday night just before the Chief and I got all sloshy. The MegaPlayboy seems to know what's coming.


Super teen extrordinaire!

I only found this one in my photo library right before finishing this page up. No idea when I took it, but I do remember thinking that this phony Freakazoid took waaaaaaaay too long to self-check himself out at the register (he should have been LIGHTNING quick!). Honestly, he didn't do anything especially wacky either until I kneed him in the Freakajunk, then he fell to his knees and said, "Why did the funny man in the fez do that to me, the Freakazoid?! Froinlaven!" Then we all laughed.



And on the way home, Cupcake read the comic books that she bought out loud to me. She described the setting in each panel, each character's face, and every action and "Pow!" and "Whammo!" that took place inside them. It was quite awesome. EVERYBODY should have a certain special Cupcake in their lives.

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Aaaaaand that's pretty much it. We did DragonCon this year, and we did it hard! We took no prisoners, and we came away with lots of great photos, a few deals from the Dealers Room, and a whole shit-ton of memories. If you're a geek, a nerd, or just like super hero or sci-fi movies, you really need to go to DragonCon some time. And BOOM, there it is. Now to finish up my almost 2-year-old article about my Japan trip with Mehve.


Notes From The Editor: I have no idea who 98% of these costumed freaks are in any of these pictures. And the Rossman just seems to have dressed up like some fuddy-duddy English lit professor with a penchant for Middle-Eastern headgear. Seriously, this site just gets weirder and weirder every year. I hate my life.