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  Well, I don't know how the hell you found this place, but here you are. This page is basically the ass-end of the Rossman web world. I write boring stuff down here about me and things that happen to me. Don't ask me why.
If you read this you're even lamer than me for writing it.

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Note to self 110: 11/13/2K
Busy as hell recently. Helped my sister in law with her company over the weekend, went to a pig roast and bonfire Saturday night, saw the Goonies at the UGA Student Theater at midnight on Friday with 7 friends, went to Little Nicky on Saturday afternoon with my sister and her fiancee and I finished Nadia again. I also started Christmas friggin' shopping last week. How evil is that? All the decorations were up in the malls and the commercialized spirit of the so called season tricked me into doing it. I'm not proud of it.
  It was also my parents' anniversary and my sister's birthday this past weekend. Lots to remember. Lots of gifts to buy... And now that Kiff's coming aboard we have to add his birthday to the list of November-December present buying occasions. My wallet is in danger of going into withdrawal 0_o. No real complaints other than that.
  As for Little Nicky, I thought it was great. It was as fun as both Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. We saw it with the wrong crowd though... Mostly little kids whose heads the jokes just went waaaaaay over. Mr. Beefy kicks ass. I think I forgot to mention the sneak preview to Charlie's Angels I saw with Jaime a few weeks ago. Fun movie with lots of ass shaking dance scenes with Diaz. That woman can shake her rump like nobody's business!
  Also, this past week we had our fun and insanely whacked out Presidential Elections. Everybody here in the States is still waiting for the final decision due to the fact that South Florida is filled with idiots. A news channel actually brought the ballot that's been causing all the trouble to a Georgia grade school and a bunch of 7 year olds were able to figure it out no problem. Even the class idiot understood it. Man, Florida sucks even more now.

Note to self 109: 11/03/2K
The Examiner article on CHUDFest 2000 is taking a bit longer than I thought. It took me a while to figure out how I was going to put everything together, but now that I have I should be able to get it done fairly soon.
  I finished Tenshi ni Narumon last night at 2am. Once I reached the last 7 episodes I just couldn't stop. Man, I hope that Bandai brings this over. I could really use some Sarah and Miruru on DVD. It was wrapped up so perfectly and brought up so many very interesting questions about life, family, and goals and destinations that I was floored. It seemed way too cute a show to make its viewers actually think. Definitely one of the best series I've seen in years. This along with Battle Athletes Victory have been two of the biggest surprises of the year for me. What's the biggest surprise? That would be what my sister's boyfriend did last Monday. He actually got down on one knee and proposed to her. Soon the Rossman will be the only single Ross in Georgia.... Well, I guess my brother's baby will count there, so there will still be two single Rosses I guess.

Note to self 108: 10/30/2K
Lots of stuff. Got the artbooks in the mail, narrowly avoided catching pink eye from a co-worker's diseased child that she brought into work, somehow missed getting the flu from 5 different friends who had it, went to C.H.U.D.Fest 2000 and finally got all 26 Tenshi ni Narumon on tape. Good stuff all 'round. C.H.U.D.Fest was great again, just wish that I didn't have to pass out at 1AM. I still have to learn "pacing". Soon I will have another Examiner piece done on the wonders of all things C.H.U.D. Eeeeeeeeexcellent.

Note to self 107: 10/20/2K
Back into another Georgia Indian Summer. Last week was perfect. Highs in the low 60s and lows in the 30s. Now were in a pocket of high 70s to mid 80s... and it's a bit muggy. But that's the only thing that sort of sucks right now. Work's going great (I might be going to WebDevShare again this year [missed last year's] for my office) and personal life's doin' just fine too. My good buddy Angus was in town last weekend and we went out drinking for three days to celebrate. Some anime DVDs came in and I won two great bids on some waaaaaay out of print art books today too (An original Fushigi no Umi no Nadia TV art book and an original Aim For the Top! Gunbuster artbook) on Ebay. Good times for the geek in me (92% of me).
  Also today at lunch Clint and I went over to the MegaPlayboy's pad and we all threw ninja shuriken at his house and then at a board with a human body drawn on it. I would make a lousy ninja. I'll just stick to the katana for now... maybe the nunchucks too.
  I probably missed a buttload of stuff that I've done, but who cares.

Note to self 106: 10/09/2KLa Luna was sweet!
Well the Uga Pups finally killed the Volunteers. 21 - 10. It's done... Now if only our students weren't such idiots it would have been even sweeter. Instead, though, they had to try and storm the field with 1:13 left on the clock -_-. The Dawgs eventually did get to finish the game up, but only after the coaches, players, and field security ripped a dozen or so morons from the goal posts and (hopefully) beat them senseless. Dipshits.

 Other than that, I got to see Sarah Brightman in concert again :). I even got to sneak backstage to her dressing room after the show and meet her! It was an experience so large and incredible that I had to write an Examiner piece on it. It should be up shortly. Then Saturday I went to AWA 6 (big letdown, but Animeigo's Macross panel more than made up for it! I cannot wait for this incredible box set! The split screen difference tape that they showed comparing the old Japanese LD with their digitally remastered copy blew my mind! I just wish I could have it sooner.
  Then that night I met a bunch of friends and watched the UGA game while eating dangerous amounts of Tostidos and Bar-B-Q chips. The way it should have been and always should be.

Note to self 105: 10/02/2K
October. Finally.
  My Explorer has been giving me hell recently. What with replacing my possibly exploding tires and having the Ford shop screw up my alignment and balancers (several times in the past two weeks) and all that crap.
  The Megaplayboy's in town (sort of) and Angus was back in Atlanta for a few days last week. I got to see both at InterOp on Wednesday. I even got to see the Israeli Diplomat at the CNN Center during a late lunch. That was pre' cool. More root canal scares recently (turns out my teeth are just sadistic and like to torture me, but they refuse to let dentists in on the fun), but hopefully that ever be necessary. This Friday is Sarah Brightman in concert again (and once again nobody else could afford to see the Angel of Muzak with me in her 2nd Element). I'm already mentally preparing my ears for the glorious sensations they will bear witness to.... yeah.
  This past Friday I just hung out with Timmons and Clint watching The Naked Gun and Mallrats at Clint's place while I tried to raise my tolerance level in time for Chudfest 2000. I don't want to miss any time this year and so I need to start preparing now. Heavy training is the key.
  Oh, and the Olympics ended. Didn't know that they started.

Note to self 104: 09/20/2K
Man, I've been busier than Hugh Grant with a ten dollar hooker these past few weeks. Friends to meet, games to play (Chrono Cross is done, and even though I liked it and thought it finished the Trigger storyline well I don't feel like making a review up for it), movies and shows to watch (almost done with Irresponsible Captain Tylor again... one of my many idols) and pages to build. The Examiner has a new article on it and the Chronicle now has a long overdue facelift. Plus I made Master Yoda part of the main logo. Now it's per-friggin-fect!
  Other than go downtown a few times I really didn't do all that much. I'll probably work on another article soon and this time get Chi-Chi to proof it and edit it correctly.

Note to self 103: 09/07/2K
My family finally gave me gifts to celebrate my kicking and screaming and slashing with all my might into the world. A few great DVDs from my siblings (T2: Ultimate Edition and of course Braveheart), cds (Brightman's La Luna and Foreigner) and lots of cake later, I was still 25. I was at least hoping that the sugar high from the icing would have reversed my age a bit.

  After a nice long lifeless remainder of a weekend I came close to finally finishing Chrono Cross (which I've been playing recently). Soon I'll finally be able to kick Lavos' sorry ass again... Then maybe I'll finally get around to seeing all of the original Chrono Trigger's endings. It all depends on if I actually figure out that I can turn the TV off and step away from the controller.
  Well, other than birthday fun, I met a bunch of friends at the Punchline in Atlanta last Friday and we laughed and drank and then really laughed at whoever the hell was on stage at the time. Then I went to the UGA victory over GA Southern. I think I did more things, but I could be wrong.

Note to self 102: 08/30/2K
Birthday over. Still alive... Damn it all! Now I'm old -_-.

  Other than that, I pre-ordered the FFIX cd Soundtrack and bought some tix to the Sarah Brightman show coming to Atlanta in October. That will rock. In my free time now I'm also writing a movie script. I ran out of things to do on my website (besides the Examiner) and I thought that my whims and fancies could be best interpretted by live action actors and cheezy special effects. As soon as my Valium kicks in I'm sure I'll understand how lame all this is, but what a ride until that time, neh?

Note to self 101: 08/17/2K
Whoa! Busy time for this friendly neighborhood Rossman. Work's been piling up a lot lately and because they actually pay me, my office comes first. Personal webpage is second :p. Anyway, I saw the Replacements with Big D and Little J last week and thought it was pretty funny. I enjoyed it a buttload more than Any Given Sunday earlier in the year. Thinking back and comparing it to Keanue's (sp?... Ah, who cares) Replacements it was not nearly as entertaining. A football movie should be rugged, yet not over the top. With Pacino on board there was no way to avoid Sunday's "over the topness".

  Anyway, B-Day 25 is coming up soon..... That f**king sucks -_-. There are no birthdays to look forward to anymore except for 65 when I get Senior Citizen discounts. Each year is just one more wrinkle and more memories of what youth was like (but I am getting more and more buff at least). An overexageration?... Maybe, but melancholy hits extra hard roundabouts this time of year. I start hearing Donovan's Alone Again in my head all the time too. God that's depressing.
  To add to the growing feelings of agedness, I'm going to be an uncle early next year too.... I'm happy and all, but sh*t, only old annoying relatives are uncles!!! (No offense to any of my relatives, I meant other people's uncles are like that. Keep sending me gifts at Christmas). Well, at least my brother must be feeling crap-loads older than me, and that helps :).
  One thing that felt good was watching all of
Giant Robo again Monday. It just keeps getting better every time I frelling see it! New insights keep popping up and I keep reading more about Imagawa's back history to the whole universe. If you have never seen it, get the subtitled tapes and watch it all in one sitting. Alberto the Impactor and Cervantes the Dazzling are soooo damn cool! I hope that Imagawa gets to finish the whole Operation GR sometime in the near future.

Note to self 100: 08/06/2K
I got to go up to Oak Ridge and Knoxville, Tennessee to see some friends this past week, but Otakon slipped out of the picture. Family emergencies and poorness got the better of most of the club, so I backed out too (sorry to Silv and everybody else I was supposed to meet, maybe next year though :).
  Well, the MegaPlayboy's shag pad in Oak Ridge is actually 10 Xs better than my sorry old crashing space in Athens -_-. That rat bastard!
  While in Knoxville I got to savor a taste of what UT livin' must be like..... with a nice banjo band and then a lovely Sister Hazel tribute lesbian band :). Good times, good times ^o^. Other than that I saw Nutty Professor 2 and Space Cowboys over the past few weeks, went to a fun two kegger Friday night and watched a shit-load of anime DVDs I just got in. Of those I saw the conclusion to Battle Athletes Victory (one of my all time favorite series now!). It is one of the most complete and well tied together storylines I've ever seen and it was just so damn fun to watch! I highly recommend it to anyone who's wondered what it's like and if it might be any good. Remember, I'm not refering to the BA OAV series, just the TV series ;). I also got the 3rd and 4th Cowboy Bebop discs and the third Trigun. CBBB is still as great as ever, and Wolfwood's introduction to Trigun is bringing more fun to the show as well. Right now I'm tired so I'm off.

Note to self 99: 07/27/2K
Well, the X-Men rocked and The League of Gentlemen keeps getting funnier. I just came back from London and Paris the day the Concord went down.
  Big "D", Little "J" and I had a good time in Europe despite a few setbacks (including an almost pickpocketing and the EuroStar breaking down on us). We saw as much as we could of both cities and kicked a little Frenchie ass along the way. To read all about the "Final Battle: England VS France!" keep an eye out for the new and improved Rossman Chronicle and the Rossman Examiner to be coming soon.
  And in other news, I finally got my Urusei Yatsura DVDs in ^_^! Animeigo rocks the casbah dammit! The T-shirts are done and Yamacsico was site of the week on the anipike, so I'm riding pretty high right now. Next week is Otakon and I should be able to find time to visit Sandra in Tennessee before I head up to it.

Note to self 98: 07/13/2K
Ahhhhhh, another vacation coming up :). This time it is to Europe again (basically France). Should be fun. Being rude to lots of Frenchmen. Making fun of Jerry Lewis. Spitting off the Eiffel Tower. Handing out deoderant. Good times, good times.
  Other than that I can't wait to see the X-Men movie. Anna Paquin was on the Daily Show on Tuesday and she is now a FOX! Can't wait.
  Besides picking up my "anti-ADV" t-shirts today, nothing much is going on.

Note to self 97: 07/05/2K
Niiiiiiice weekend! A brilliant 4 day weekend just ended. I got a lot of crap accomplished too. First of all, my new T-Shirt design is done and I'll take it to the printers today to have it ready in time for Otakon. I also finally caught the Iron Chef in America that I had missed last week. I loved how Iron Chef Japanese slammed Bobby Flay at the end of the match ^o^. "He is NOT a chef...." That was great. But what was even greater is that he Kicked Flay's ASS! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! By at least 5 friggin' points!! Flay sucks!!
  Anyway, the Wolfman talked me into going to DragonCon this past Saturday.... -_-. It was even worse than I imagined. Wolfman, if you're reading this, sorry, but it did kinda suck. More lamers than at an anime con (LOTS more... I didn't know that that kind of concentrated Otaku-Funk was possible! Isn't there a law against that?!), the panels blew (the independent films panel was a joke! These guys weren't independent, they were pathetic! Most were making movies called something like "Dumpster Baby" on a VHS Camcorder [which is okay for yourself to do if that's all you have, but don't be calling it "film". The term is "home movies"]), and there were only 2 video rooms (playing mostly nothing but crappola). On the bright side though, in their anime room they showed The Big O and Shin Getter Robo (I've been waiting to see these two titles for a long time now [and I'm also pleased to hear that The Big O has been picked up by a US company already ^_^]). They both rocked big time! I love the cheezy opening to O too. "Big O, Big O, Big OOOOOOOOOOO!" It don't get much better than that.

  Wolfy and I did have fun at the Con though (despite its sucktitude). The Dealers' Room (which should be re-termed the Bootleggers Room) was a blast! I finally got all 8 Red Dwarf VIII episodes and the Nadesico Prince of Darkness movie (finally subbed [in which it makes a lot more sense when you understand what they're really saying and not just making up the conversation in your head ^_^]). Red Dwarf VIII was great! It definitely made up for all the wrong doings of VII. It was really funny and the situations were great. It does add a whole lot more plotholes and mistakes to the whole continuity, but that's what makes the show so smeggin' beautiful ;). The last scene was so milk-out-your nose funny that I had to rewind it 3 times! I probably paid a bit more than I should have for bootlegs, but they were surprisingly well done and I'm not sorry in the least. I just hope that RD comes out on DVD soon!

  After all that, the highlight of the entire weekend was upon us: Yoshitaka Amano had a drawing session!! All he did was draw and talk to the audience for an hour and a half @_@!!!! It was f*ckin' AWESOME! The guy is one of the greatest living artists on the planet and I got to see him work for an hour and a half 0_o!! All his drawing/paintings were even given away to people in the crowd (I loved the cute girl dressed up as a Moogle who got a portrait of Mog :). It was something I'll never forget. And Amano was so funny too ^o^! He was making cracks about everything and he even drew a Chibi-Vampire Hunter D on a T-shirt for somebody. After the panel was over, the man even took the time to sign art books and stuff for everybody who wanted an autograph! There were at least 75 people waiting! I of course snuck to the front of the mob and (get this) I got him to even draw a picture in my Think Like Amano art book. I am now the proud owner of the ONLY Amano-sensei portrait of ME, the Rossman! It rocks @_@!!! He actually drew me! I couldn't stop saying "thank you" enough to the man (well, until the other line people kicked me out of the way). Amano is da man!!

  Whew! After that there was nothing that could possibly top that mind-numbing experience. But I did still have some more fun for the remaining 3 days. My brother and I saw the Patriot on Sunday (it tried to hard to pull your heartstrings in all the wrong ways, but Charlotte and her tight tight dresses more than made up for any low points). And then I caught the Perfect Storm yesterday (which was not all that great in my opinion... I mean, the storm was cool and all, but *spoiler* the story was really lacking, especially in seeing that nobody on the Andrea Gail survived... It just felt really empty in the end). Other than that I watched a bunch more Battle Athletes Victory on DVD :). This show is really great! I'm truly loving each character and all the situations. It's unfolding at a wonderful pace too. I just can't wait to finish the series up!
  Other than all that, I heard a bunch more news from AX 2000. ADVision is still making some bad mistakes in my opinion. Robotech?! Why in the name of all that is holy should they spend money on crappy American hack and slash dub jobs when they should spend any cash they have on better Eva Transfers and the extra footage in eps 21-24?... They still haven't gotten anything major out on DVD (well, in good quality), and they're still just sitting on Getter Robo, You Are Under Arrest The Movie, and another 27-30 titles that people want to see. Robotech?!?! They're also bringing Carl Macek aboard to helm the project.... I count at least 55 things wrong with that last sentence -_-. At least (IMHO) Bandai and Animeigo more than make up for ADV's bad sense of fandom business.

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