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Rossman Art
for other sites (that don't even know he drew them)

And below are images I drew and colored in for other sites on the world wide web.

What NERV!!
My generic "Winter" logo for Anime on DVD dot com. Looks okay, but I was hoping it'd come out a bit better. I like the snow effect... At least it doesn't make me want to puke.

The being known only as "Him" and his arch enemy, the Adoracubby.
Ahhhhhh, finally one I can be utterly proud of! I submitted this work of art to for his Adoracubby Coloring Contest. Adoracubbies are the rainbow-bellied cute creatures that McDonalds grinds up and uses as glue to keep their McNuggets together. I have found that they are pure evil though. Their souls are the blackest of black.

I get my kick from champaign!
Here's the Christmas/New Year's image. I totally threw this one together at the last minute (explaining the sucktitude present), but I still like the idea. Excel kicks ass and Angel Excel is almost as cool. The thought of them both just destroying a Christmas tree for no real reason just seemed right. Plus it's something I always wanted to do myself.

What a CELESTIAL feast we have here!
Above you'll find my Thanksgiving themed title logo for the anime on dvd website. Two of my favorite Magnificent Ten members gather for a feast with Divi-chan to celebrate America's gluttonous holiday. God bless us, we made up a holiday to do nothing but gorge ourselves all day and make fun of how grandpa fell asleep again in the gravy.

I still think that the Addams Family is the coolest kooky family out there.
Here's another Halloween image I did for the same website as the Kiki one. This is one of those examples people use to illustrate why you shouldn't make banner logos too complex. At it's full size (12X9) this picture looks really good. Eyes don't blend into hair, all the detail is apparent and pleasing, etc. But when shrunk down to 72 dpi at 3X2 it becomes a mess -_-. When will the Rossman ever learn? Who knows.
This happens to be the cast of Tenshi Ni Narumon posing with Divi-chan. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to draw and then color this thing in... I'm not bragging.

"Fly with me, lesbian seagull."
Whoo-Hoo! Finally a new picture! This one I actually tried my best to immitate somebody else's drawing style for another website. It still looks like I drew it, so I guess I fucked up, but eh, what ya gunna do?
I did this for a site that thought it had lost its original artist to a fatal car accident. It turned out that the girl who did their art for them really just faked her death in order to scam them for a few thousand dollars that a bunch of moronic readers had sent her to make a poster of the mascot of the site (unoriginally named "Divi-chan". Green haired girl seen above). What's really funny is the woman who took the money and ran did not run that far. She never even moved or anything. As the site grew in popularity, some of the woman's neighbors wrote in to the webmaster and told him that she was still alive and even mows her lawn every week. What a dipshit.

Yup, all these images are copyrights of the and all that jazz.... but the characters are not mine... Did that make sense?



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