Code Name: Angry Amy
File Name: the Raging Menstration
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: The woman who can get the job done... by beating the ever-living SHIT out of anybody/anything that gets in her way.
Goal in Life: A little bit of peace and quiet.

This was the only picture I could get of Angry Amy. And I only got it after promising her that I would keep the rest of my friends away from her for at least three weeks (the reason why she's actually smiling in the shot). Of course right after I took the photo the Megaplayboy showed up and tried to steal some of her office equipment right in front of her. I think he made it out with her hole puncher before she started shooting pens and pencils at him out of a makeshift blowgun. I got a Bic in my jugular by "being in the way"... Even though I was curiously standing on the other side of Angry Amy.

Angry Amy works in my office. She's always pissed off at something or another. Quite honestly I can never figure her out. I always try to cheer her up by bringing Robot Pedro or somebody around to show her that "we care" and all that crap. But whenever somebody blows up her computer, or spills coffee on her files, or drives a car through her wall, or sets off the sprinklers in her office, or lets a puppy poop on her keyboard, or slips some elephant tranqs in her drink and cuts her hair when she's passed out, or sets her chair on fire she always gets totally ticked and flips me the bird while trying to hit me with a big stick with a nail in it.

I've known Angry Amy for a few years now and I do believe that she's finally starting to warm up to me. Recently when I asked how her day was she just mumbled "Asshole" and kept walking. Normally I'd see some sort of hand gesture and a variant of the "f" word in her reply. Looks like she may have already forgiven me for having her boyfriend deported to some poor Asian country where they kill Americans on site.

Angry Amy Quote: "Get that goddamn tape recorder out of my fucking face or you'll be taping the sound of your own large intestines in a few seconds!"


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