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Friday, September 01, 2006

First of all, I'd like to tell each and every one of you fucks out there to go see Beerfest this extended holiday weekend if you haven't already. Hell, even if you have, see it again. Don't let crap like Marky-Mark's gey football fuck movie beat it in the box office again. Normally I don't condone anything Drew McWeinie proposes over on AICN, but we gotta get this great movie some more recognition. That one scene with Barry and the deer had me pissing my pants for like 2 full minutes. I'm going to see it again just to catch what I missed during that time my laughter drowned out the soundtrack.

Now on to my Michael Bay Transformers Movie rant of the day. The script is LAUGHABLY bad. Honestly, if somebody proposed this as a Go-Bots movie I would have believed it more, but I still would have laughed at them. It essentially does EXACTLY what Masters of the Universe did back in the 80s -- it takes all of our favorite childhood heroes and villains and makes their conflict second banana to the problems of the stupid human boy (the main character) and the annoying chick he's trying to bang. The "one liners" *COUGH* are just terrible, and the Transformers that they DO put in the movie don't even act like their true personalities. Once again, Michael Bay, why make a fucking movie called "TRANSFORMERS" when you're not planning to make a Transformers movie?! Fuck you.

I'll get a full review of the TF movie script up on my Reviews and Ratings site next week (hopefully).

And finally, I will have a strip up on Monday, Labor Day, because I'm not a lazy fuck like everybody else out there in internet land. It might not get up (and I might not get up) until a little later in the day, but there will be one... Unless I die before then. Then I'll just have Karen post it.

- the Rossman