It's Never Avon or UPS
It's Never Avon or UPS
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yay! Goody, I was hoping that I would get to introduce Bob From the Future! Bob is just one of the greats. Always there for ya when you need him, and he's always got your back. He's got a sense of honor that nobody can tarnish, but he's also not afraid to kick some booty with his Iron Chef Brigade-taught martial arts skills. You do not want to mess with Bob, or else he could warp back in time to right before your conception and knee your dad in the marble sack causing your entire existence to fade away.

And if Bob From the Future is here in today's strip, that means that another character will be introduced soon as well. Interesting...

Let's see... We've been getting tons of new viewers thanks to the Rossman's Massawyrm avatar entries over on Ain't It Cool News. That's cool. What else?... The Rossman sprung for some XM Radio too simply to get Opie and Anthony... Now, I think O&A are okay and all (not at all embarrassed or insulted by them myself), but they're 10Xs funnier when you listen to them with somebody else... Or at least with the Rossman. I've used his account to listen to XM classical, or 80s and 90s stations, during the workday, but sometimes I'll switch to channel 202 and listen to O, A, and Jimmy when I have a break. I might smile or something, but it's only when I listen to them with the Rossman at night while he's drawing or writing that they really seem hysterical.

I have no idea what my point was except I want to have Little Jimmy Norton's baby. Nobody needs to know it's his. I'm sure my genes will overpower his baldness and big shnozz. Jimmy, *whispers* call me.

- Karen