Is There Anything Sam Can't Do?
Is There Anything Sam Can't Do?
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Saw Snakes on a Plane on Saturday, and my predictions were made 100% true: It was a really bad movie, but it was fun as hell. Those snakes were biting the shit out of everybody, on every single part of the human body that you would least like to get bitten, and Samuel L. Jackson kicked all of their scaly asses pretty much by himself. If you went into the theater expecting anything else (ANYTHING else), then you, my friend, are a complete fucking retard.

Yeah, every death you saw coming a mile away, but what got me a bit was watching all those squirmy, slithering serpents biting people on their eyeballs, necks, cocks, tits, and tongues. Oh, it was vicious... but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

And next week is Beerfest! As long as it's better than Club Dread... that's all I really care about.

As for Catsy's T-shirt, well, I've never actually seen girls wearing these things out in public. I find these humor shirts to be just that, humorous, but I seriously wonder who the hell is buying them in enough quantities to keep these people in business? And for what reason do they purchase them? Family reunions? Funerals? Do me a favor, if you see anybody modeling one, please take a quick camera-phone pic of them and send it to me. I'm dying to see who these women are, and where they wear them. Oh, and send me some pictures of your hot sister too while you're at it.

- the Rossman