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Go To 27th and Main. Ask for "Rick the Dick"
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Monday, July 31, 2006

Yeah yeah yeah. Snakes on a Plane... The big internet joke for close to a full year now. The movie that everybody KNOWS is going to suck, but they're going to see it anyway just because Samuel L. Jackson says something about "motha' fuckin' snakes on his motha' fuckin' plane!" during the course of the flick. I made a comic about it... Just like EVERY OTHER web comic guy/gal has/is going to do by the time it comes out. What of it.

Yes, I will of course go to see this movie on opening day, and I will make Karen see it with me no matter what the price may end up being (the foot massages really don't get me, but goddammit if I have to see another The Lake House or some shit as reparations for a movie that I already know will not be very good!). But seriously, it is a movie about a shitload of big ass snakes on a goddamn plane... At the very least it is going to be fun.

Yes, a movie can suck but still be considered "fun". You know that you've seen a flick at some point in your life in which the plot made no sense, the special effects weren't all that great, and you shake your head in disbelief pretty much every 5 to 6 minutes... But afterwards you can't help but smile and tell all your friends "Damn, that was a helluva ride!" I think that stuff like Rocky III and IV and Commando are crappy, but fun, movies, and I'm positive that Sam "the man" Jackson's upcoming Snakes movie will follow in their cheezeball footsteps. If they fuck up the fun-meter on a movie called Snakes on a Plane then there is absolutely no hope for the future of Hollywood. The terrorists better just nuke it off the face of the planet now (Just kidding! Hollywood is still where they film most of the world's pr0n too. If something ever happened to it I'd hunt down the filthy desert-shitting camel-fucker who ordered the attack myself and make his camel-lover bite his itty-bitty jihadist dick off, and then I'd post a gay My Space blog [redundant, I know] and call it "Uncle Abdul Arafat's Gay Camel Fucking Fun Time" and make sure that all his faggy friends saw it, and saw that YouTube video I'm going to post of that goddamn camel biting Abdul's cock off right at the root!).

Other than that, Otakon is sneaking up fast, and I'm hoping that The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya gets picked up by some US company that will actually put out a great set of discs... In the correct broadcast order. Karen will be at the Ota, so if anybody wants to meet up with her and her posse (I said POSSE) give her an email.

-the Rossman