Blood Type AB
Clinical Diagnosis:
Sane, but with the inexplicable need to hang around with those who are undeniably FUCKING BONKERS.

Karen is the sensitive and rational side of Team Rossman. Whereas the Rossman and/or Catsy would drink two pitchers of Icehouse in 15 minutes, or set off 25 bottlerockets out of certain parts of their body on a bet (usually both in the same night), Karen, most assuredly, would not. On the other hand, she has learned not to attempt to interrupt or stop these events from occuring.

Karen has been known to kick Jimmy Jammer in the pud harder than even the Rossman ever has. It's true! The Rossman never drew blood!

Karen and Catsy seem to have an uneasy alliance going. Not that Karen believes that Catsy is a rival for the Rossman in any sense of the word -- she just thinks that Catsy is "a psycho bizatch" half the time. To this date Catsy has done nothing to dissuade her of her opinion. One time Catsy even wrapped everything up in Karen's old apartment in tinfoil. Then she set the whole building on fire. No explanation was ever asked for or given.

Karen is 100% Asian, but only 50% Korean (SOUTH Korean, the GOOD Korea) and 50% Chinese. She is 150% HOT though.

The only celebrity who the Rossman will actually let Karen sleep with if the opportunity ever arose is Bea Arthur. And even then Karen agreed to never mention how big his penis is in front of the Rossman.

Karen likes cats, but the Rossman refuses to let her get any. It is said that he once threatened that if Karen ever brought one into the house he would let the Wolfman eat it. Karen thinks this is an obvious joke threat, but the Wolfman has eaten over 27 cats that the Rossman knows about. 16 dogs too. One elephant, but it was only a baby. The silverback gorilla doesn't count, according to the Rossman, because it was dead when the Wolfman found it.

Karen likes Capri Sun more than Hi-C and Sunny-D combined.

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