Blood Type B
Clinical Diagnosis: Too many mental imbalances and conditions to count

Catsy is NOT (repeat N-O-T) a goddamn furry. She just likes to wear cat ears (neko mimi) for the cute factor. If you ever tell her that her ears are not cute she will eat your spleen while you're still wearing it.

Catsy and the Rossman first met back in college when the Rossman caught her going through his trash. Not that she was a homeless bum or anything, just nosey and looking for blackmail material. (She did find some, but the Rossman was able to dig up even more on her, and thus the delicate balance of power has been in a tense, yet fairly stable, harmony since then.)

Catsy has 11 toes. Yes, she is a mutant. She has made it known that she has "other extra body parts" but refuses to say anything more. She also has a knack for finding hidden cameras in her bedroom.

Catsy loves violence, even when it happens to her. That is not to say that she goes looking for any violence to happen to her, just that she likes it. That is also not to say that she will not bash in the perpetrator of the violence done onto her with the "big stick of justice."

Catsy once ate a whole cow. In a field.

Catsy's favorite drink is the "Pink Panty Sex on the Beach Boiler Maker." This drink has killed 27 people, and two midgets, to date.

Beyond her favorite drink, Catsy has personally killed or put into a coma over 57 people, and 5 midgets, to date. Though if Johnny Law comes a'knockin', that number is officially "zero." Won't they just leave her the fuck alone?! Most of those people were just Jehovah's Witnesses who came knocking during Catsy's "special time" with her "little mechanical friend" (i.e. leg-wrestling time with Robot Pedro).

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