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It's goin' DOWN! Both 2014, and Korra the Explora! First up I'll let you dive into my Retrospective Daily, and then I'll tempt you with my delicious fluffy Air-bender badass, Korra, with my Korra - Book 4 review and rating. Now, DANCE, monkey! Dance like it's New Year's Eve... Because it just might be!

Merry fucking Christmas, whores! Ho! HO! HOOOOOOOOOO! Here's my little Christmas present for you... It's a Hobbit... Because they're little.... OMFG that's so goddamn funny I'msogoddamnfunnyandIneedmoreeggnog! WHERE'S MY EGGNOG!?! Anyway, here's my The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies movie review and rating because it's like a tradition now. See what I thought of it inside!

I... I just didn't know any better. I thought it would be something enjoyable that a group of my friends and I could partake of as a sort of Christmas Season bit of fun... Now I'm awaiting charges of willingly putting loved ones in physical and mental danger... Read all about it in my Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) review and rating. Don't let it happen to you.

We're getting down to the end of it, people. 2014 is almost dead and buried. Before that though, here's a Witch Craft Works anime review and rating, and an older Examiner piece covering The Truth About Santa Claus. Ho ho hos!

I didn't originally plan to even get anything up this week, but then I did. Here's my Interstellar movie review and rating. Oh, and it's December; dress accordingly.

New action-packed anime for you, duuuuuuuuuuude! It is called Black Bullet, and my review and rating of it is.... well, brutally honest because nobody ever tries to buy me off. Fuck you, anime companies! If something sucks I'll say it sucks. Suck it! Oh, and a Cat-tastic Daily too, because cats.

We're going to do this fast, and we're going to do this right. First, Barakamon anime review and rating. That's right, you heard me. Next, Aldnoah.Zero anime review and rating. That's TWO mothafucking anime reviews this week, ya pukes! That's how much I love you. Now PUT OUT! Seriously, second base isn't cutting it anymore. It's been almost 20 years... Just put out or piss off, people. Don't leave me with internet fanbase blueballs...

FINALLY! The next day in Mehve and my Japan Trip is up! I hope your weren't holding your breath. Anyway, here are three new Operation Downfall pages (with tons of pictures on them) for your enjoyment.

Also, here's my new Snowpiercer Movie review and rating. Did you ever hear of the internationally produced post-apocalyptic movie Snowpiercer? Well read this first to see if it's worth 2 hours of your precious time... Psssssssst! It's not.

I ain't got time to bleed, chew bubble gum and kick ass, or write anything really witty. So here's my review and rating of the TV show FRINGE for you, and then there's a Dalai Lama/Keanu Reeves Daily that should make your life complete. Good night, sweet prince.

Harry Potter?! Do you want another Harry Potter review? Is that what you want? Something magical taking place in a school with impish little wizards and witches running around causing oh so much fun mischief?... TOO BAD. Instead I give you The Irregular at Magic High School anime review and rating. Careful what you wish for.

Terror! Terror IN Tokyo! Terror in Tokyo the anime series! Is it TERRible? Is it TERRific? Find out in my Terror in Tokyo anime review and rating.

Or read my Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie review and rating. You know the Nerd. He's cool... But what about his movie that he spent 3 years of his life and $330K making?

HOLY SHIT! EBOLA! Aaaaaaaaaaah! Find out the truth about Ebola inside my newest NESticision #38: Ebola Outbreak. Ebola is legit, yo.

Lawd Jeebus and the Messiahs! Fucking October?! Why, 2014?! WHYYYYYYY!? I wanted to do so much this year... Wanted to accomplish so very much... Like GETTING A FUCKING JOB. Damn you, 2014. You are moving way too fast. Anyway, let me smoothly segue into my anime review and rating for the series known as Noragami. You should read it. It's yummy.

Knights of Sidonia is the name, and PAINFULLY BAD animation is the game. At least it has a space-cyborg-bear though. Who is making dinner? Space-cyborg-bear is making dinner?! How can this be!?!? Read my Knights of Sidonia anime review and rating just so you don't have to watch it.

Good, good times, my friends. It's about fucking time, if I do say so myself! First, here's a review and rating of The Legend of Korra: Book 3 for you, and then there's a Dragon Con 2014 Daily that tackles today's important con social issues like "daily showering," and "how to make a line of people for an event that works." There's lots of cosplay pics inside too. Just click in.

Ever wanted to learn how to play an MMORPG and be taught like you were a partially retarded child by a condescending uber-nerd? Yeah, me either. Guess what Log Horizon is all about. Check out my Log Horizon anime review and rating to see if this show is for you... The answer is it's probably not..

First, something scary. A Haunted Daily filled with intrigue and apparently a bit of murder.

Next, something scarier. Ms Scarlett's kids. Read all about Ms Scarlett's journey into madness in a new Be a Dear....

And now another Marvel movie has come and blessed us with its presence. Did I like it? Was it overrated? Would I see it again? Did they really make a movie featuring Vin Diesel as a tree? Find out by checking out my Guardians of the Galaxy review and rating inside!

I'm back! Though it was hard. Cupcake got me a 3DS for my birthday and I've been kicking ass in all the online tourneys in Mario Golf ever since (don't judge me!). I barely got around to writing this anime review and rating for the series known as No Game No Life, but I did, and so here you go.

Busy as hell still trying to find a jeorb, very little time to spend actually watching and/or reviewing shit. But lo, Cupcake and I made time to fire up the old Netflix and what did I spy? The newest Stephen Chow movie, and it was staring right back into my soul. Come forth and see the review that you've waited for since the closing credits to Kung Fu Hustle, my movie review and rating for Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons! Oh, and I've updated my old "Weird Al" review and rating to cover his most recent three ALbums in honor of the release of Mandatory Fun. How awesome am I?

It almost happened, people! Cupcake and I came SO CLOSE to bagging an actual Time Lord! It happened this past weekend at a Doctor Who convention in Alabama of all places. Oh, and I think I swallowed a bug on Sunday. That was kind of exciting too. But anyway, read all about our incredibly nerdy 7th Doctor Daily now! Then like chill out or something till next week when I bless you all with more stuff that I haven't even thought of writing about yet.

First, I have a new Edge of Tomorrowy Daily. It's Groundhog-tastic! Next, I have an Accel World anime review and rating. It's shit-tacular!

I have a new anime review done, but no time or energy to write anything witty here about it. So here's my Psycho-Pass anime review and rating. And scene...

And so..... GODZILLA. Here is my movie review and rating of.... GODZILLA. It's pretty much what you think, but I also post an interview with the star in this review as well!

Just a few days away from Godzilla! This had so better be less shitty than that Matthew Broderick guano-fest from 1998. Oy what a disafuckment. But in the meantime, here's a Job-searching Daily, and more importantly, a Beyond the Boundary anime review and rating! I love you! I really love you!... Just not in THAT way.

And then along came a Spider.......MAN! An Amazing Spider-Man 2, in fact. Here be my review and rating. So, that's done. I also re-coded all of my Reviews and Ratings so they're a bit sharper and nicer looking, and so the page is 100% divs and shit. Long overdue. But hey, I'm a busy man. Busy with YOUR MOM! Oh yeah! Burrrrrrrrrrrn!

And lo, we were given a Bunny and Duck Daily, and then we rested. And then we read the newest NESticision regarding George Clooney getting married. Amen.

I finally found the time to get through a new anime series. Unfortunately that series was Kill la Kill. Find out why it gave me indigestion of the brain inside! Here's my Kill la Kill anime review and rating.

Fuck AT&T up its collective ass with a giant rubber dildo! My internet's been down for going on 5 days now and their U-Verse techs have no idea why... They've been out to my house and the local switch at least 6 times already. So I'm using my across the street neighbor's wi-fi signal to get this week's update online. It's only a day late which ain't too too bad. And the Kettleburys really need to change their wi-fi password. 12345 is the kind of combination an idiot would put on their luggage. Anyway, here's my Captain America - The Winter Soldier movie review and rating. Done.

Back to UPDATES ON WEDNESDAYS! Because I say so.

Oh, and a double movie review and rating today: The Raid - Redemption, and DREDD. Enjoy, and Happy Spring.

I'm tired, it's late. Here's a The Wind Rises Miyazaki anime movie review and rating, and a Children's Theater Daily. Now I snore.

It only took me a little over a year to get the next day done in Mehve's and my most excellent trip to Japan page. But here it is. It is epic, full of seafood and shrines, and bears. And ramen. And trains. Oh, and introducing DUAL! You'll get to know Dual quite intimately in the future. Oh yes. And you'll LIKE it!

Want to know how my life sucks so bad? BAMMO! Here's a good example. My Car-Crashing Daily is here to show you. I also meant to get something else done for you guys this week, but didn't get to complete the whole thing, but here's a quick taste of what's coming in a week or two.

Aaaaand another anime series done and finished! Here's my perfect review of the show known as Kyousougiga. Oh, and why not read what the Winter Olympics (the lesser, faggier games) are all about here!

It is time for another review. This week it is the anime series known as Sunday Without God. I'm already praising the porcelain god just thinking about this show again.

Just a quick A.I. Daily for you today. Next week hopefully a new anime review for a show I've got to force myself to finish.

A shitty year is behind us, and hopefully a better year lies ahead. It's gotta be better! After all Sherlock is back on the BBC, and Community's show runner is back for at least one more year on that once great television enterprise! And look, I'm starting the year off with a new Korra ~ Book 2 review and rating, and a 2013 Wrap Up Daily. Shapoopie!


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