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Aaaaand another anime series done and finished! Here's my perfect review of the show known as Kyousougiga. Oh, and why not read all about what the Winter Olympics (the lesser, faggier games) are about here!

It is time for another review. This week it is the anime series known as Sunday Without God. I'm already praising the porcelain god just thinking about this show again.

Just a quick A.I. Daily for you today. Next week hopefully a new anime review for a show I've got to force myself to finish.

A shitty year is behind us, and hopefully a better year lies ahead. It's gotta be better! After all Sherlock is back on the BBC, and Community's show runner is back for at least one more year on that once great television enterprise! And look, I'm starting the year off with a new Korra ~ Book 2 review and rating, and a 2013 Wrap Up Daily. Shapoopie!

HAPPY FESTIVUS! In celebration, here's a new Hobbit 2: Smaug and Desolation and Revolutions and Legolas movie review and rating. Also, The Truth About Santa. Just because I think you need to know.

Paul Walker is dead. Yeah, I don't know why anybody cares either, but here's a Wacky Walker Daily about it. Oh, and a Wolf Children anime review and rating because news about Paul Walker's death really isn't enough for a full update.

Blah, blah, blah, no time for anything. Blah, blah, blah, barely had a chance to get this week's shit written. Blah, blah, blah, you'd better enjoy it, or no dessert for you tonight, junior. Blah, blah, blah, stop hitting me, daddy! Blah, blah, blah, read my review and rating of 50 Years of Doctor Who!

It ain't Thor's Day, but then again it IS Thor's Review Day. Read all about my Thor 2: The Ninth Doctor's Revenge review and rating here. Then stay for the Old Man and Robot Pedro Daily Battle here!

My GOD.... It's already November. You know what that means, right? It's time to review anime series featuring giant, man-eating, retarded TITANS! Remember the Titans! Read my Attack on Titan anime review and rating! Then feel bad for any anime that doesn't have any uber-violence and savagery in it.

Here is a whale of a tale to tell ya, lad... A squid-whale of a tale, it's true! Read all about it in my Gargantia anime review and rating, and then find out why I hate stupid people in my Retarded Night Daily. Then wonder why I don't have a murder rap yet.

Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd, I am so fucking tired.... But not too tired to throw up my newest anime review and rating for you. That would be my Maoyu Mao Yusha (aka Demon King and Hero) review. Now to put myself into a coma and sleep in blissful nothingness.

In your darkest hour I come back to you, and I bring you my newest anime review and rating on the series known as The Devil is a Part-Timer to relieve you of your despair. Rejoice, and be glad.

Time moves too fast. No, I'm not misquoting Ferris Bueller, I'm just saying shit got away from me and all I have for you this week is this Bar Hopping Daily. Now to FIGHT! Oh, and I did jump out of a plane again this year for my birthday. Just because. This year I yelled at the camera man, "Lana... LANA... LAAAANAAAA!.... DANGER ZONE!" before flipping head over heels out the open door into infinity. God I loves it!

I finally got my computer back and just barely got this fully updated and posted for you before going to sleep (which I'm about to do at 11PM). Enjoy my Garth Marenghi's Darkplace review and rating, and my Sharktastic Daily. Now time to dream.

I meant to get an awesome and sharktastic Daily up for you as well, but no time for love, Dr. Jones. Instead here's just another superhero Review and Rating for you in the form of Super. It's super.

I'm on a fucking ROLL! Here's yet another anime review and rating for you. It is called Robotics;Notes. Let me tell you something, sonny... Just because an anime is written and drawn and completed doesn't mean it's good. I don't understand how anybody could pour so much money into something and still not make sure it doesn't suck, but it apparently happens all the time in Japan. So sad.

It took me forever to get through this show. Not because it sucked, but because I HAVE NO FREE TIME anymore. None. Nada. Nothing. Ugh, my life is boring and lame now. But anyway, here is From the New World in anime review and rating form for you.

Cupcake and I got to see Pacific Rim on an IMAX screen this weekend. You can find my Pacific Rim movie review and rating here. Then, if you're still confused about the whole Trayvon Martin shooting you can check out my NESticision round table discussion about it here. Aaaand we're done.

Finally! Thank Crom! A new anime series is reviewed (well, it's a year old now, but still, that's progress on my part)! Please read my Dusk Maiden of Amnesia anime review and rating or else my feelings might be hurt. You'll also make my dog cry if you don't. Don't make my dog cry...

Goro Miyazaki has directed a new movie.... It is called From Up on Poppy Hill. I thought that it was... oh, hold on. Geez, bitches, just go on inside and read my Anime Review and Rating of it. Lazy dickholes.

Man of Steel.... You probably already have your opinions about it, but if not, read my Movie Review and Rating of it. I have an opinion about it, but I don't think it's the popular one these days. Still, it's a good read, and I found a rare comic panel of Superman throwing Christianity into outer space that I put in it just for shits and giggles.

Okay, my summer schedule just got turned into shit casserole, and I have no time to make any updates during the week at all. So, for the foreseeable future, updates will come on Mondays. Yeah, change scares me too.

This week's update is brought to you by the letters D, and C, short for DRAGON*CON. And so I present to you the final three pages of my adventure to last year's con of nerdery and geekiness in downtown Atlanta: Doctor's Call to Atlanta, pages 8, 9, and 10!

This week has been what the French call "Absolutely fucking balls-out retardedly bizzay." Golly gee willikers. I'm tired, but I still got this Hama-tastic Daily done for you.

Hey! What's this?! Yay! A new Book Review and Rating. It's called Ready Player One, and I'm pretty sure you need to read it. Also, a new fully-immersive Daily for you! Two new things in one day! Hooooooly shitstains!

Oh, and I'll be at Hama-con in Huntsville, Alabama (Rocket City, USA... AKA "Where we hid all the German scientists we won after WWII") to host a panel the likes of which you've never seen before! Nudity may in fact play a part in the shenanigans.

Finally! More Roberto Downey Iron Man! Thank Christ! I was missing my fix... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh........ Um, so anyway, here's my Iron Man 3 movie review and rating.

I waited years for this. Now I wish I hadn't. Why couldn't the world have ended before my life became disappoint. Here's my Evangelion Rebuild Movies 1, 2, & 3 anime review and rating. Anta baka?!?

So, it's another Wednesday. So be it. Here's a new The Thieves movie review and rating, and a North Korean NESticision. Get on with it. And be happy.

Well, I think I'm the only critic in America who will freely admit to liking this movie. So be it. Read my G.I. Joe: Retaliation movie review and rating if you care.

The weeks have been rough, strewn with little to no sleep and a butt-load of work... And then I watched this shitty show. Fuck you, Japan. Here's my [K] anime review and rating.

If I don't love you assholes then why did I not only push myself to get this review done in time when it just about killed me, but also push myself to watch this show till its bitter end? Huh?! That's fucking devotion, chopper! And it's a BTOOOM! anime review and rating.

I meant to have some more Examiner shit up (so either be sad or grateful), but life got all busy-like. So here's just a Daily Community assignment for you. yaaaaaaay...

I have seen a movie. This movie was strange. This movie made me question the very fabric of reality, because who would really throw their hard-earned money into the making of a flick about a tire that rolls around and blows up shit with its mind? Read my Rubber movie review and rating here. Then wonder along with me.

If you ever wanted to read a shit-load of 30 Rock quotes, check out my 30 Rock review and rating. I'd appreciate it.

I know you've been waiting! So here you go: Pages 6 and 7 of my DragonCon Examiner article! Aaaaaand a new Nerdy Daily! Top that, Dave Barry.

FINALLY! A new anime series! And, well, it weren't that bad. The next review coming up in a week or two, that's another story altogether. It sucks. It's just pretty fucking awful. But this one, this week, well, just read the complicated Sword Art Online anime review and rating. It's good for what ails ya.

This one is for the ladies. Ooooooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah. Puppy review and rating.

And one more year is over and done. One more apocalypse averted. One more fiscal cliff avoided. So here's a Daily Rossman year-end wrap up for shits and giggles. Have a good one, and now let me find some Tylenol and a cold-pack.

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