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Most people who ask me about my world views are shut-ins, and I can pretty much tell them whatever I want and they'll buy it completely. Tim, however, is a global traveler just looking for a little clarity. I give it to him, as well as a few cheap pot-shots against his adopted country.

Tim's Letter

Subject: Your Japan article

Just to keep my sanity about the world... I will assume that you over exaggerated about most of that...
As an American living in the UK... I think they've got it much better here in terms of liberalism about sexuality (and most other things). You can find tits on TV at 7pm on major channels as part of normal programmes, same in most of europe.
After 10 we even get all the four letter words on the box which USA seems to shun. Fuck a doodle doo.
Go to a beach anywhere in Europe on a hot day and I guarantee to find boobies. Eventually it just doesn't matter anymore.
Anyway, nice site and keep up the good work.

My Educational Response

Never been to Japan, but have an aunt, and cousin who live/used to live there, friends who had been stationed there or lived there for a number of years, and friends who've visited the nation several times in the past. There is one thing that they've ALL told me: Japan is one perverted country... Quite the opposite of Britain actually.

Whereas the Brits aren't that concerned with sex (well, they're not obsessed with it as a culture... Well, no more than the rest of the world), but they aren't prudes about it as you've suggested. The Japanese though pretend to be nothing but a polite society that as a whole looks down upon the brief showing of a tit, or the flash of a bush as if in witnessing such a thing they are going to be sent to the 3rd ring of Hell in direct and immediate punishment... But in reality they are concerned with nothing BUT sex, pr0n, and all forms of titillation and perversion. Emphasis on PERVERSION.

SOAPLANDS!The fact that Soaplands, Love Hotels, and teenage prostitution are rampant in the Land of the Rising Sun should clue Westerners in to the fact that the Japanese are a fairly horny culture. And sure, a few articles a year about how "disgusting" and "putrid" the mammoth industries of hentai games, manga, and anime are (on top of their already gigantic and driving live pr0n business) make their way to the world press, but the amount that they HIDE from Western eyes and ears is absolutely amazing. There is a reason why Japanese teenagers have the world's highest percentage of STDs (it's some astronomical number, something like 30 - 40% of all of them have something serious like herpes, genital warts, or the clap, compared to 1/4th of sexually active American teens [where only 20 - 25% of all American teens are sexually active]), and the highest rate of teen abortions on Earth (not judging, but it is a symptom): Their sexual education (both by parents who pretend that sex doesn't exist, and by the schools which finds talk of sex is dirty or icky) is terrible, and they only learn things from well drawn (VERY well drawn in some cases) manga and self experimentation. Then they grow up to think that scat and anal penetration is the norm... They're never taught that it's never acceptable to go "ass to mouth." It's sad when you think about it.

I could go on and on here (as I've already done LOTS of kinky research on the subject), but you get my point: Despite their pretending, Japan is filled with perverts. Much more so than America, the UK, and Germany combined. Yes, even with Germany in the bag. My second point is that I have GOT to visit that country some day.

-the Rossman

Tim Replies

hm its all interesting... but why does wikipedia put Japan as one of the lowest in the world for AIDs? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:HIV_Epidem.png

The government fudging the numbers? Or do you think its just because they are so far away from Africa (which was the origin of AIDs)?

Britain is a bit odd in Europe for having such a high teen birth rate (20 per 1000, nothing near 53 per 1000 in america but its still alot more than rest of Europe)... so you could say we have a bit of a messed up culture. Teen birthrate in Japan is extremely low also according to wikipedia. Guess they all get abortions then.

The reason I am talking about Britain, is because I've lived here for a while and I think its a nice inbetween state... between the insanity of Japan and the uptightness of USA. I don't think they are perverts or anything, that role is for the Germans. ;)


Me Again

AIDsI could not tell you why AIDs infections are so low in Japan. I was under the impression that AIDs really spread fast in the West due to drug usage (shared needles and such), the government trying to kill off the black man, and unprotected male sodomy (Mmmmmmm, unprotected male sooooodomy). Sometimes all three reasons at once... I guess that stuff like unprotected male sodomy just never really took off in the Far East despite their love of other fucked up stuff like "all things to do with feces," and an unholy fascination with "guro." Go fig.

And don't forget that AIDs is exploding in Africa mainly due to the fact that the uneducated assholes there think that they can get rid of an AIDs infection by fucking 10 virgins (possibly in a row -- I never did ask)... Well, guess what that brilliant brainstorm leads to. And yes, that's actually true (the 10 virgins thing); I have a friend who did missionary work there and he assures me that there's no stopping the epidemic in Africa due to pure ignorance, lack of schooling, and belief in mysticism. But at least they don't go in for the Cleveland Steamer, unlike half the Japanese porno out there that's ever been made.

The only problem I have with Britain -- and it's a fairly large one -- is how "Nanny State" it's gotten lately. Big brother is fucking everywhere telling everybody what to do, and how to fucking do it, and the laws that are being passed there make the Fark.com headlines almost daily. Other than that though I like visiting the UK... Just wouldn't want to live there. And seriously, what's up with Prince Charles? Isn't beastiality illegal in Britain? Why's he allowed to fuck that horse but I got chased by a bobby for feeling up that goat that one time?

-the Rossman

Tim Times Three

Yeah its a nanny state, hopefully people will stop voting Labour next elections and go with Liberal Democrats or at least the Conservatives. How sick is that? Our Conservative party is more liberal than our Labour party...

It is funny though, most English go to America and say "its a lovely place but I wouldn't want to live there", a lot of the time it gets down to being because of how little of a nanny state it is.

And I have no idea what your talking about with Prince Charles... but bestiality is illegal in UK with 2 years prison, used to be life until 2003.

Me Once More

What? Really? Charles even dresses it up in people clothes and takes it trotting around all over the place! It's sick! I think he even named it Camilla. Disturbing!

-the Rossman

The Incredulous Tim

Link? Sounds like the kinda bs that you would read on the onion.

Me With Proof

Charles and his steed


Tim's Last

how nice are you?

My final answer to that (which I did not send Tim) is that I think I'm the nicest person in the goddamn world. But nice people don't brag about being nice, so I said nothing. You assholes who're reading this right now don't count though. I can brag about how nice I am to you all day long. God I am so fucking nice! Here's another perverted pic of Japan I'm so nice!

Hard Gay, all the way!

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