Issue #10: War on Terrorism

Whoa! I've just gotta say, this terrorism shit is some really scary crap! What's next? Will those turban-wearing sheep suckers blow up Barbara Streisand? If so, then I'll give them her address to speed things along.
 That's not a productive thought process, Druggle. We have to ban together. And we shouldn't fight back because that's wrong. It would show the world that we don't like violence. And we have to let other terrorists know that if they kill thousands of our people we won't hurt them in barbaric retaliation. God doesn't want that.
 Megaman thinks you are a mega-pussy.
 I must concur with the blue robotic shit eater on this one. Pussy.
 That's great and all, but who the hell is that?!
 All you young'uns better kiss your asses goodbye! I feel like a good old fashioned bar-b-que!
 *Sizzle Sizzle*
 That sure got'em, you crusty dragon you!
 *Cough Cough!* Ow! My pipes are fucking burning!! I haven't done that in ages! And you know what? It felt great!! Made me feel like a kid again.
 Don't even try and fool yourself, Frygar, it'll only hurt you in the end. Speaking of "hurting in the end", does anybody else have raging hemroids like me? OUCH!!
 Well, if you ever got off your goddamn flying ostrich and ran around a bit like yours truly, you wouldn't have that particular problem.
 Oh, just shut the fuck up, Harry!! It's always "Look at me, I'm Pitfall Harry! I discovered some ancient Mayan shit that nobody really cares about because it's surrounded by miles of poisonous swamps filled with alligators and scorpions." Why don't you just make everybody happy and go explore your own ass!!!!
 Ha ha! Fuck you, Harry! That's what you get for stepping on my brother 15 years ago!
 Nothing like living for the moment, eh Frogger. Jeezus you make me sick! If you have a problem with mister khaki over there why don't you just do something about it instead of sitting on your lilypad while you try to suck your own dick!
 Oh! Did somebody say they wanted to lick my clit? I don't have one, being a circle and all, but the offer is appreciated.
 Dammit, woman! Turn your hearing-aid up a few notches! I said that I thought that Frogger should try and do something more than just piss in his beer if he's still that angry over Harry's "soccer cleat" incident with the frog's brother.
 You should fight nobely. Like a jousting contest.
 *BLEEP* Or shoot him with a laser.
 *BEEP* Yes!! Shoot him with a space laser!!!
 *BONK* Or you could just shoot him with a laser.
 Fer Christ's sake!! Don't make me use my "bouncy" cannon ball on you fuckers!!
 Hmmmmmm. Actually, I think I'll just step on Frogger with the same cleats that I used to crush his brother with all those years ago!!!
 *GASP!!!* You-you bastard! You said that was an accident! I thought you were going to throw those shoes away too! *WEEP!* BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

 Ugh! He was just a frog. Here, I'll do something nice and send you to see him.


 Br-br-brotherrrrrrr.......... I... can....see... my.... old.... lilypad.....

 Bwa ha ha ha ha!! *COUGH!!!!* Ah, man! That'll make your day anytime! Whoo-hoo! Hey, Harry, do you do weddings and bar mitzvahs?

 Damn! What a display of manliness! Anybody else get as turned on as I am?....... Well, anybody need a blowjob from a circle with lipstick?

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