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Something Wicked This Way Comes
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Aaaaand there's the payoff to Wednesday's comic... Or at least I like to think that it is. Some of my friends don't seem to find Hitler very funny, but fuck 'em. I think Hitler is MEANT to be made fun of. Along with Stalin and FDR (that paralized dick!). It's not like 9/11 or the tsunami of '04 where it's too soon to make fun of a person or disaster... Wait, I take it back. It's not too soon to make fun of that tsunami (Did you hear this one?: What's the least popular detergent in Indonesia?... Tide!).

Back to Hitler. Hell, Monty Python was making fun of him back in the 60s! And even though Chaplin's The Great Dictator was really a plea for peace, he did in fact use der fuehrer for satire. Way to go, you little tramp you!

Anyway, even though some of my amigos don't find Hitler funny (nothing at all against them or their nonexistant senses of humor), I did manage to make Karen chuckle with this comic and the following one, and after all, if Karen's not locking her knees together all's right with the world.

On to other stuff... They did it... They actually did it. I think I owe Mulder a 12 pack over this, but it's well worth it to be wrong about something this cool. Viz actually completed Maison Ikkoku on DVD. A-fucking-mazing. All 96 full episodes worth. Complete. Yeah, Mulder might still be pissed that they haven't gotten to the final movie yet, but in all honesty that movie's a bit of a dud (it all takes place during the commercial break of the final episode, iirc). This was one of the first shows we started UGAnime with ten years ago (TEN YEARS!! Damn!), and we showed every last episode there as well. Big cheers all around when we played that final episode, paused it at the commercial break, and then played the movie, finishing the night up with the last half of episode 96. Holy crap. That was a long time ago.

Anyway, the only real complaint that I have with Viz's release is that they never bothered to get the rights to the two Gilbert O'Sullivan songs used as opening and closing music on that one episode (not a big deal at all, really, but fun as hell to see the Maison cast boogieing to "Told you once before, and I won't tell you no more! Get down, get down, get doooown! You're a bad dog, baby, but I still want you around!"). I know that this series was already a bit of a sink-hole for Viz, and I appreciate the hell out of the fact that they stuck with it for the fans -- I only wish that more people could have seen that opening and closing... Kind of like how I REALLY wish people could see the REAL opening to Speed Grapher (the GREATEST opening animation set to a Duran Duran song EVER, mind you), but that's a rant for another day...

-the Rossman