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Three Yamacsico released albums. Two symphonic scores from the likes of Yoko Kanno, Joe Hisaishi and that guy who did the Giant Robo soundtrack. The epitome of excitement and instrumental glory. And one double disc set of Yamacsico Band muzak. From FIRESTARTER to Aerosmith. Heavenly notes and liquid lyrics. Smile as you listen to these harmonies :).

(the mp3s below are only meant to sample the music from these incredible albums. If you like what you hear, please go and buy them)

Blue Album
The BLUE Album (Symphonic)
 Power of Small Star Pure - Op (3:15)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Unicron's Theme - (1:45)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Something to Believe In - (2:12)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Janie's Got A Gun - (2:35)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Mission Impossible Theme - (1:29)    [mp3]  [ra]
 One Night in Bangkok - (3:02)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Don't Fear the Reaper - (2:05)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Hole in My Soul! - (1:56)    [mp3]  [ra]
 A, B, C Easy as 1, 2, 3 - (6:47)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Theme From Shaft - (2:43)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Crazy Lil' Thing Called Love - (1:32)    [mp3]  [ra]

Reddish Album
The RED Album (Symphonic)
 Small Two of Peices - (3:32)    [mp3]  [ra]
 We Will Rock You - (1:28)    [mp3]  [ra]
 King of Pain - (0:45)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Commercial Break - (0:06)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Back to the Show - (0:05)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Sympathy for the Devil - (2:24)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Kiss Me Deadly - (1:32)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Eye of the Tiger - (2:12)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Final Fantasy VI Ending Theme - (19:42)    [mp3]  [ra]

Paler Shade of White Album 
The WHITE Album (Bands disc 1)
 FIRESTARTER "Power of Small Star Pure - Op" - (3:04)    [mp3]  [ra]
 FIRESTARTER "8th Moon" - (3:12)    [mp3]  [ra]
 FIRESTARTER "Livin' La Vida Crazy!" - (2:15)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Mismay "Eternal Love Song" - (0:04)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Tish and the Kopy Kats "You Don't Like My Ice Cream" - (3:12)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Tish and the Kopy Kats "Picnic Time" - (3:24)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Tish and the Kopy Kats "Konya wa Rossman" - (9:52)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Aerosmith "Love in the Elevator (extended)" - (8:12)    [mp3]  [ra]

Paler Shade of White Album 
The WHITE Album (Bands disc 2)
 Kadoma and the Powah! "Sax on the Beach" - (3:20)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Kadoma and the Powah! "Blow My Sax" - (4:10)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Kadoma and the Powah! "Give It To Me Right Up My ***" - (2:45)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Kriss and the Holograms "Touchdown" - (3:55)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Kriss and the Holograms "Breakdown" - (3:54)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Kriss and the Holograms "Victory" - (3:53)    [mp3]  [ra]
 Aerosmith "Sweet Emotion (extended)" - (10:02)    [mp3]  [ra]
  Aerosmith "Amazing, Cause I Love You When You're Dueces Are Wild and Hard on the Knees - Ending Theme" - (4:26)    [mp3]  [ra]

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