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    Well, I don't know how the hell you found this place, but here you are. This page is basically the ass-end of the Rossman web world. I write boring stuff down here about me and things that happen to me. Don't ask me why.
If you read this you're even lamer than me for writing it.

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Note to self 96: 06/27/2K
GunDAMMIT! It seems that my friend is really living it up in Hawaii something fierce.... the bastard. Ah well, at least somebody I know is having fun :). Anyway, for something completely different, it turns out that The League of Gentlemen IS the show I saw last year in Great Britain. I'm jazzed about finally seeing it again!

  Other than that I caught Me, Myself and Irene and Shaft this weekend. Both were good in their own ways. M,M&I was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long-ass time! The sickness of it all was just beyond words (and the little touches like the watermelon with a hole cut in it in Charlie's hotel room when Irene first comes looking for him and the "looking for the thumb" scene after the credits just really add to it as cinematic art)! I loved it. Shaft was pretty good, and Sam Jackson is da man to the tenth degree! It was basically 90 minutes of him busting ass. Definitely worth the price of admission. Other than that I've been working hard at my job and I've been getting ready for my trip to Europe in a few weeks. That should be entertaining and drunk. Oh yeah, I took down a few Top Ten Babes Runners Up and added two new ones to the list. They should have been added a looooong time ago.

Note to self 95: 06/19/2K
Work is kickin' it into overdrive. I have another magazine to put together (and after completing a major website like Yamacsico it's hard to get back into the mindset of printed media). This should be fun ;). Speaking of Yamacsico, you can catch all the excitement here. Wow....

Anyway, I saw Titan AE this weekend.... Don't. It wasn't all that great (though it had great potential [hell, it had Tone Loc in it!]). Too many things made no sense and were not explained (nor did I care about half the things that were). Not that this was a complicated story, but for instance: Why did the Dredge want humans eliminated? Cause we built the Titan which could make a new Earth? Which wouldn't even be necessary until the Dredge want humanity dead?.... Curiouser and curiouser. Just stay away.
After watching two Iron Chefs this weekend I was in the mood for some good food and luckily the fam had a big Father's Day celebration at my brother's new pool on Sunday. It's a nice pool :). We had fun and ate some good bar-b-que. Then I came to work today and got busy. That's life.

Also, when I was in Scotland last December, there was a TV show on the tele that had me rolling on the floor defecating in my pants with laughter. It had to do with a really screwed up small English town, a bunch of ugly ladies, twin little (evil) girls, a scarecrow and frogs melting on a fire. Granted I hadn't slept for 2 days before and was drunk when I saw it but I still think it'd be just as funny sober and well rested. Why am I telling you this, you may ask? Well, because I believe that the Comedy Central premiere tonight of the League of Gentlemen is that show that I saw. I can't be sure until I see it myself, but I highly recommend it if it is :)! GunDAMN that was funny as *%&#!!!
Oh yeah, I also heard that Card Captor Sakura was f***ed up big time for American TV.... but honestly I don't give a crap. I hate Clamp stuff anyway. Eh, you have to choose your battles.

Note to self 94: 06/12/2K
Busy busy busy!! Been workin' my tookis off all week on my Yamacsico Page (which should be up by the end of the week) and I finally got to re-watch all of Master of Mosquiton (the OAV) from an online source all last week. That was a fun trip down memory lane :). Now if only ADV would get off its ass and release it on DVD (unaltered [it's really sad how one has to specify that now]).

  I also got to see Gone in 60 Seconds on Friday night with the MegaPlayboy and a mild case of something bad from Taco Hell.... -_-. I never learn and I always get the friggin' "meat" tacos. My own damn fault. As for the movie itself, well, it was just as it advertised itself to be: Loud and fast. I liked it, but if you're expecting more than car chases and car talk (like characters, plot, and plot), don't go here. Also last week, I read the X-Men Movie novelization. I was pretty impressed. I had read an online scriptment (well, pieced together by fans) a few months ago and it was pretty close to the final deal. They did a good job of introducing all the heavy hitters in the X-Men world, and the mutant hysteria was tackled very well. Magneto's character was dead on. I'm possitive that Sir Ian will pull off perfectly. The only problem that I had with it at all was how they treated my main honey, Rogue. They took away how strong and pushy she is and turned her into an early-years Kitty Pryde. That is not Rogue (nor has it ever been) ^_^. Rogue, even when she first joined the X-Men and they all hated her, was always a lot more sure of herself. She was never sure of her power, but she was always confident in herself.
  Now all I want to hear is the musical score to the whole thing, and I just want to see Wolverine pop his claws into Sabretooth in live action and I'll be satisfied.

Note to self 93: 06/05/2K
On Friday a bunch of UGA computer geeks and I wished our shut-in friend Angus a fond "piss off!". He's going to Hawaii to live with a cute chick. Oh yeah, and work for a lot of money. After we all drank and ate a lot we made the bastard pay.

  Saturday I worked a bit on my pages, then I took off back to Atlanta to see my family. We went out to dinner that night, but then not much else. I got to sleep fairly early cause I had promised my friend Chi-Chi that I'd help him move to his new apartment complex that day. He has lots and lots of heavy s**t. I got a free lunch out of that though, and then he took me out to a bar for some more free drinks (3 pitchers of Killians ^_^) and nachos and stuff... Mostly stuff. It was good, but after that I had to wait until 11:30 before I could drive back to Athens. I didn't get much sleep last night. But that was the only bad part of the whole weekend. Oh yeah, I also saw some American chef beat Iron Chef France on Saturday night! That was AWESOME! U-S-A!! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!!

Note to self 92: 05/30/2K
Ahhhhhhhh, now that was a weekend! Too too much to eat and good peeps to hang with :)! I just had to add two new notches to my belt and I was fine. My family had a bar-b-que feast on Memorial Day and I ate half a watermelon myself (not really, but that would be cool, neh?). We also saw Mission: Impossible 2 this past weekend. It did not come close to measuring up to the first one (which was a true big screen adaption of the Peter Graves classic tele show). John Woo (who normally rocks) had a lot of his signature slllllllooooooooowwwwww motion going on (it's pretty funny when you know to look for it:), but no plot. No background for any of the new people or any reasons why anybody did what they did. Coulda been a whole lot better. I want to see Shanghai Noon next. I had heard that it was pretty funny and better than Rush Hour (in which I laughed like 2 times).

  Okay, now for the end of an era. I finally finished reading Maison Ikkoku :). Viz has been dragging their feet on Takahashi's works since they started them in the early nineties and they just recently completed MI! Now, while they may have slaughtered major parts of the first few volumes (from not translating how characters refer to eachother [i.e. the very necessary "Ronin", "Kanrinrin-san", "Godai (by his surname)", etc. etc.] to simply leaving out entire storylines like Godai flunking his entrance exams and having to study a year to get in again), Viz got back on their feet and did a pretty good job on the last few collections.
  Now, while I already knew how everything was going to end, it was Takahashi's glorious storytelling abilities that made this such a powerful conclusion. The emotions were set just right and the scene with Yuusaku's long belated proposal and Kyoko's answer was brilliant! The misunderstandings (a staple to the world of MI) were pretty light in this final volume, but I personslly just wanted to see people being happy. We've already had years and years of these guys missing important opportunities and moments! I simply wanted to see everybody get what they deserve (wellll, Mitaka kinda got the shaft a bit, but he eventually seemed happy.... and one of my faves, Yagami lost out big time). And other than those two, just about everybody did (and in a cast as large as this that's saying something!). My only regret is never finding out what Yotsuya-san did for a living or who he actually was. I didn't want to see what Kyoko's first husband looked like (I could imagine that easily enough), so that was no biggie. The last scene and frame was the perfect ending to a great story. I'm so glad that this was finished! Now if only Viz'd go back to Urusei Yatsura or at least get Inu Yasha and Ranma out a bit faster! It'll be another 8 years or more for Ranma to come to its end if they keep up their snail pace dammit!! Arrrrggh!!!!


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