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  Well, I don't know how the hell you found this place, but here you are. This page is basically the ass-end of the Rossman web world. I write boring stuff down here about me and things that happen to me. Don't ask me why.
If you read this you're even lamer than me for writing it.

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Note to self 90: 05/03/2K
"I am Gladiator!" Hell yeah! That movie kicked it righteous and then some! It rocked! Russell Crowe may be a ***hole in real life, but he can play tough and mean incredibly well! Gladiator, for all its awesomeness, was no Braveheart though. It tried to be, but it wasn't quite on par. Some of the huge shots of Rome were glorious. It HAD to have looked like that back then. And it would have been amazing! Great fights, vicious violence and a pretty cool opening battle sequence with the "Northern barbarians" to expand the grand Empire. Too bad there was no "Biggus Dickus" or it would have been perfect ("I have a fweind in Wome named Biggus Dickus! Do you find that funny?").
  Other than that, I head off to E3 again next week. That should be grueling. And visiting relatives. And not much else. Hmmm, well, I'll tell all about E3 once I get back. Ciao, America!!!!

Note to self 89: 04/24/2K
Man! The weather just cannot decide what it wants to do! We're back to some chilly nights and cloudy/cold days with some sprinkles of nippy rain. I got my car washed and waxed this Saturday, and smiled when I heard that the little Coo-bahn boy, Elian, was SWAT Teamed out of his (distant) relative's house and given back to his father. Why this couldn't have happened 6 months ago I'll never know. The boy belongs with his PADRE! Not with some Uncle 5 times removed and a fisherman. -_- Oy vey, what a wacked out world.
One more Y2K Holiday down, something like 24 more to go. Easter was okay (we went to Kurt's again [Gun-damn I love that place]). I saw Keeping the Faith (with Ben Stiller and Ed Norton) with my brother on Saturday (I really liked it). Then my sister and sister-in-law met us for dinner at Rio Bravo.
  Right now I'm in the middle of re-reading all my Takahashi manga collections (there's a whooooole lot of 'em starting with 15 graphic novels of Ranma, 9 Urusei Yatsura, 12 Maison Ikkoku, 3 Rumik World, 5 Inu Yasha, 3 Mermaid Saga and 2 Rumik Theater novels. That's a lot of reading. But Takahashi's works are so great that I can usually read a few in one sitting. She rocks!

Note to self 88: 04/14/2K
Lots of sneak previews this week and the UCB: Live! More in a moment. On Tuesday I got to see American Psycho for free. It was okay, but it tried to be cooler and more psycho than it actually was. After it was over, it seemed kinda pointless to make that movie when so many other (better) stories could have been told on the same film used to make it on. On Wednesday I saw U-571. It was a decent period WWII sub movie, but there is apparently only one plot that can be used for a sub movie (and it's totally cliche now). That is: "We've got to be quiet in this thing or they'll hear us and fire torpedoes and depth charges at us! Oh no! They just did, but we survived and blew them up." Same thing here.
  But then on Thursday night I got to meet some of the greatest comedy minds to ever grace the television screen or the stage.... The Upright Citizen's Brigade! They're almost just as funny in person :). They ended up doing a bunch of their skits from the show first, and then they tried a few new ones out on us. They even did the whole multi-parted "Dolphins can SUCK IT!" skit ^_^. Holy Jeez those guys and gal rock!
Well, the work day is almost over and then I'm headed back to Atlanta for the weekend. Seeya!! (Oh yeah, and the UY DVDs go into production today!)

Note to self 87: 04/10/2K
Very rarely does a film disappoint me so much right off the bat. Especially one that I've been looking forward to for such a long time. I mean, even the overpromotion and online talk of SW: ep 1 tackled and proceeded to pound me with its unprecedented hype (it was only after seeing it for a second time two months after my all-nighter did I see it for what it was.... *unprintable*!). But when I saw Magnolia at the Tate Theater last week, I was immediately filled with bad thoughts :(
  That movie sucked. Sucked big blue whale. They made a point of showing the audience a ten minute clip of 3 incidents of such incredible circumstances at the very beginning of the movie that I thought that the finale would equal the best of them if not exceed it. That was not the case. Not only did NONE of the situations or characters have any real interaction with any of the others that we were following for THREE HOURS of my life, nothing tied together at all. It rained frogs... That was supposedly the huge tie-in. I really hated that little pants-wetting kid with a passion too. And the cop was a loser. And Macey's character had too much screen time. And - ..... Well, I'd say that about 95% of the characters in this movie were unlikable. You shouldn't have that high a percentage in a movie with no villians. URGH! The Road to El Dorado was actually Oscar worthy compared to Magnolia. -_- And I usually love those weird ass art house films. Go figure (and what is it with all these movies with nothing but stupid and annoying people in them?! It's just me, isn't it).

  Other than that, I've been watching my Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Get a Life DVDs. CBBB episode #5 is one of the all time greatest episodes for any television show I've ever seen! It is a work of art! I am so glad that Bandai put 5 eps per disc! I can't wait for more. I'd only seen about 4 episodes from through out the series before now (the first 2, then ep. 13 and 21), so at this moment I'm really jazzed (no pun intended).

Note to self 86: 03/30/2K
Woo-haaaaah! A bunch has happened, not all good (mostly blurry [specially 'round ol' St. Patty's Day])..... I finally saw Kim (who's actually up and walking on her own already!!) and talked with her for a while. Saw the Excorcist (was not 1/2 as scary as everyone's built it up to be) and Romeo Must Die (fun for what it is [Jet Li kicking arse], but not much else and the soundtrack sucked!). Got my car's oil changed.... Worked a lot more on the Yamacsico site.... Ummmm, well, that's all the printable stuff I did. This weekend I just plan to relax and catch up on my reading, Final Fantasying and Urusei Yatsuraing. I'm hoping nothing pops up, as things have a habit of doing when I's just lookin' fo' da rest an' relaxin'.
  Oh yeah, I also caught a sneak preview of High Fidelity with John Cusack. Even though everybody's been raving about it for months on the net, I really could not see what all the fuss was/is about. I did like all the record store scenes and the two employees were great, but I hated the rest of the characters!!! John's character is a total bastard!! He treats his chicks with little to no respect, cheats on them constantly and then wonders why he can't ever keep a serious commitment. His latest girlfriend ain't that much better. I could not cheer for anybody! That does not a good movie make, in my opinion at least.

Note to self 85: 03/17/2K
Not too much has really happened. More work on my "Ultimate Webpage", which probably won't be up for another month or two. It's taking a HELL of a lot longer than I originally thought @_@. I saw What Planet Are You From (sucked) and The Ninth Gate (ehhh, not that bad [thought the "girl" was the Cerberus and not Satan him/herself and had many a long conversation about that]) recently. Rented Run, Lola, Run (great stuff!). Saw Timmons lose his glasses after dangling and falling from 10 feet up in the air on a rope attatched to a bell. Did some more, uh, stuff.... Almost broke my hand on a lowered ceiling while trying to immitate Mel Gibson on The Simpsons doing his "Yoink!" thang -_- Twas silly to say the least. Gunna go check on Kim tomorrow and make sure she's restingand healing up. But now it's past quitting time and I'm gunna go get blitzed the ol' Irish way on this green St. Patty's day, then maybe catch the re-release of The Excorcist (with 12 minutes of extra footage!) with some friends.

Note to self 84: 03/03/2K
I just found out some horrible news. My good friend from high school, Kim, was in a terrible car accident a few weeks ago and was only given a 20% chance of living. The good news is that she totally beat those odds and is on the long road to recovery. We're all praying that everything goes smoothly (and you better be too!).
 That's been preoccupying my mind all week. I never really thought that one of us could die (or come that close to dying) this young (especially Kim. Hell, I figured that Colin or I would be the first to go!). We all seemed pretty invincible just a few years ago. Nothing could even scare us or threaten us. It all seems so unreal. I'm just glad that she's gunna eventually be all fixed up. She's tough though, and she's got the will power to make it happen (probably quicker than the doctors give her credit for if I know her ;).

  Besides that, I had a "closure" dream last night. It was a pretty long one (longest I've remembered in full in a long time). I met another old high school friend on a bus (whom I mistook for the driver [short but weird story]) and we just started talking. We talked for a long time and I sorted a bunch of stuff out that needed sorting. Then we said good-bye for good. I woke up immediately afterwards and couldn't get back to sleep for a while. But, it did feel extremely good and satisfying. Then I crashed again and dreamt of armless midget wrestling. I was the ref.

Note to self 83: 02/25/2K
Even though lots of bad things happened to the Rossman this past week it none-the-less seemed to fly like nobody's business. The bulk of the week was spent in the dentist's chair concerning a major cavity on a back molar that I unfortunately always skipped in my irregular flossing habits. There was a major fear that root canal would have to be done, but thank the almighty one above that my dentist rocks and was able to fix the prob with just a filling (although I now set off the airport metal detector with my mouth). Starting now, I promise to floss and brush twice a day until I forget or get too lazy.
  Other than that I'm going to see Strange Brew at midnight at the Tate Theater with all the guys and then on Saturday I'll take my brother out for his birthday and do.... um, something. I'll have to think more about that.

  And when the dentist says to "Floss", she MEANS it :^(

Note to self 82: 02/14/2K
V-Day 2000..... What more is there to say, neh? I got out a lot this weekend and got a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to do for a while done. Then on Saturday night I stayed at home and said goodbye to some old acquaintances with a box of Publix's Premium Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Ice-Cream and Stir of Echoes (with Kevin Bacon!!.... who was awesome in Tremors :)..... and my Red friend Killian's.
  Not much happened this past week, though, except the passing of a great one, Mr. Charles Shultz. He will be missed. I still think that his cartoon lost its humor about ten years ago, but still, that means that he was drawing good strips for forty years! That's an incredible feat! Think about it, Jim Davis was only able to be creative for about the first five years of his career. And Berke Breathed along with Bill Watterson quit while their strips were still young. And I must admit that my favorite Peanuts strip of all time was printed only about a month ago. It was the one where Lucy's holding the football for Charlie Brown, but she has to go inside for lunch at the last second and asks Linus to hold the ball for him instead. Then, a little while later, Linus meets Lucy inside and she begs him to tell her if good ole Chalrie Brown kicked the football or not @_@!! And Linus just replies, "I guess you'll never know," with a big smile on his face. That was just so great on soooo many levels :)

  Tonight the Wolfman, Mike and I plan to see Carrot Top at the Classic Center for his 2000 Trunks Tour. Now, I don't care what you may say about me, but my main man Mr. Top is a comic genius! He may be a bit goofy, but he makes people laugh (which is more than the majority of comedians out there can say). See ya flip side, people!

Note to self 81: 02/08/2K
I'm just getting over a cold (which practically crippled me all weekend -_- [Poor me]), but I feel muuuuch better now. Scream 3 weren't all that great... No real scares at all (and annoying bastards behind us who would not shut up about what Sidney and co. should or shouldn't do 0_o). I did get my Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections in from the House of Anime (tell 'em the Rossman sent ya! [nope, I don't get any kickbacks, they just rock!]) today and have been listening to those ivories for the past few hours. Now that's musak!

Note to self 80: 01/31/2K
Well, here we go again. More ice and snow this weekend, but not quite as bad as the last (seeing as all the trees that were going to fall due to the heavy ice and wreck the power lines did so last weekend). We did get work and school off on Friday though, as the University closed without even a flake of snow on the ground all day :)

  Friday night the crew met at the Mellow Mushroom and then the Player and I went to the 9 o'clock Fight Club at the Tate Theater (damn fine movie!). Afterwards I just went back to my apartment and watched some DVDs (waiting for the power to go out again). I spent most of Saturday inside (everything seemed to be iced up pretty badly outside). I stayed warm and toasty and just relaxed all day. Then on Sunday I got out a bit and eventually went over to my sister's boyfriend's place to watch the SuperBowl with about 15-20 guys and gals (a few people just stopped in to say "hey"). Lots of good food and fun people. The monkey commercial was my favorite ^_^ (and way to go, Rams!!).

Note to self 79: 01/24/2K
C-c-c-c-c-c-c-cold!!! Man am I cold! The power went out Sunday morning at around 9:30am (cause everything was coated in an inch of ice due to a freak ice/sleet storm on Saturday). So no power, warm water, and eventually no phone until around 1am this early morning (in 22-32 degree Georgia weather). My apartment complex is creepy as hell in the pitch black night with just a few windows eerily lit with candles. No noise either. Almost total silence. Well, my roommate and I went downtown after mass (at least God's house was warm :) and visited our friend Jamie at the Mellow Mushroom to keep warm and eat some actual hot food. Apparently power for everything North of us never went out -_- At least I was able to get a hot shower in before work this morning.

  I also got to see the incredible full lunar eclipse last week. After I locked myself in the back of my Explorer (long story) I managed to crawl to the front seat and get out just in time to see the moon go black, then red. That was cool, and cold. I got a few more hours of FFV in on Saturday and listened to my new FFVIII and Zelda Symphonic albums. Basically just a slow and cold week.

  And don't forget that Night Court is back on TV with two shows everyday on A&E (check your local listings)!!! @_@  Oooooh Yeahhhh!

Note to self 78: 01/18/2K
I am in a happy mood today (despite the fact that it's a rainy and cold work day after a 3 day weekend) ^_^. You see, I actually got in touch with the lovely Jennifer Studt from the class of '89 at Ascension grade school. In case you're wondering, she was the "super smart, friendly and pretty one" in my class.
  I finally got to see Three Kings this weekend. The cinematography was incredible! Some of the shots (camera and bullet) were just weird and wonderful (if not a bit gory). I was even totally surprised that Marky Mark did a pretty good job acting too!... but of course he couldn't help dropping his pants on more than a few occasions. I'm going to go towel myself off from the hurricane still raging outside now.

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